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English language

English – A Language of Opportunities!

“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda

  1. Require a Salon Attendant – Female Only, Age 22+, 8 hours day shift, English Speaking (mandatory)

  2. House on Rent – Only married couples apply, with correct documents, English as language of correspondence.

  3. Want a Bride – Educated, good command over English language.

  4.  Learn English in 24 days with xyz crash course.

  5. Vacancy – Steward at Local eatery – 12th Pass & English speaking.

These are just few examples we see on the daily basis when it comes to English language. This is one such thing which has no boundaries or barriers, from East to West & North to South – worldwide it flows freely from one dialect to another.

Just some Facts about English Speaking –

  • This is the official language of 53 countries.
  • English is spoken as a first language by 400 million people around the world.
  • This is a language of Learning – Science, Art, Accounts, Engineering, etc all streams are progressing with the scope of English.

From Facets of Life

Not very long ago, a girl comes out from her small town, to live her dreams and life free. Free from the taboo of ‘study and get married’ mark of society. She had talent, good report card and amazing power of connecting with people but lacked something very vital to mingle – Confidence of speaking in English.

Her friends were few and they knew she’s smart and will do something good in life, but her personal opinion was drooping down because she could not connect. So much so that even the books got harder to understand and pressure mounted to the verge of bursting. All she needed a correct path, a guidance which came in the form of “Learn English Language Course“. She not only learnt the new language but also mastered it with flying colours.

Why is English Language needed?

Learning a new language is always a good thing to do, and when this opens various new horizons Why Not? Being Indians our National Language is ‘Hindi’, however not many people can communicate in Hindi well. But at the same time, English helps them in communicating beyond regional boundaries.

Our country is rich with talent – after all this is the land which gave maths its 0 and half the world’s economy is running on the shoulder’s of some technical wizards made by India. State like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and many more produce the maximum Officers for the ranks of Indian Administration or Indian Police. Intellect has never been a problem with aspirants trying for such esteemed posts, but language is. Many schools in our country has made English as Mandatory, however due to snag at various levels implementation gets faulty.

To take learning further and at every door step – Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla, leading hair oil maker who are not only making our hair strong but also the country. Through its ‘Pathshala Funwala’ initiative, the brand endeavours to make education accessible, anywhere anytime.

All you need is dial Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788.

Let’s join hands together and share this post with the intention to spread the great initiative Nihar Naturals have undertaken in association with Blogadda.

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  1. Beautiful post. Loved your take on the topic. A language which is global can be immensely useful for online opportunities too. Great initiative.

    1. Thank You so much Amrita

  2. Fabulous post. English is very essential language for growth of any country. So Shanti Amla hair oil brand doing great job towards our nation. Great initiative.

  3. It is really a great initiative by nihar shanti amla.. These days fluency in English is very essential to portray yourself in front of world..

    1. Thank Tou so much

  4. Really a great initiative.. you have written everything beautifully… Loved it

  5. Love the post totally agree with you we are being judged in workplace on the basis of english be it a job of watchman or boss English is mandatory

    1. Thank you so much

  6. Great post, Dipika. English is important for better opportunities. Loved reading your thoughts on it. Sharing it on my Facebook page so that lots of aspiring bloggers can read it and feel confident.

    1. Thank you so much Dear for connecting and even sharing it.

  7. Great mission ?? aaj ki life me jaruri bhi hai ?,

    1. Thank you so much Ma’am

  8. English is really important as we belong to Google and Facebook generation Lols No otherwise as well its really important. I loved reading your post. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback

  9. Great initiative ! Loved the post!? Keep it up!

    1. Thank you

  10. That’s indeed a great initiative. English is a language that we must learn to stand global opportunities.

    1. Thank you so much

  11. Tahs a great initiative..I’m happy nihar naturals came up with it

  12. This is a great initiative by Nihar. They always come up with new innovative ways to contribute to the society and education.

  13. Reading this was such a pleasant feeling. I missed blogging for this one. But, best of luck to you. Loved it.

    1. Thank You so much

  14. You have weaved the importance of English very beautifully….. learning a global language is the need of today’s world of globalisation and liberalisation….. just loved it …. Thanks for Sharing!

    1. Thank you so much

  15. ravishing post with informative !! keep it up

  16. A great initiative by Nihar, and i loved your perspective of it, Dipika. As much as we may argue that Hindi is our national language , it is English that rules.

  17. Although I am completely against giving preference to English over regional languages, the fact remains that it is the most widely used language. I have seen people lag behind because they didn’t have the confidence and articulation of carrying a decent conversation in English.
    Good post, Dipika. Heartiest congratulations to you! ❤❤❤

  18. what a wonderful twist to a mundane topic with your style of writing and yes what an initiative! kudos!

  19. This is a great initiative. Loved to read your thoughts on this topic. 🙂

    1. Thank You so much

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