5 Unique Ideas for Your Best Friend Gifts

personalized painting for your best friend

For our entire lives, it appears that we constantly have people coming and going. However, a best friend is that person who comes into your life, glances around at the walls you have worked-up for yourself, and decides to stay. Best friends can be described as many things. To some, they are like siblings, to other best friends are people they wish were their family members.

Presents can help strengthen the relationship between you and your best friend. For all the great laughs, travels, festivals, stressful exams, or life-changing decisions you might have experienced and gone through together- why not get your closest companion a little something as a token of your friendship?

Unique Ideas for Your Best Friend Gifts

 ideas for best friend gifts

1. Hand-painted Portrait as unique best friend gifts idea

Send a Gift of Memories to your Best friend on any occasion you like. To the Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel in your life. Here are some trendy personalized Best Friend Gifts available in the market among which a hand-painted portrait will be a great choice. A reminder to tell them that they mean the world to you. BookMyPainting is an online creative platform that brings unique gifting arrangements enveloped with a quirky gift wrap. They have a team of skilled and dedicated artists who’ll transform any of your photos into a masterpiece.

Painting has consistently been an uncommon sort of method for expressing your affection and feelings. Handmade paintings have always been appreciated as gift ideas. BookMyPainting offers various mediums to choose from. From raw and monochromatic charcoal sketches to lustrous oil paintings to old-school watercolor portraits, they have it all. It is an extraordinary place for best friend gifts that has your thoughts on it.

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Image courtesy – BookMyPainting

2. Watercolor Painting

There’s nothing quite like traveling with your best buddy. You’ll make such a remarkable number of insane and hilarious memories together. Having someone who’s there for you regardless of what will give you the certainty to unwind and enjoy the ride. No doubt you would consistently want to recall those travel recollections from your favorite trip. Insightfully, there is no better way of getting your Best friend a present that is more valuable than a Watercolor Painting of you and them from that LA trip. It is a great best friend gifts idea since these paintings are vivid, joyous, and is something that is over the present age of Instagram and hotshot.

charcoal sketch for your best friend
Image courtesy – BookMyPainting

3. Charcoal Sketch

Every single one of us has nostalgic recollections of childhood tucked away in the scrapbook of our mind. Reminiscing of the time when you and your bestie had a cycling spree every evening just to escape from the rush. Wouldn’t you love to see your best friend getting sentimental over a picture from your school time? Sharing the same emotion when you present a Charcoal Sketch from your childhood would definitely be the best choice as a gift. Charcoal medium has something psychologically different compared to other art styles and gives a classy touch to your picture. It lets you get more expressive and distinctive with the emotions you want to display.

Oil painting for your best friend
Image Courtesy – BookMyPainting

4. Oil Painting

Graduation day is one of the most wonderful accomplishments in a person’s life. It marks the beginning of a new phase along with new responsibilities. As a best friend, you should share the joys and happiness with them. Make them understand how much you’re proud of them. Send them your congratulations along with an Oil Painting of them holding his/her degree. Oil artworks are glossy and dazzling and set aside a ton of effort to be made. Nonetheless, whenever done appropriately, it never fails to grab attention.

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5. Pencil Color Sketches

Confused between a drawing and a painting? Pencil Color Sketches are something for you. Pencil color mediums are appropriate when you want to stick to your budget and cannot compromise with quality. They are an upgraded version of classic graphite pencil sketches and are just as colorful as oil paintings and watercolor paintings but with a texture of drawing. This is a must-go if you’re looking for something different as a gift for your special friend.

All these days you’ve been searching for the right but a unique gift and now, you found it. Gifts are our love in the physical form of material. Instead of giving readymade gifts, these personalized gifts can be wonders when it comes to touch someone’s heart. Be it their birthday or friendship day, cherish your lifelong companionship by giving your best friend a handmade portrait. Make sure you are there for her at every step of life.

Best Friend Gifts Ideas


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