8 Best Places in The World To Visit in 2021

Best places to visit in 2021

With the pandemic slowly losing its grip and countries opening their routes, it is time for travel enthusiasts to make plans for tours in 2021. While the reality of travel might change extensively by the next year. It is, however, time to look ahead towards the future and think about the best places in the world to visit in 2021.

As we all hope that the pandemic ends soon, brushing off its disruptions and uncertainty, let us find the best places you can visit in 2021.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is an ideal destination for everyone – a paradise for the ones allured by natural landscapes of mountain peaks and enthralling lakes. This ‘clean and green’ adventurous destination has many typical tourist destinations like the Milford Sound and Abel Tasman National Park.

The best places to go in New Zeland are – the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which has several adventure tourist attractions like bungee jumping and whale. The tallest mountain of New Zealand – the Aoraki/Mount Cook, the blooming lupine flowers in Lake Tekapo, the Nugget Point Lighthouse in the South Island and Queenstown are worth visiting.

2. Japan – tops the list of Best places to visit in 2021

Japan is one of the most rewarding travel destinations for its diverse culture, ultramodern cities, and stunning natural landscapes. With just a smooth bullet train ride, one can experience the compact, neon-lit streets of Tokyo and the Japanese Alps’ refreshing clean air. The country is also unique as it is the earliest place of Buddhist establishments. The traditional Ryokan inns are a perfect stay for a taste of Japanese life from a long-gone era. The Nikko town, located in the north of Tokyo and nearby Lake Chuzenji, is well-preserved tourist destinations of Japan.

best places in the world to visit in 2021
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3. Canada

Canada is a storehouse of adventurous activities, especially around its winter season. It would make for a great escape in early 2021, with the country covered in a layer of snow, frozen lakes that would give you endless scope to ice skate and satisfy the traveler bug in you.

The best things to do in Canada are – Bear watching in coastal rainforests, chasing northern lights, glacier-strewn mountains, and lighthouse hopping make the entire Canadian tour worthwhile. If you plan to travel through a vehicle, make sure a universal roof rack is installed to carry essential and heavyweights. Furthermore, take a food tour of Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market, and cycle around Stanley Park.

4. Peru

Peru in South America is a country with mesmerizing spots that highlight its prowess as master builders, with the most notable one being Machu Picchu in Cusco. The Incas are a group of people with a rich heritage that tourists can explore in Peru. Peru’s rich diversity of habitats ranging from arid plains along the Pacific coast to its west, the Andes Mountains peaks cover from north to the country’s southeast. The country has a varied landscape ranging from the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest to the Amazon River that houses the Paracas National Reserve, Manu National Park, and Lake Titicaca. 

5. Austria is one of my most favorite places to visit in 2021

2021 would be a perfect time for travelers to visit and explore the beaten paths to tour Austria. The year 2021 is an exceptional year to visit Austria as it marks the 151st birthday of the renowned Musikverein concert hall and Beethoven’s 251st birthday. Vienna is the cultural hub of Austria. Begin your journey in the Hofburg Palace city, explore the Vienna State Opera House, the cafe culture with Café Central, and wander the streets to absorb its charms.

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best places to visit in 2021
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6. South Africa

Safari destinations South Africa is the best 2021 travel destination for adventure lovers and travelers alike. The wilderness of the country has varied species of fauna like the African elephant, rhino, lion, and birds in the vast expanses of national parks like the Kruger National Park. The country is also the hotspot of many adventure activities like rock climbing, bungee jumping, hiking, and abseiling.

The landscape of South Africa is diverse from vast deserts to coasts, mountains to lush forests. Climb the Table Mountain in Cape Town or tour through the coastal roads of Cape Point to enjoy the beauty of the city. Explore the history of the country through museums at Robben Island to understand the rich culture and society.

7. Greece – Tops my bucket list of best places to visit in 2021

Apart from a rich philosophy and democracy, Greece also has a long history of whitewashed island towns and sumptuous cuisine. From Athens and the Acropolis to the traditional villages on Milos’s island, Greece gives you an endless list of tourist places worth visiting in 2021. You can look back into the rich historical legacy of Greece from its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The mesmerizing Santorini would woo you with its colored sunsets and the caldera’s volcanic islands of Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni.

8. Slovenia

Slovenia has endless natural beauty at its every turn. This delightful former part of Yugoslavia is a place packed with adventures from the sea to a mountainous region that houses old-world towns. It is also an affordable destination option for 2021, apart from being scarcely populated by tourists. Slovenia’s trip is incomplete without a visit to Lake Bled, the most beautiful Slovenia location. The Triglav National Park and the quirky capital Ljubljana are also places worth visiting in Slovenia.

best places in the world to visit


The idea of traveling has taken a sharp turn with 2020 and the pandemic, but travel enthusiasts should never stop fantasizing about their next dream destination. Although travel now would require more planning than usual, it would all be worth it after an extended amount of traveling halt.


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