Why to be a Myntra Insider?

“Let’s Do What We Love and Do A Lot of It!” – Marc Jacobs

Oh! I love to shop, that too a lot. Especially when shopping makes me feel like a QUEEN! Well, the question is who wouldn’t? What if your favorite shopping destination also brings loads of surprises along with it? Yes, and that’s not all! What if the same shopping spree takes your fashion quotient a notch higher to make you a fashion Icon or Star! That’s what Myntra Insider membership program is all about.

Now that I’ve got your full attention. Let’s talk business err… I mean shopping!

Fed up with checking the same old collection online or getting the same repeated fashion prompts? Well, I have just the right news for you out there. Myntra’s latest feather in the cap – Myntra Insider!

What is Myntra Insider?

membership program
Image – Myntra

Myntra Loyalty Program is called Myntra Insider and it’s available for all its registered users. The registered member needs to choose the option from their Myntra accounts. Once, the member joins the Myntra Insider programme, a plethora of shopping options and offers is available to them at their fingertips.

This is a free membership programme, that means no one has to pay anything for becoming a Myntra Insider. The only requisite is to that you have to be a registered user of Myntra.

A Loyalty Programme like no other –

I have been enrolled in many loyalty programmes, and at the end of the day, they all just count points. Shop, Swipe, Add, Reimburse. So how does Myntra Insider any different from others?

Well, to answer this, let me share a few details about the Myntra Insider membership programme.

While shopping on Myntra, you earn 1 Insider point for every 10 rupees purchase. That means, if you buy an outfit of 1000 rupees, you will earn 100 Insider points on this purchase. Now, these 100 Insider points can be redeemed for exclusive offers from Myntra or its partners.

You can book a self-pampering session with professional beauty partners, or go on a movie date. Take your bae on a candle-lit romantic dinner date or make some travel bookings in a jiffy. You can do all this and a lot more with their expansive list of participating partners such as Zomato, TataSky, BigBasket, PhonePe, Gaana, BookMyShow to name a few.

Why Should You Opt For Myntra Insider?

There are 50+ exciting perks, privileges and first-of-its-kind experiences for Insider members.

One can even earn points just by surfing through the Myntra app/website. There are also various fun-filled activities which members can unlock and win Insider points. Few like special birthday offers, co-designing styles/designs with Myntra team.

The members get Insider points for every activity they participate, and these clubbed Insider points can be used for various lifestyle services and products. Along with the points, Insider members also get the fastest delivery services for their purchases. They also get priority service support in case of any dispute or duress. Early access to sales and the insights about ‘soon to be launched’ products/ services.

about the myntra insider membership program

Membership program for all fashion lovers. Myntra Insider

The Insider membership program is further split into different levels. To access the higher levels, you need to keep gathering points.

0 – 499 points: INSIDER

500 – 1999 points: SELECT

2000 – 4999 points: ELITE

Over 5000 points: ICON

Along with this, every member also gains 250 Insider points when they first participate in Myntra Insider Programme. I have just checked my Myntra account – and I am 100 points rich!

Among the various perks of Insider members, some are super splendid. I am all amazed to find out that I got free home delivery for whole next month with Myntra Insider.

Oh, did I mention you can also become a fan council advisor with Insider programme? Yep, if you have taste and flair of right styling. Based on the choice of products under wish list or purchased orders, you may also get selected as a council member at Myntra. Of course, the council members will be gratified by bonus Insider points. So next time you wish to lecture someone on styling – choose Myntra Insider Program.

Just not any loyalty programme I said isn’t it?


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  1. Myntra mera bhi favorite shopping app hai, mostly kapde wahi se buy kiya hai, ab shopping karne me aur bhi maza aayega ??

  2. Abso;ute;y love shopping on myntra. On time delivery and fast returns and refunds <3

    1. That’s true Veena, they have amazing offers for the loyal customers. Thanks for reading

  3. This is like great for every Myntra shopper…so excited to know about this

  4. Hi Dipika,

    It is good to know about Myntra Loyalty Program. There is certainly lot of benefits joining it. Myntra is a great destination for clothing and footwear. They have amazing collection. It is always nice to save few bucks while you shop your desired products.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  5. It’s good to know about this scheme by mantra, I always love to buy from them because of the good quality brands and their quick service of delivery

  6. Wow this is looking like really an amazing program with lots of benefits. nowadays in India trend has changed and people are doing lots of online shopping. this will be a great option for them.

  7. this looks to be an amazing amazing shopping program for Myntra regular buyers like me. The best thing about it is the point winning system I mean 1 point for Rs. 10 so I am aiming to be a and Myntra insider icon soon.

  8. I love shopping at Myntra website. This new reward system sounds unique and incredible. I bet this will promote more online shopping in India. Thanks for sharing xx

    Ms Tantrum Blog

  9. I have stopped from Myntra a lot of times in the past. Good to know that they are starting this unique customer loyalty program or reward system. I can’t wait to join the program and start shopping again.

  10. Sounds quite an interesting membership program for Myntra fans. I love shopping my favourites from Myntra, hope to see me a part of this program:)

  11. This latest from myntra is gonna make sure that old customers stay hooked and the lost customers will come back to myntra.

    1. Thanks Siddhi, for sure this is best loyalty program for all.

  12. I have shopped a lot on myntra and it is a great platform! I didn’t know about this insider program! This is really rewarding! Will register and also share this with my friends!

    1. True, Mrinal. Myntra has some amazing offers for all, and with this membership program it is super hit.

  13. I am regular shopper from myntra and I didn’t know about this membership plan. I am gonna check this out soon. Thanks for sharing

  14. So I’ve been just browsing through Myntra app and this post comes at right time. Thanks for introducing Myntra Insider would love to avail so many offer

  15. Glad to see Myntra join the rewards group. But the fact you can use it outside of Myntra is where it is unique and probably a runaway success.

  16. This sounds very interesting. I love Myntra and their collection. A loyalty program by them is a unique thing to try.

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