Journey to Home


Her eyes were wet, not from the salt in the air but with the sense of belonging. She still cannot believe her destiny, a girl so chirpy and tangled like her. How could this be possible? Not even in her wildest dreams she ever wondered or ventured this far without those guarding eyes.

Sea, salt, sand, shells, and waves were her wilderness fantasies. After all, nanny never left any stone unturned in creating sea one deadly monster. The one which consumed all her happiness away. Gulped her childhood home along with mommy and daddy alive. ‘Sea is bad, bad, very bad. I must not go close to sea’. The only nursery rhyme she murmured all through that age.

But today she is here, in her best dress and blue sneakers. Waves lapping towards her, to touch her caress her. She isn’t scared anymore. Slowly she removed her shoes and let the fate take over.

Water touched her pristine feet and the magic began. She was engulfed in the glory of love, swaddling her carefully like a mother holds her baby. Slowly the sand moved and she lost her balance, water enveloped her from all sides. There was no fear, but an excitement to see what was hidden beneath. People might call her mad, but she knows this is her chance.

She dived down in hope to see them one last time. Puffed up breath to the brim she took a plunge deep down. Life is beautiful inside, so clear, colorful and shining. She left light far behind and the precious air is bubbling out. Darkness embraced her and she did not mind.

This is the only chance to meet them again, one last time. They left me alone when I was little, today we will unite’, she thought and let her lifeless body swirl in the dark water.

She woke up to the myriad of colors, sunshine and funny folk around. As if the whole circus has come to play marine life. Her eyes were searching familiar faces from her dreams. She saw them standing far off. Mom, Daddy she called. The whole castle burst into cheers and happy roars, after all, Melody is Home. The grand daughter of King Triton, daughter of princess Ariel is at here, in the Kingdom of Atlantica. Princess of Ocean kingdom is back to her real HOME.

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3 thoughts on “Journey to Home

  1. For a moment my heart was beating harder thinking of the poor girl who gave herself to the sea in her quest to be reunited with her parents. But thank God for the happy ending, Dipika! Loved it! Princess of Atlantica! Nice name too!

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