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Walk by the seaside turned sour when I saw the gory site. A massive whale turtled and taking her last few prized breaths. Who wants to see them die? Our precious magnificent giants. Many were gathered to capture and click that looks alien and lives deep inside. Kids were flocking to witness that comes directly out of their school animal books.

A tiny tot asked his father – ‘Is this a Blue Whale?’ Another gauging by the length – Bigger than my school!

One elderly said it’s a yearly pattern nothing new in this Suicide.

Suicide! I asked him – do they also commit suicide?

Yes, Yes of course! I have seen many of them – dolphins and whales alike; beaching themselves to die.

But Why! Why do they die? Or rather bring themselves on the shore. I heard they have natural sonars & navigation skills blessed by the almighty. Are we responsible for this disaster too?

Many questions were swirling around my head, when I turned to net and checked about the pattern of this suicide. Researchers have their various speculations but none is sure why such smart species kill themselves.

Dolphins are smartest as we have been told, so why would they follow an injured one? To risk their life for no reason! T.V documentaries vouch for their intelligence and various claims about the navigation skills. So, won’t these smart mammals know where they are heading to – A Beach!

Inflicted by a suicide inducing parasite, or by following an injured. One thing is sure that this is a mystery to the science as well as a layman like me or you.

A misjudgment, a secret pact or a pattern – who knows the facts. But beaching is killing the beautiful glorious titans from the ocean and our ecosystem.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

© Dipika Singh (gleefulblogger)

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  1. What unresolved problem might be triggering this beaching suicide? Or is it something like Vana prasthashram or sanyashram that people in earlier ages used to undertake to complete their journey of life, after finishing their duties? Oh I got too carried away with this thought… Dipika, rescue me please!
    Wonderful take dear!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  2. I have come across this news on various platforms and still is as disheartening as the first time I read it. Hope too much human intereference is not responsible for this. Thanks for creating awareness!

  3. I had read about this suicide pattern in school or may be in college in my biology class. This is really sad that in spite of having all the technology and best marine scientists, we are still not able to find out the truth behind this mystery.

    Neha Sharma

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