Best Traditional Handloom Tant Jamdani Saree

tant and jamdani handloon saree

A Saree is not just a garment; it is a six-yard long story. The story begins in the hands of the weaver who threads together this beautiful piece of art. Tant Jamdani saree is one such tradition that is loved by all. It is thereon passed on to the market, where it changes hands across multiple traders before it finally finds its place in the wardrobe of a beautiful lady.

At Jhomoor, a saree boutique famous for traditional handloom Tant Jamdani saree, they believe in the same philosophy.

The sarees offered at the Jhumoor website are substantially cheaper than other handloom sarees being offered elsewhere. The experience that their website offers for shopping sarees is very smooth, clean, and crisp. The brand sells offline in Siliguri with the name of RG Bastra Bipani and online via its website – Jhumoor. A major attraction is Tant and Jamdani Sarees, which are traditional handloom sarees that have been around for generations.

It is a part of the legacy and culture of all families in Bengal. Today’s metropolitan woman too wears a Tant saree regularly and one is sure to find multiple pieces with beautiful weaves in her wardrobe that she wears occasionally with immense pride and joy.

“Every year we produce some intricate new designs, but most of the designs that do really well in the market are reproduced every year, with slight changes in color and texture,” says a handloom weaver from Shantipur.

cheap Tant and Jamdani saree
Image Source – Jhumoor

The sarees that Jhumoor offers are unique in a lot of ways. First, each of these designs is exclusive and has started getting traction from the larger Indian market (especially online). The price further makes a delectable experience for its customers.

They believe that as “Our concept is simple. We have been sourcing sarees from these weavers for the past 30 years and selling in Siliguri under the brand name of RG Bastra Bipani. We wanted to reach out to Pan-India with a name everyone could connect with. That is how Jhumoor was born, ‘Jhumoor’ is a traditional Assamese dance and that is exactly what the brand is about. It is a celebration of this humble craft that has been a source of both livelihood and joy for generations,” says Mr. Lalit Goyal, the founder, and owner of RG Bastra Bipani (Jhumoor).

Jhumoor is known to serve saree lovers with its authentic handloom sarees. With common natural textures, handlooms, silk sarees, designer sarees, and unadulterated quality as an unmoving base for all marks, you can rest easy about the quality of our products. Likewise, there is a wide scope of styles, combinations, and embroidery work. From runway picks, wedding sarees, design week pieces, and regular ethnic wear, Jhumoor has everything.

To find out more, visit Jhumoor tant jamdani saree house to shop for the best accumulations, and experience saree shopping like never before.


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  1. I have been adding traditional Sarees from all over India to my collection fro a while now. A Tant and a Jamdani are on my list as well. However, the right place to buy them from always eludes me. Checking out Jhumoor after reading your post.

  2. I love to wear scree but here, I don’t get many occasion to wear them. When it comes to sarees, I am more inclined towards the authentic and traditional style. I have been wanting to get a Tant for myself. Next India trip, I am going to get one. Will check out Jhumoor.

  3. I love traditional handloom sarees, they have their own charm. My mom loves wearing sarees and I have gifted her some handloom sarees too, she carries them really well. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to get one for myself. I will check out the Jhumoor website.

  4. This is a lovely concept. Brands like jhumoor are helping weavers get their due. I love buying sarees from different areas, will check this site for it.

    1. Thank You, Neha. Glad you find it helpful.

  5. I only wish I could buy more sarees. I am not much of a wearer but more of a keeper. Traditional sarees are like heirlooms and I would love to pass on some of mine to my daughter. I’ll check out the website surely.

  6. Jamdani saris are really beautiful and elegant. It is so nice to see you promote Indian traditional clothing in this post. I will check out the link you have shared.

  7. I would love to buy a traditional handloom sari but the authenticity and price range always make me rethink. Jhumoor seems like the right place to shop for a Tant and Jamdani sari. Will surely check them out!

  8. You have enticed me enough to check out Jhumoor Sarees at the earliest. Your opening statement has my heart and I so agree to it buddy. Not worn sarees for a long time but now would love to.

  9. My mother has craze for jamdani sarees. But problem is that it’s not easy to find good collection at affordable rates. The Jhomoor website is offering chic collection at good rates

  10. Saree is something I love to wear but yes, it’s been a long time and I wish to get a chance soon..Tant saree I remember my dad got for my mom and she still has that ..something we all must have one at least!!

  11. Saree is the reflection of our culture, I wear occasionally specially on festivals. These handloom sarees are stealing my heart, I will check it out.

  12. My grandmother owns some 50 Jamdanis and quite a few Banarsis too. I have borrowed a few from her. On special occasions, Jamdanis in particular are the way to graceful. Thanks for this post. Brings back memories of happy, ‘look good,’ dress well’ days!

    1. Wow! that’s a treasure trove. My every visit to mom’s place makes me rich with one benarsi 🙂

  13. Traditional Handloom sarees look so elegant. I love some of the pics you have shared here, especially the pink saree one. Gonna explore Jhumoor soon

  14. I really love good saree collection and Tanth is one of the varieties that I haven’t been able to lay my hands on. Will surely check Jumoor to get one for myself.

  15. I am very passionate about traditional sarees and jamdani sarees are one of my fav too. Thanks for sharing the info on jamdani sarees and introducing the website..

  16. I was looking for a good handloom saree for my mother in law. I will surely try out Jhumoor to get the best of Taant Jamdani for her.

  17. I have lot of collection of sarees in my wardrobe as I belong to Rajasthan , I am surely going to check out this website for more good options to add in my wardrobe

  18. Jamdanis are beautiful and to find traditional weavers who are creating new designs and having easy access through Jhumoor- of what an excellent find Deepika!
    You know how we all love our sarees and these make the best kind of gifts 🙂

  19. I love the feel, texture and look of hand loom. It is so precious and so exclusive.

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  21. Cotton Handloom Sarees are high in demand across the globe as their designs and patterns make them extraordinary . And I love some of the pics you have shared here, especially the light red saree one.

    1. I am glad you like these, thank you for stopping by.

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