3 Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

Thank you cards

Congratulations on the wedding! I hope you have had the best day of your life with all your close friends and family and for sure, now it’s time to thank them for being there for the happy couple. Even those who couldn’t be there on your big day deserve a note to know they have been dearly missed.

But when it comes to actually sitting down and writing the Thank You card most fumble a lot about choosing the right wordings. I mean, it should reflect genuine care and gratitude, and it can’t be cliché or too long. This is why writing a wedding Thank You card seems like a pickle especially because you are just starting a new life with your spouse and thinking of the right words for your wedding Thank You card could be a little stressful. But fret not; we are here to help you with the best thank you card ideas that will make the job a lot easier. Along with ideas for the notes here we have also listed the ways you can make them special in terms of selecting the right kind of design.

Thank you card ideas
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So let’s get started with your very own personalized thank you cards.

For the ones, you need to thank for giving a specific gift

“Thank you so much for the beautiful flower vase. It instantly jazzes up our living room! We will think of you every time we put fresh flowers on it. We are touched by your thoughtfulness and thank you for being there on our special day. We look forward to more such happy memories in the future!”

Special touch – When you order the Thank You cards from a custom invitation site like Basic Invite you to get almost unlimited color options to make it look extra special and elegant. Even a basic ‘Thank You for being there’ looks unique when you choose a beautiful design.

For the ones, you need to thank for a cash gift

“From the deepest of our heart, we would like to thank for sharing our special day with us. We are looking forward to our honeymoon in Greece and this wouldn’t have been possible without your generous gift. Thank you again!”

Special touch – A personalized Thank You card isn’t just about the words you write, it’s also about the special care you take for every little detail. Going for a custom envelope, for example, is a great way to show you care. At Basic Invite, you get over 40 different colors for envelopes to make sure your note stands out before it’s even opened by the recipient. It comes in a peel and seal style that ensures the envelopes are quickly and securely closed.

personalized thank you wedding card

For general thank you message

“Thank you for celebrating with us as we began our new life together. We are grateful for your presence and warm wishes. We look forward to many more happy memories with you!”

Special touch – In the case of general Thank You cards it’s important to make an extra effort on the card design. And there is no better way to sparkle up your card than using foils. On Basic Invite you can choose flat or raised foil in gold, silver and rose gold. Going for a foil design card is the best way to ensure even a simple Thank You looks and feels special.

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What’s more? If you’d like to get your customized wedding Thank You card from Basic Invite and place your order right now, you will get 15% off on everything until the end of this month. Use coupon code – 15FF51.

There are many more personalized services on the Basic Invite’s website, such as Foil cards, address capturing services, thank you wedding cards, etc.

So, next time when you wish to send some love over cards – these thank you card ideas are here to help.

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thank you wedding cards

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  1. Bahut khubsurat idea diya 👍
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    Return gift diya n khatam samjhti thi
    Per ye sach me bahut badhiya tarika hai 👍👍

  2. Writing a personalized thank you card is like taking one extra step which goes a long way. We should thank the people for their presence and for their thoughtful gifts.

  3. I just love personalized touch in any gift and this is surely one of the wonderful ideas for gifting and giving the most important day wedding card!!

  4. Those are so cute and adorable to send to people who have gifted you or graced your occasion with their presence. I think I should have sent something to all the people who helped me during my wedding.

  5. Oh Wow! Thank you wedding cards. I heard about thank you card but thank you wedding card is a new idea for me. I loved the concept. And the best part is the coupon code. Thanks for sharing dear.

  6. This is a great idea indeed I would love to have and give such personalized card especially once in a while from my hubby.

  7. This is something new…A Thank you card for marriage….a new idea…..never have seen it….But an interesting one…

  8. These are such wonderful personalised Thank you wedding card ideas. It’s a lovely gesture to acknowledge someone’s presence and show our gratitude too.

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