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When it comes to picking up a new fancy dress or a trendy jewelry, my heart will always go for the later 😉 and this is the case with all of us (women), men too if they love their ladies fair or more.

Even in Indian cultural traditions buying precious metal like gold is termed as auspicious hence, no downfall or economic turmoil could ever dampen Indian urge to buy or invest in jewelry. Weddings, special occasions, festivals are just another major shopping hops for us. Even the financial analysts forecast the Jewelry Market in India to grow at a CAGR* of 15.95 percent over the period 2014-2019. 

Traditional Indian jewelry market has been our major destination for purchase of ornaments, Gold being the most common of it all. However, with limited resources of ideas and designs catering to need of young Indian the move slowly transcends towards online or international players. Few have noticed this move and given customers what they were seeking out, Caratlane – A Brand to Fall in Love with.

jewelry CL

In October 2008 CaratLane started with a mission to change the way diamonds and diamond jewelry is bought in India, during that period I was married and my husband gave me a cute slim diamond band from Caratlane, and I still flaunt it with same love & passion. With the ever-growing demand of customers, Caratlane never phased back from coming up with new designs and best customer care policies. It has also been listed as one of the “Top 20 hottest e-commerce sites in India” by Sapient Nitro study

A Tanishq Partnership and its presence in more than 150+ cities and towns across country CaratLane is loved and trusted by all. Their latest designs are truly amazing and fits the modern as well as contemporary needs.


Bombay Deco Jewelry Collection

features the famous landmarks of Mumbai’s (then Bombay) architectural heritage. Geometrical patterns, dimensional pieces, unique designs featuring into bangles, rings, pendants & earrings.





Bombay Deco Bracelet
Bombay Deco Collection
Bombay Deco Collection
Bombay Deco Collection
Bombay Deco Collection
Bombay Deco Collection

Peacock Jewelry Collection –

when it comes to picking up the most favorite of all designs, we by instincts go towards bright hues of peacock feathers colors.  This collection features the most vibrant shades of color combinations of Nature into bangles, rings, pendants & earrings.

Peacock Collection
Peacock Collection earrings
Peacock Collection earrings
Peacock Collection Necklace
Peocock Collection Pendent

Ikat Jewelry Collection –

the beautiful lines and patterns coming together in best way possible to make everyone envious of your possession. World famous patterns and 3D dimensional shapes derive into bangles, rings, pendants & earrings.





Ikat Collection Earrings
Ikat Collection Bracelet
Ikat collection ring
Ikat Collection Earrings
Jewelry CL
Ikat Collection

Just not that, Caratlane also offers the convenience and confidence to its 24-carat customer support with its Try@home feature. Yes, jewelry you can try at your own home and then make your decision. Because many times our touch and feel gives us the best answers when the brain shuts. In three easy steps you can get your jewelry tried at home….

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Try them at your own home, with Jewellery consultant at your end to advise on the look and details.
  3. Buy ONLY if you like it. No Compulsion. Isn’t this great; Nope its CaratLane ?

© Dipika Singh

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49 thoughts on “Caratlane – Come Fall in Love

  1. I am in love with their Bombay Deco and Ikat Collection! Simply stunning!
    And a try at home feature too! Wow!
    Thanks for sharing this gem with us, Dipika, Just in time for the festive season!

  2. Mujhe kal hi is site ka pata laga, kitna accha collection hai ?? maine jaldi se registration karke kuch pieces wish list me rakh diya hai, time to time leti rahungi ?

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