Why the 4Cs Are Important When Purchasing Diamond Jewellery

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Diamonds are unique, as no two stones are the same, and when thinking of purchasing diamond jewellery. It is essential that you at least have some basic knowledge of diamond grading. Diamonds are categorized and graded according to what is known as the 4Cs, namely, Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour. The average person would probably not know the difference between a quality diamond and a piece of glass. When you consider the high prices that diamonds command, it is crucial that you are aware of the 4Cs and understand their meaning.

Diamond Jewellery know the 4 C's of diamonds.

Clarity –

Diamonds come from deep within the Earth under extreme pressure and heat, and almost all have small imperfections within the stone itself. These are known as inclusions and are not be confused with surface blemishes, which are found on the outer surface. Any inclusion will affect the way light passes through the stone and the clarity grading is the measurement of inclusions. A diamond with no inclusions is “Flawless” and they are so rare that most diamond merchants have never seen such a stone. If you are looking to purchase diamonds or diamond jewellery, check out Australia’s leading diamond merchant Diamond Brokers Queensland.

Colour –

Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, aside from white and some are highly valued, such as pinks, blues, and yellows. If a diamond is colorless, this means it will reflect light in many colors and these are the most expensive of all. The Gem Institute of America (GIA) has compiled a color grading chart adopted by all diamond merchants, which begins with “D” and goes right through to “Z”, with D being colorless.

Diamond jewellery clarity
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Cut –

The cut is a critical element of the stone and it does not refer to the shape of the diamond, rather its proportions and symmetry. The visual appeal of a diamond depends more on the cut than any of the other Cs. And the person who actually cuts the stone is a highly skilled professional. When a rough stone comes for cut, the craftsman must find a balance between the cut and the maximum yield. And there is pressure on the cutter to sacrifice appearance for weight. There are articles you can check for detailed descriptions of the 4 Cs and what they refer to. This makes for essential reading prior to making any diamond purchases.

Carat –

This grade is the actual weight of the diamond. With a single carat diamond weighing in at exactly 0.2 grams, or about the weight of a paper clip. Two diamonds of identical weight can vary greatly in price, due to the other factors (cut, clarity, and color). As the carat weight increases, so does its value. Larger stones are rarer and the heavier the weight, the rarer the stone. To give you some idea, approximately one rough stone in one million cuts to produce a single carat stone. So, 3,4 and 5-carat stones are extremely rare and their prices would reflect this. You can have a different look to each piece.

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Without referring to the 4 Cs, you could never be sure of a diamond’s quality. Which is why this system is a global benchmark for diamond grading. When you are ready to buy diamonds, the 4 Cs will be an essential guideline. If you purchase from a reputable diamond merchant, the stones will have GIA certification, which is a guarantee of their quality.

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  1. Hi Dipika,

    Great post with in-depth information about diamonds. I never knew about the 4C’s. I am glad i landed on your post. It is very helpful for anybody looking to buy diamonds.

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  2. Diamonds are more than just pretty accessories. So much of art and effort goes into making every single piece. These 4Cs are going to be helpful next time I shop for diamonds.

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