7 Valentine’s Day Gift Choices For Lovers!

valentine's day gift choices

For lovers, the most awaited festival is Valentine’s Day. It has been termed as a festival because it’s a week-long celebration. Starting from the rose day to ending the celebration with Valentine’s Day; the week is filled with love and making a commitment to the one you love in different ways. On all the seven days of Valentine’s week, gifts are exchanged to portray myriad feelings. We have listed Valentine’s day gift choices for boyfriends and girlfriends, that will express your affection for that special one beautifully.

1. Flowers –

As Rose day is the first day of Valentine’s week; we have started our gift list with flowers. On Rose day, it’s quite obvious that red or pink Rose arrangements will be extended to express love and make the first move. Now, some like to go the extra mile in their expression of love, and for them, there is Forever Roses or Precious Roses. Forever Roses are preserved Roses that would last as long as the love in beautiful colors of Red, Pink, White, Blue, and Rainbow colors. Precious Roses are rose in gold, silver, and rose-gold hues that would last eternally. You can easily avail yourself of Valentine’s day flower delivery in any of the Indian cities where your loved ones reside.

2. Rings and Jewelry – Best Valentine’s Gifts for her!

The second day of valentine’s week is Propose day. If you have feelings for someone and wish to make them yours forever; you can propose with a ring or jewelry. For the girls, it’s solitaire and for boys love bands. You can also make a heart-felt proposal with engraved jewelry with the words “Will You Be Mine” or initials of you both with hearts. Personalized jewelry also comes designed with photographs. Bracelets, Rings, Pendants; all can be personalized in different ways like initials, fingerprints, quotes, etc.

best valentine's day gift choices
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3. Chocolates and Cakes –

Love is sweet, and therefore the delectable way to make a confession or make your lover feel pampered is through chocolates and cakes. His or her favorite chocolate, personalized chocolate with pictures or with words written “I Love You” or a chocolate with a message can be gifted. Then, you can choose to spoil your lover over a cake delivery as well. Midnight cake delivery on chocolate day or Valentine’s Day would be much appreciated. Heart-shaped chocolate cake or red velvet cake should do the magic. Chocolate bouquets are quite as famous as gifts nowadays.

4. Plush Toys –

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for a girlfriend, then plush toys are absolutely desirable gifts. Girls love soft toys to cuddle and snuggle in your absence. Soft toys also symbolize warmth and care. On Teddy day, you can give human-size teddy bears. On other days of Valentine’s week, you can give personalized cushions, plush dolls, pandas, cuddly bears, unicorns, and other soft toys. Heart-shaped cushions or LED cushions are quite preferred.

5. Personalized Gifts –

Personalized gifts are the ideal Valentine gifts because of the sentimental appeal they bring along. You can personalize the gift either with a picture, quote, or name of the lover. Any token can be personalized, for example, coffee mugs, lamps, cushions, perfumes, hamper boxes. In hamper boxes you can add a number of gifts like a message card, heart or kiss shaped chocolates, plush toy, wallet, and other Valentine-themed gifts.

6. Handmade Gifts –

Crafting something with love for your lover is an altogether different feeling, a beautiful feeling. If you have creative fingers you can handmade photo gifts like a scrapbook, explosion box, shaker card, photo basket, and many such tokens. If not, you can also avail handmade gifts, sketches, and doodle art gifts. Many varieties of handmade gifts are available online, so make the right choice.

Valentine's Day Choices

7. Pop Up Boxes –

Valentine-themed pop-up boxed gifts are quirky and heart-melting with hidden love surprises. Pop-up boxes with heart-shaped foil balloons, chocolates, teddy bear, or gifts. Hot air balloon with goodies or balloon boxes is also some of the new and lovely choices. Then, a love bubble with a message, pictures, and gifts is another excellent idea in the pop-up box gift collection you can go for.

Valentine is the most awaited occasion for couples in love. Make it cherishable and unforgettable for many more Valentine’s to come with these great Valentine gift ideas.


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  1. It’s already close to that time of the year..valentines day is just a month away. You have shared so many gift ideas..makes it easier to choose and buy.

  2. Omg its that time of the year again. Thankyou for the reminder and the ideas well in advance. I have always been a sucking when it comes to dates. Nothing beats a classic bouquet of roses and chocolates inspite of the age.

  3. Oh that reminds me that another valentine’s Day is up ahead.. I felt like it was valentine’s Day all year last year. But good gifting options here… Will see what I can give this year.

  4. You have shared cute and romantic ideas. Will surely look into the ideas this valentines day

    1. Different individuals have different interests. Your ideas are so vast and well researched that there will be at least one gift that suits everyone. Appreciate the effort you took in this research

  5. Wow great options dear and you had made our job easier to find a perfect gift for upcoming occasion. Personally I like handmade gifts so much. It add extra warmth and love to our gesture.

  6. Oh yeah Valentines Day is just around the corner, thank you so much for the reminder and the multiple gifts options buddy. Loved the post

  7. These are the apt gifting list especially when Valentine day is around the corner. I think gifting something handmade is the best of all as it has more sentimental value.

  8. Thanks for reminding me that Valentine’s Day is already here and happy that you have shared this list now I can select this gift for my partner does Valentine’s.

  9. Pop up boxes are a good gifting idea that is something different and innovative gift for Valentines Day. I would share this with my brother so that he can gift to my bhabhi

  10. Oh yes… valentines day is just a month away and I knw some people may already be preparing to surprise their partners. You have shared a nice list of ideas for gifting. For me flowers always work….

  11. Dipika , this list is perfect for any person to look for gifts, shall share with my husband as he is much confused what to gift. This post is for all who are always in dilemma what to gift to their loved ones.

  12. Wow valentines day is gonna come! The list is perfect. Every individual is different and this list can help them buy depending on their personalities! Thanks for this!

  13. The ideas are amazing to make Valentine’s day memorable, Dipika. This year flower delivery is in trend, so if anyone looking for Valentine’s day flower delivery options, then please visit – https://www.snapblooms.com/Categories/Valentine_s_Day/32880


    1. Thank you, glad to know about this site.

  14. Amazing gifts ideas for valentine day celebration like it

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  16. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Forgot the most romantic day of the year or are you too busy to shop for gifts? Well, lucky you, here are some great Valentine gift ideas so you don’t end up empty-handed.

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