The Star – Wish I was Never Born

This new girl reminds her own reflections from a different time zone,
looking at the magazine she goes down the memory lane –
coming out of her father’s car, she looked like an angel in white frills and lacy gown.
Every man present that day wanted to be her partner for masquerade ball. 
Girl with the golden tresses she was called then, eyes deep green ocean
Lips an arcs made for perfect smile, just out of fairy tale when he saw her for the first time!
Betrothed him next day, a match made in heaven – her mother said.
She’s was an overnight STAR – Duchess to a Royal Prince, photos, interviews, coverage all over place.
A life which just began a fortnight ago – full of hopes, aspirations, dreams..
shackled with heavy names and prefixes.
Sitting alone in this lonely castle of two rooms
she cries and wish – If I was Never Born.
This post is written for #FridayFotoFiction and linking up with Tina or Mayuri
Word Count – 150 © Dipika Singh
Tina Basu

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34 thoughts on “The Star – Wish I was Never Born

  1. That is the cost of being in the news and becoming a public figure. Everything is under public scrutiny. nicely done. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFIction.

    1. Yes she was the inspiration behind the story. Glittery life, beautiful smiles royalty at it’s best but a saddened life ended up in duress.
      Thank You Mayuri

  2. Such a beautiful short story. Yes, not everything is perfect in life. Those shiny glitters sometime hide someone’s sadness and tears.

  3. very well written dear! i loved it!
    At the end, we all want different things from life. while everyone wished to have a life of a STAR, the don’t understand the price it comes for

    1. Haha.. glittery shoes are the personification of a STAR. A star who is a celebrity & entrapped in the glamourous life which she never asked for.

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