#FridayFotoFiction Challenge is hosted by two amazing bloggers Tina & Mayuri where they give out photo prompts and bloggers have to write a 100-150 word tiny fiction around it. It can be anything. Every week they pick up a Featured Blogger from all the participants of the week and at the end of the month a monthly winner who gets Cash prize!
Tina Basu

Here is my entry for this week’s #FridayFotoFIction

Burning Itch – The Piano

I was 6 when started accompanying mother to work; she was weak of tuberculosis, I helped her with daily chores.

The Madam was a Piano teacher, where we worked. She had a beautiful house Mother said she was very famous & many kids used to come for piano lessons there.

I loved the sound of Piano! I listened very carefully when she taught chords & notes. Once I even tried creating music reading her notes but she got so annoyed and closed the lid on my hands!

It pains every time I remember that day, but honestly, today if I am here it is all because of her. The more she snubbed my longing towards learning Piano, more I got determined to learn and excel in it. I dedicate my success to her.

We musicians should think beyond the social boundaries and do what we know best – Spread Love.

© Dipika Singh
Word count – 150.

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  1. Bahut accha motivational likha hai, hume kisi bhi baat se positive hi bahar nikalna hoga tabhi success karengey
    Aapki story se yehi kitne acche se samney aaya 👍👍👍👍

    Anita Singh

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