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Horror Ficion

Man from the Shadows!


It was a crisp winter morning, fighting her way from fog and cold sharp breeze, Vijaya continued with her brisk walk while listening to Pink Floyd […]

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short horror story

Mortal Burden


Karthik woke up with the humming sound coming from the backyard. He remembers shutting down and parking his thunderbird correctly, last night despite having the torturous […]

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spooky tales

My Best Friend – A Tale of Two Friends


Viru was sitting beside Vikram, holding his hand tenderly tapping it with soft feather-like fingers. The nervousness was palpable in both the kids. After all, it […]

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An Unsolved Tale of Kathgodam


This post is Written for the Festival of Words, organized by WriteTribe.  Prompt Used – “You’re traveling in a rental car when you hear the thumping of […]

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ravencliff town

Town Secret’s Revealed Ravencliff’s Dark History


When the going gets tough, the tough get going, resolving to the saying Cindy determined to solve this case anyhow. She called her Dad at ranch to tell […]

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secrets tree

The Hiding Tree – Secret Revealed Part – 1


Adventurers love deserted terrains specially with eerie locations for boastful hangouts & adrenaline juices. A group of teenagers – 4 high-school friends decided to hit the […]

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secret promise

Fading Muddle: Secret Affair Part – 2


‘You made a PROMISE, and then YOU broke it – but I AM BACK to repair it’ It was Sunday night when they heard a shrill […]

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The Undisclosed Truth – Secret Affair


“Some Secrets are better kept Hidden forever” They grew up together as neighbors on the farmland away from big city’s chaos & hustle bustle. Cindy & […]

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