Some Quickie Hacks from the Mom’s Kitty!!

Exactly 4.5 years ago I realized my life is going to change; change drastically for good!! When you are blessed with a little human, who is ever so energetic and always high on to reach up the levels with elders…. it’s a real task to keep yourself sane.

These small creatures not only fill our lives with their goo-goo, gaa-gaaaass but also with lot of ‘never dreamed off‘ situations… like how can someone so small climb on the kitchen shelf to take her favorite ‘strawberry jam’ bottle. Or someone so innocent can hide the house/car/safe keys in such SAFE PLACE that only GOD can tell!! It’s a famous saying in English – ‘once bitten twice shy‘ I learned my lessons the hard way, and made sure NEVER to repeat my mistakes again… So for all my fellow readers I have listed some LIFE-SAVING hacks, which I swear by –

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Love Nail Paints, Color Code Keys – When you have a sleeping little one on yourself and also have to open the house door, fidgeting over right KEY is major killer… So Color Code them. Red for Front, Blue for Security, etc.. Trust me it helps the most when you in desperate needs. Place them on key-hooks near or places away from reach.

Label Them – I never liked scribbling over kitchen/laundry/medicine boxes/kits, which I picked up with so much love and care. But with kid at home, and you on fire 24/7 it’s advisable to Label the Boxes. You get many cute stickies now-a-days or can write using washable semi-permanent markers.

Keep them low – instead of piling everything on top most shelf/counters keep kiddie friendly stuff like candies, cereals, etc… on the lower shelf in restricted quantities (in break-proof boxes) This hack will save the little adventurers from falls & bruises while trying to reach on top.

DIY hacks for Hand-wash, Sanitizers, Bubble-baths, Toilet Papers – My young lady once pumped whole bottle of body wash when I left her alone just for a little while in bathroom. Hand wash smells like orange/strawberry/apple Okay here it goes… Toilet tissues are favorite time pass.. Use DIY tricks tying a thick rubber band across all bottle nozzles & same for the toilet rolls.

Do it in advance –  I missed two flights & reached late on several meetings in the span of 4.5 years, thanks to my ‘will do it last minute & traffic’… when you have kid at home, any thing can come up out of the blue. Be ready for last minute disasters, hence always plan & prepare yourself in advance.

Use TAPE generously – toddler at home, well stick the almighty TAPE what ever you feel are possible threats to safety. Door Locks – YES, Kitchen counters – YES, Toilet Flush – OH YES, Shower heads – YES, TV switch – YES, Switch- Plus – MUST.

Wardrobe Partition – a must for baby girl moms 😉 if your little one love fashion as much as mine, you will bless me for this one (I am sure) Split the cupboard/wardrobe with party/fashion/expensive dresses kept in fold-able apparel bags on TOP shelves, away from their microscopic eyes. Same applies for the shoes – no sudden Cinderella surprises from the closet please.

Wash them for sure –  wash the toys at least once in a week to keep the germs & allergies at bay. Put them in washable pouch and just dip dip dip in mild soap water. Drip dry & keep in sun for a while.

Freeze some water into cubes – when the call for ice-pack comes handy you never know, so always have a tray full of ice-cubes in your freezer. Best remedy for swelling, bruises, or just to have it in your ice-tea 😉

Stop Volunteering – exactly, stop being Oh Yeah! I can do this all the time; you have a human robot to take care at home, so keep your energies intact whenever possible.


These are just some of the quickie hacks I use to save time & preserve my energy for better use. We ‘mothers’ learn on the job, our tiny tots give us a hell of a challenge to keep them safe and ourselves sane at the same time. Hope you like my list, kindly share yours in the comments below.

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26 thoughts on “Some Quickie Hacks from the Mom’s Kitty!!

  1. As a man I feel pleasure to read your Mummy posts…you write these posts with complicated so-call big issue in such a fluid English that it taught me a lot…

    1. Wow.. many thanks!! Coming such appreciation from the ‘out of target area’ 😉 is definitely an awesome feedback. Thank You very much for reading & liking it.
      Have a good day!!

  2. Whoa!!! I am forever searching for such hacks…but kids are smarter than parents so many a times, my hacks fall flat…

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