Burning Itch – The Piano

#FridayFotoFiction Challenge is hosted by two amazing bloggers Tina & Mayuri where they give out photo prompts and bloggers have to write a 100-150 word tiny fiction around it. It can be anything. Every week they pick up a Featured Blogger from all the participants of the week and at the end of the month a monthly winner who gets Cash prize!
Tina Basu

Here is my entry for this week’s #FridayFotoFIction

Burning Itch – The Piano

I was 6 when started accompanying mother to work; she was weak of tuberculosis, I helped her with daily chores.

The Madam was a Piano teacher, where we worked. She had a beautiful house Mother said she was very famous & many kids used to come for piano lessons there.

I loved the sound of Piano! I listened very carefully when she taught chords & notes. Once I even tried creating music reading her notes but she got so annoyed and closed the lid on my hands!

It pains every time I remember that day, but honestly, today if I am here it is all because of her. The more she snubbed my longing towards learning Piano, more I got determined to learn and excel in it. I dedicate my success to her.

We musicians should think beyond the social boundaries and do what we know best – Spread Love.

© Dipika Singh
Word count – 150.

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  1. Such a positive and hopeful tale, Dipika.
    A reminder to never give up.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

    1. Thank You Mayuri, glad you liked

  2. Loved this tstory, had an ouch moment though 😛

  3. Bahut accha motivational likha hai, hume kisi bhi baat se positive hi bahar nikalna hoga tabhi success karengey
    Aapki story se yehi kitne acche se samney aaya ????

  4. Never back down! well written.

    1. Hey thank for stopping by. Glad you like the story.

  5. I played piano when I was five or six. Unfortunately, all I remember is a dark house and the metronome. I must not have musical talent. Cheers for you for taking a bad situation and turning it to the good!

  6. Persistence is the way to success – nicely written. It is so easy to back off when one is snubbed. But only the ones who do not give up make something big out of their lives.

  7. Beautiful story. Indeed musicians should spread love instead of snubbing the students.

  8. I look this girl as an inspiration and we all should learn from negativity of others and make it positive

  9. That is truly a story of grit and determination and succeeding despite all odds. Loved how you used the prompt Dips

    1. Thank You Aks coming this from you is amazing feel. Gratitude

  10. What a positive read- really made my Monday

  11. Lovely, creating positive out of negative .

  12. Wow what a positive end to that story. When you snub someone you push him to excell, that happens in reality. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction

    1. Thank You so much Tina, loving the #FridayFotoFiction thank for having me with you in this.

  13. Love the point of this! indeed, many times, many people have snubbed us..but we stand up everytime and keep going! in 150 words you have said something so important!

  14. Thats a crazily beautiful story!! WOW!!!!

  15. Wow…Very well written…Monday positivity.. 🙂

  16. You know, when I read that the teacher slammed the lid shut on the author’s fingers, I thought this would be a tale of regret and lost dreams because of a tough teacher. I was pleasantly surprised to see the positive spin on it. Love it

    1. Thank You so much, glad you liked it.

  17. Good one Dipika. Beautifully conceived n woven.

  18. Such experiences in life makes us strong and helps us to achieve what we wish!!

  19. I too love the sound of piano.

  20. Such a thoughtful post. Loved reading it.

  21. Nice read. A positive thought on Monday!! Thank you for sharing!!

  22. Such a sweet and motivational story, Dipika. Melody doesn’t necessarily come to someone who has trained with the best. It is a quality that develops with pain and hard work.

  23. Such a positive story. True, it is our detractors to whom we owe a large part of our successes – we might not have tried to win had we not been stopped from trying certain things!

  24. Beautiful story. I loved how you weaved a positivity in the tale. Love happy endings. 🙂

  25. Motivating story. The determination and confidence were quite amazing. I could feel the pain in your story.

  26. Spread love indeed! Music and art cannot be bound by societal boundaries

  27. It’s good that that act of despise spurred her toward determination 🙂 Music must bring people together, not tear each other apart.

  28. Do you play Piano ?

  29. What an apt story to the photo. Added to it how you took inspiration is truly inspiring.
    Good luck for your future endeavors ?

  30. Beautiful morning read

  31. Creative people need to help spread more hope.Lovely take on the prompt.Loved reading this.I wonder why the teacher behaved this way?

    1. Thanks Amrita 🙂

  32. Such an innocent, lovely tale. The message conveyed is so true…we should all spread love!!!

  33. different take on the prompt. I liked the determination potrayed in the story. everything is possible with sheer determination.

  34. success comes to those who never give up! Loved your short and meaningful tale about determination and grit!

  35. Ouch. Powerful image.

  36. Nice and heart warming story. Learning knows no bounds and your story speaks volumes about learning. Happy blogging with Alexa.

  37. The way you have flipped the pain into happiness of success and determination shows your heart.

  38. A positive story on determination and forgiveness…I must say. Though its a short piece, your story gives out a strong message.

  39. The portrayal is so real that I felt the pain in my fingers!! Loved the indomitable spirit of the tale!
    -Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

    1. Thank you dear, I am so glad you liked it.

  40. Everyone needs to have the Never say Never attitude. Your poem touched our heart. Beautifully put.

    1. Thank You Atul, glad you like it.

  41. Hey Dipika, you have nailed it again. A pro in whatever you take up. such simple words yet a strong message. There is always an elder behind our strive to hard work.

    1. Thanks dear, glad you like it

  42. You have an art for story telling Dipsy. And you do it so well. More power to you! Hugs

    1. Wuhu Natz…. I was waiting for your comment so eagerly. Thank You soooooo much to motivate me write stories. ??

  43. She had the determination to succeed and she eventually did. A lovely story :).

  44. Such a motivational one this is… when you really want something, there is nothing that can get in the way

    1. Yes, that’s the spirit of life isn’t it. Thanks dear for reading and stopping by

  45. Hey!
    Love how you entwined the positivity in this tale.

    1. Thank You Diya for reading

  46. A perfect teachers day post.
    Loved reading it

    1. Oh yeah tomorrow is Teacher’s Day, thanks Dixita for reminding dear. and thanks for reading too

  47. Such a beautiful and positive story Deepika. Brilliantly written.

    The heart always gets more determined when denied or is tried to stop.

    1. Thank You so much Ramya and reading and commenting.

  48. True that. Music should have no social barriers. Great story!

    1. Thank You so much for reading 🙂

  49. Such a lovely tale! Sometimes when someone puts us down, we get more determined to achieve something great in that very field.

  50. Talent is not subservient to the mighty. A short and crisp tale of how perseverance and persistence pays.Nice.

  51. Sometimes it is this resistance that makes us more determined. Loved this write up 🙂

  52. Such a beautiful read. Loved the message you have shared.

  53. lovely story in few words with feelings and emotions thrown in good measure!

  54. I love the positiveness that emerges from pain. Beautiful take.

  55. Wow this is such a beautiful and inspiring story. Loved it 🙂 ..

  56. This is such an inspiring short story, Dipika! Some people just restrict themselves to share their knowledge with others and that’s where they fail in life. It’s always wonderful to share your gift with others. Beautifully penned! 🙂

    1. Thank You once again

  57. Nothing can stop you from where you truly belong from heart

  58. Wow!! This is so positive and motivating, absolutely a beautiful story. <3

  59. Amazing that you turned the whole incident into a positive driving force! Loved the write-up 🙂

    1. Thank You Keerti

  60. Hi Dipika! I loved what you did with this prompt. An enjoyable and inspiring story. Beautiful message and title! I warmly invite you to read my blogposts at https://thetinaedit.com/. Keep writing. Cheers! 🙂

    1. Thank You so much Tina, glad you like it. Visiting your blog 🙂

  61. Dipika, that’s a wonderful tale in 150 words, you just told the most meaningful things in the least words 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Seema 🙂

  62. Another fabulous piece of fiction from you. Few lines speak volume wherein many pages couldn’t convey the right message. I loved this short and crisp post of yours.

    1. Thank you so much dear. glad you like it

  63. Loved the postive vibes potrayed through story! 🙂

  64. Wonderfully narrated

  65. Music is so therapeutic and this post emits hope…Keep blogging ☺?

    1. Thank you so much Meenakshi for stopping by connecting.

  66. You’ve woven in the message beautifully in this short lovely story 🙂 Music and going against the odds is a perfect blend to motivate us to reach our goals and realise our dreams.

  67. Beautiful story to read. Great thought.

  68. Poignant. Sometimes memories of pain become driving forces of future…

  69. That is such a terrible thing to do, slam the lid on a child’s fingers. I hope she knows that you are a successful musician now. Life will teach her the lesson.

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