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Fading Muddle: Secret Affair Part – 2

secret promise

‘You made a PROMISE, and then YOU broke it – but I AM BACK to repair it’ It was Sunday night when they heard a shrill so loud it could reach miles away in the valley and reverberated through the …

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The Undisclosed Truth – Secret Affair

“Some Secrets are better kept Hidden forever” They grew up together as neighbors on the farmland away from big city’s chaos & hustle bustle. Cindy & Tim were best buddies and partners in all crimes – be it sneaking into …

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Broken Feathers – Now Soar High

 Follow your Dreams – they know the right way Welcome to our #BlogToFreedom Independence Day blog train. The day that has given us right to be free, right to dream & turn it into an opportunity. Everyone has their own …

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