The Undisclosed Truth – Secret Affair


“Some Secrets are better kept Hidden forever”

They grew up together as neighbors on the farmland away from big city’s chaos & hustle bustle. Cindy & Tim were best buddies and partners in all crimes – be it sneaking into blueberry orchids of Mrs. Dale or playing poison ivy pranks on Dabbi the dog. Ravencliff was a small town where everyone knew each other but like every place has secrets so as this one has its own secret – a darker one.

Cindy’s father has been planning to sell their property and settle in big city for better future. When she mentioned about the move to Tim he could not believe it–

“Doesn’t he knows I am going to marry you soon?” said Tim.

“Oh come on Tim, we are only kids!” replied Cindy.

“So, you too want to be in the big city huh Cindy? If you ever forget me; I will haunt you till your last breath” – Tim said with his typical sinister smile.

“hahaha… Jesus Tim, I am not scared of you! I will marry ONLY you, it’s a promise” beamed Cindy.

Two months later Cindy’s family moved to Norfolk, bigger city to pursue brighter dreams. She started with her high school soon – new place, new friends and new life. Tim was regular with his letters, and never forgets to tell her how much he misses her. Years flew by but his letters never stopped coming, slowly they moved from bedroom closet to basement’s pile of trash. Graduated from school she joined Investigative Journalist’s (IJ) internship program, job she always dreamed of. Her passion of finding truth behind many unsolved cases and mysteries got her name as well as promising future as full time IJ.

One such case brought her back to past – one she had forgotten about, Ravencliff and nearby areas recorded disappearance cases of young girls. Local sheriff’s station submitted inconclusive reports about these cases, young girls aged between 8 – 15 years gone missing around Ravencliff in 7 years. Vanished in thin air, no ransom calls, no bodies, and no traces hence, investigation department named them inconclusive. Cindy reached her childhood days town with camera team; this place still feels the same she thought “Not a single brick is moved here in these years.” A walk down the street brought back many memories from past – the Church stood still witnessing every one passing by, blueberry orchid is a patch of barren land today and Mrs. Dale’s house looks crumbling down and Tim… where is he?

She goes around her old home; it has an eerie silence now, no one lives here anymore – local baker told her earlier. Her eyes saw something familiar though – a face at far distance which gave her a jolt of surprise! “Tim… Tim is that you?” She ran behind the shadow but could not trace anyone. Her team circled the area couple of times but nothing; not even a crawler. After inquiring at local bars and highway motels they realized people don’t want to talk about the disappearances, everyone feel uncomfortable with this topic as if tied up in some secret vow. Surprised with the response even from some old known faces Cindy decided to talk with Church’s pastor. She was warmly welcomed but as soon the topic of disappearances cropped up his expressions turned gloomy,“something’s are better remain hidden in the deep vaults, don’t ruffle up with the things – you might end up doing more harm to everyone and yourself child.” he replied.

Troubled with these remarks by the one who’s in service of God, she determined to reveal the secret well preserved by all…. (come back to read more in next post)

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  1. supeerrrrr!!!! I want to know the rest of the story… tell us more… soon.. plz… do not make us wait too long! this is a great hook D – I had no idea you had the skill to just draw us in, and leave us hooked & hanging!

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