Dobaara – When life gives you a chance to live Dobaara!

Dobaara short movie

A strong-willed young girl with dreams to make it large. A man who is everything a girl dreams of in her ‘ideal husband’. A story which starts with compromising on dreams, but ends on re-living those old dreams into reality. Dobaara is a beautiful short story of dreams, relations, emotions, and life. The romantic drama movie features Manav Kaul and Parvathy Omanakuttan, written and directed by Bejoy Nambiar.

The movie revolves around two young adults, Manav (Manav Kaul) and Parvathy (Parvathy Omanakuttan) who marry but not by choice. Parvathy is an eccentric girl who is forced into getting married by her parents. Manav, on the other hand, is a gullible guy who happily welcomes Parvathy in his life. Two individuals, different mindsets with dissimilar approaches towards life begin their journey as a couple.

They move to a new city and the daily hustle of living on the edge put them through various challenges. Manav invests all his time and energy to build up a better life, whereas Parvathy finds herself alone fighting the odds of a homemaker’s life.

Fast forward to 20 years of married life, their son is a young graduate now. Manav is immersed in his work and Parvathy is wandering in search of herself, the little adventurous girl she lost all those years ago. A decision she took only for herself – to give life a second chance!

Why you must watch Dobaara?

Dobaara is a story of everyone’s life! We forget about our dreams and aspirations when tied up with family responsibilities. Especially the women of the family usually believe that sacrificing self-love and time is the only way to bring up a happy family.

I love the thought behind this movie, as it’s pretty relatable. Don’t we often compromise on our dreams to fulfill the duty as a parent? It’s very easy to expect from a homemaker to forgo her ambitions, or dreams because the family needs her more. This movie is all about such women, who are trapped under the burden of family responsibilities.

ZEE5 Movie Dobaara short Hindi movie featuring Manav Kaul.

If I think of the compromises and sacrifices women make in building a family, sanity loses my side. Why a woman despite her education and ambitions is expected to always put the family duties on priority? Why a woman cannot live life on her terms?

The movie hits on this idea so brilliantly. Life is all about dreams, relationships, and happiness. It usually doesn’t give second chances, but if you have – Do not let it go! Dobaara is all about giving the same life a second chance to live for itself and fulfill your dreams to Heart’s content.

‘Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose. Those are the ones with Vision.’ – Andy Stanley.

Author’s Note –

Dobaara is a lovely story that is high on emotions. The basic idea that it communicates is that there is no harm in re-inventing yourself, all it takes is courage and a little vision. Now, that’s a beautiful message that people really need nowadays. Hence, I would highly recommend everyone to watch this gem of a movie.


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31 thoughts on “Dobaara – When life gives you a chance to live Dobaara!

  1. Its never too late to start something. And when it pertains to re-engineering self, every time is opportune time. Would be a nice experience to watch the drama on finding the purpose in later stages of life.

  2. Hi Dipika,

    Dobaara looks like a good film. It has a very engaging story-line. Life is such an unseen experience. It takes you through the uneven path in its own way.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  3. I just saw the trailer of the movie and after reading your small note I can see how this concept will resonate with so many women in India. It definitely seems like a good watch.

  4. Loved the trailer. When and where is this going to be released? Can relate to this movie so much. Like every woman, I too got lost for a few years after marriage and kids and now on a road to self discovery though in my own way.

  5. I really admire the concept of the movie. we might have compromised our dreams at some of the point in life, but we should try to live them again whenever and however we could. Look forward to it.

  6. I can relate the movie . It definitely a must watch for me. Some People get second chance in life, but quite a few of them can utilize it

  7. Very interesting story. I am sure this movie is going to rock the floor . And it’s true that life gives chance once and you should grab that in any way.

  8. This is quite an interesting movie it seems. Never heard about it any time. I never knew Parvathy came in any movies.

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