How To Select The Perfect Engagement Rings

perfect engagement ring

Are you looking for the perfect engagement rings that will suit your hand like that from a romantic fairytale? The showrooms of diamond jewelry in Ahmedabad can spoil you with choices here. Check out this mix of insightful, aesthetical and practical guidelines to simplify the selection process and give you better clarity in purchasing your most appropriate engagement ring.

Define your price bracket for an engagement rings

perfect diamond engagement rings

No doubt the engagement ring is going to be the symbol of your love for the lifetime; the realistic approach shouldn’t take a backseat during its mushy shopping. Approximately outlining your budget becomes the first step towards the easy, detangled and smart selection process.

Select a gemstone

While a diamond remains the most popular pick for the perfect engagement rings, there are other options too to look at as far as the gemstones are concerned. If you want your hand to pull off something more unique and less of the mainstream, consider the high-quality Sapphire as an alternative. It costs less than a diamond and is still almost just as sturdy. Apart from its trademark color blue, sapphire comes in other colors like white, pink, yellow and a few more for you to choose from depending on which hue complements your skin tone and overall taste for jewelry the best.

Perfect diamond engagement rings

Check the four ‘C’s if you’re a diamond lover

Nothing beats the romance that comes with a diamond. It unquestionably spells the timelessness in an engagement ring. Gorgeous, mesmerizing, long-lasting, elite and a lot more – a diamond ring has reigned as the most popular and loved option for all the right reasons. Be well informed about the four ‘C’s – color, cut, clarity and carat weight of the diamonds before you lay your heart on them. The diamond jewelry showrooms in Ahmedabad offer a great range in these criteria.

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Choose the shape that complements your fingers the best

If you are going for a diamond engagement ring, make sure that its shape harmonizes well with your appearance and adds more grace to your hand. The top jewelers in Ahmedabad present to you a brilliant variety of shapes and sizes of diamonds for that objective. If you have short fingers, go for the longer shaped stones and narrower bands to give your finger an elongating effect.

Those who have slim and slender fingers should ideally go for the narrow marquise or pear-cut diamond to make the finger look wider.  If you already have wide fingers, make them look aesthetically narrower by opting for larger, asymmetrical or more rounded stones set in a cluster design in a medium to the thick sized band. If you are one of those lucky ones with long and shapely fingers, go ahead and experiment with bold and dramatic designs with bigger stones.

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Choose the of style and setting worth cherishing forever

Your individual personality, physical attributes, and style mantra too should be taken into account while selecting the best suitable ring for your hand. There are people who like it understated and stylishly minimalist. On the other hand, there are those who like it all glitzy and bold. Decide your leaning and pick an engagement ring accordingly.

Keeping it in sync with your lifestyle too is a sign of a wise and seasoned jewellery buyer. Contemporary, traditional, vintage, quirky, glamorous, nature-inspired or a blend of more than one of these –the style of your engagement ring can be an extension of who you are. For the setting, you will find multiple options like tiffany, channel, bezel, halo, pavé, eternity band and many more as you go checking out the diamond jewellery in Ahmedabad.

Choose it all in accordance with the proportion of your hand. As a general rule, those with smaller hands should go for princess cut diamonds and slightly chunkier designs. The bigger hands can flaunt the larger stones and bezel setting well. Square hands look more appealing with flowing, feminine designs, and stones with a more rounded cut.

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Select the metal for the band wisely

From yellow gold, white gold rose gold to platinum and silver, there are various options to choose from when you have to pick one for the band of your engagement ring. Weigh the pros and cons of these precious metals before you make a final call. For example, platinum is more durable but it is more expensive as well. Some of these metals are more scratch-resistant than the rest. Hence, consider your lifestyle, preference and of course budget when you choose a precious metal for the ring band. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to the metal you want to wear.

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Ensure the right measurement of your finger

Last but definitely not the least, get your finger perfectly measured to get that flawlessly crafted engagement ring. Ensure that the measurement is on point without making your finger look miserably stuffed in the ring hole, or, making it too lose that it either keeps rotating on your finger or you have to keep a check on it that it doesn’t fall off.

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  2. This is a very good guide for buying rings. It gets tricky if you’re a beginner and don’t know much about the quality and standards. It’s better to research well before going shopping.

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