Beginner’s Guide – How to Choose a Man’s Watch

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A man wants a Man’s watch – A watch should be durable. You should be able to leave it on all night, wake up, take a shower, and not see the crystal face of your timepiece all steamed over. Because here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter how disciplined you are. It doesn’t matter how rigidly you stick to a routine. There are going to be times when you forget you’ve got a watch on, and a shower.

Water will destroy an electrical appliance that isn’t built to handle it. Even a non-electrical watch can be spoiled by water if its interior mechanisms are susceptible to rust. And can be dampened owing to tiny openings in the design of the timepiece. A man doesn’t want to spend $1,000 on a watch and see it break the first time he forgets to take it off in the shower.

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It’s not just showers that are an issue, though. If you’re working at a construction job site, or in a coal mine, or repairing a road, or building equipment in an industrial setting, there are multiple incidents wherein you could accidentally break your watch. Your hand might get caught, you might swing your arm into something or trip and fall—many things could happen.

Men get dirty. They get busy. They work hard. They make smart decisions, and they make dumb decisions. The “hold my beer” stereotype just wouldn’t work with a lady. Regardless of your skill, strength, or intellect, as a man, you need a man’s watch. Here we’ll briefly explore a few things you should consider as you find the best wearable timepiece for you.

1. Durability, Reliability, and Convenience

Most men want a watch for practical reasons. It’s not practical to whip out your smartphone as a means of checking the time when you can just glance at one of your wrists. A watch is supposed to be something that’s convenient, and accurate. It gives you greater precision in time management. As such, it must be reliable.

a man's watch
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A basic Timex can be reliable and precise, but it functions from a battery you’ll have to change. That requires a chore. You’ve got to go buy batteries. Some watches are built so that you can’t even replace the battery if it runs out, because they’re cheap. If you’re going the cheap route, it can make more sense to buy watches in bulk and just switch them out. Or, you can buy extra batteries. But these things are neither durable nor convenient. It can be worthwhile to seek waterproof watches that use kinetic energy to charge. Kinetic energy is basically what your body generates through movement. You’ll never have to replace the batteries, and the watch keeps on ticking. Kinetic watches are pricier, though.

2. Style, Status, and Statements

A man who wears a good watch may very well be making a stylistic statement. A Rolex has functioned as a masculine status symbol for several generations at this point. It’s also a stylish watch that says something about a man. However, Rolex is no longer the only game in town. High-dollar options from many prominent watchmakers are now available.

There’s a plethora of information pertaining to wristwatches, and which fit the lifestyle of a man best, at My Watch Den. Informing your choice makes a lot of sense. For some men, a “good watch” is less practical and more communicative. In that case, you want the stylistic choice best fits you. Other men have different preferences.

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3. Budget

One thing men understand is the value of a day’s wages. If you can get a decent watch without spending a thousand dollars, that’s wise. As a matter of fact, most of the options briefly examined here can be acquired for $100 or less, if you shop carefully. A watch can be a financial investment, and that’s worthwhile. Still, you can acquire sturdy reliability affordably.

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Finding The Best Watch For You

As a man, you want a durable, reliable, convenient, practical, stylish, affordable timepiece. However, style and statements can be reliable and durable, and pricey watches can represent an investment that’s practical through day-to-day use as well. Watches are often passed down as heirlooms, so though you may be budgeting, spending more isn’t always bad.

Consider these variables and shop around to find the best possible watch for you. If you’re not a man, but you’re shopping for one, remember he’s going to be interested in utility over visual appeal—but guys like something that looks good, too. If you are a man, then you already know: it’s the utility of a tool that makes it worthwhile, rather than how shiny it is.


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  1. Maine to kabhi itna socha hi nahi 😊
    Brand n design dekha aur le liya , kyunki sabki choice mujhe pata hi hai
    Per aapke points notice karne chaiye 👍👍

  2. I love watches especially steel ones and I have a couple of them. This guide was useful.

    1. Thank you, Atul ji. I also like steel ones over gold or glitter. 2nd love is strap ones. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. Watches is whole territory in themselves. Some people can be very personal about watches. For men, watches are the only jewellery they wear and they have to fulfill many conditions: emotional, (some people just like some brands, let’s say Tag Heur), looks (big dial, small, round or square, leather, resin or steel bracelet etc), functions (complications, as they are called, perpetual calendars, weather and temperature data etc), and collectors watches, like Vintage Omega Speedmasters or Seiko Alpiners. For a man into watches he will probably have a few in his collection and may be wanting to add more, like maybe he has a kinetic but wants to add an automatic, maybe he has a divers and wants a chrono… it can be tough…

    1. I am glad you have shared all these details and insights about the men’s watches with me. Thank you so much.

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