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#FridayFotoFiction Challenge is hosted by Tina & Mayuri where they give out photo prompts and bloggers have to write a 100-150 word tiny fiction around it. It can be anything. Every week they pick up a Featured Blogger from all the participants of the week and at the end of the month a monthly winner who gets Cash prize!
 Tina Basu

This was her 8th call but again Rosy picked to repeat – ‘Mr. Sahini will call you back soon‘.

She asked if the message is conveyed to him about the urgency?  “Yes, Mrs. Sahini I passed your message duly. He is still in meeting with UK’s delegation.”

Kashika disconnected wiping off an errant tear, she tried to remember the past – when they fell in love he brought entire universe to her feet, it was a fairy tale romance for her with so many wonderful memories.

Aman Sahini is country’s top business analyst today, every corporate house wants him or wish to be associated with his brand.

He called Kashika past midnight en-route hospital – ‘How’s our Tia baby? I am coming to meet you both.’

She could not wait any longer Aman, you lost her at surgery & now me forever.’ he heard a deafening thud in the end.

Word Count – 150.

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15 thoughts on “Life of Charts – #FridayFotoFiction

  1. No! This was heartbreaking, Dipika. Why did this have to happen? Success is moot without the love and presence of our loved ones.
    Sad story, but lovely take on the prompt.

  2. Ye aaj ki kahani hai, success k liye log personal life bhul jaatey hain
    Bahut taklif hui, aankh me aansu bhi hain

    1. That’s the point; these materialistic things are just superficial but still we going mad running unseen race of fame. The balance is the key; but we all fail in maintaining it moat of the times. Thank you for reading and your comment 🙂

  3. Just see the priority list …not answering even at 8th call…..i think the little one decided to go back to heaven judging his dad’s priorities

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