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Horror Ficion

Man from the Shadows!


It was a crisp winter morning, fighting her way from fog and cold sharp breeze, Vijaya continued with her brisk walk while listening to Pink Floyd […]

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spooky tales

My Champa Tree


The magnolia trees bloomed to the full glory today, Bindiya loves standing beside the front gate to smell the fragrant breeze flowing from the orchid. Her […]

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short horror story

Mortal Burden


Karthik woke up with the humming sound coming from the backyard. He remembers shutting down and parking his thunderbird correctly, last night despite having the torturous […]

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Flash Fiction

To the Moon and Back!


Vandana looked impeccable in a red and beige gown with golden peacock embroidery work from her favorite artisan. Adorning her signature heart-melting smile, she is a […]

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Hello! I Need A Favor…


This post is Written for the Festival of Words, organized by WriteTribe.  The Doctors have surrendered to his addiction, no rehab, nor any anti-addiction medication can help him […]

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Unending Obsession


“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” – Ratatouille When he learned about […]

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Journey to Home


Her eyes were wet, not from the salt in the air but with the sense of belonging. She still cannot believe her destiny, a girl so […]

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Life of Charts – #FridayFotoFiction


#FridayFotoFiction Challenge is hosted by Tina & Mayuri where they give out photo prompts and bloggers have to write a 100-150 word tiny fiction around it. It can be anything. […]

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Burning Itch – The Piano


#FridayFotoFiction Challenge is hosted by two amazing bloggers Tina & Mayuri where they give out photo prompts and bloggers have to write a 100-150 word tiny fiction around it. […]

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Life’s Best Teacher #FridayFotoFiction


#FridayFotoFiction Suman was looking at her daughter when she realized her left hand stopped throbbing, she kept on moving her fingers to re-assure if its for […]

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The Star – Wish I was Never Born


This new girl reminds her own reflections from a different time zone, looking at the magazine she goes down the memory lane – coming out of […]

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Still Holding On..


This short story is written exclusively for #FridayFotoFiction by Mayuri & Tina She looked at her dress – beautiful white gown with a crystal belt, a […]

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