Easy peasy tips of Potty training toddlers. Ask a new mom her biggest challenge with a toddler or growing kid; the answer would be – Potty Training. In the mommy community the biggest stress is when playschool attendant asks this question – ‘Is your child Potty Trained? ’Or when you planning an outing with the kid and all you worried about is cleaning, wiping & diapers.

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Many of my friends have been through the rough phase of training their kids to ‘tell’, even at the age of 4 years. Well, I do not want to sound boisterous but I have had a very easy ‘potty training’ with my young girl. As early as 22 months she started telling me; ‘mum, poo poo’. YES, all this made possible by some easy to adapt tips from my mother. First of all, there are no set criteria of ‘how to’, ‘what to’, ‘when to’ for this tricky task, go with your momma instincts and win over it. Also, there are no right or wrong baby potty training age criteria, you can do it in one go or slowly as a process.

Potty Training Toddlers

The basic ingredients for ‘toilet training toddlers’ is Patience, Patience & loads of Patience! I am sure motherhood much have blessed you with this one precious ingredient. If you have it move to next step.

Start with simple Observations; observe when the child is ready for the job. Maintain a close watch on their behavior, time gap, and eating habits.

Talk; yes keep asking if they need to go! Before going to bed, prior to meal time, post play time, mornings, etc. Keep questioning cognitive development comes handy by repeating the same question over and over again.

Start taking them to the bathroom/toilet and let them know why you did that. I never kept ‘baby potty trainers’ anywhere but the exact places, i.e. toilet. Let them grasp the knowledge of their surroundings. When you keep the ‘potty trainers’ inside living room or somewhere else, kids are unable to distinguish the difference in two. So, the right thing at the right place, always.

Let them understand the reason behind this process.

potty training toddlers

Make them feel comfortable – get easy, soft, well cushioned best potty training seats for them when taking in adults. The idea is to get them used to the potty seats.

Do NOT push, remember the time when you have been told to push hard during the labor. How irritated it gets when Push.. Push.. Push.. been told many times 😉 so keep it easy, let them take time.

Make a pattern, this will not happen in a day or two but take a long time… so be ready. Time it out, by sending kids for the job in the morning or night depending upon you (twice a day advisable)

Even if you fail in earlier attempts, do not lose hope! Keep on trying, as I always say Motherhood is a dynamic journey we learn as we grow.

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