Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids – A Fun Learning

“To Live Our CREATIVE Life We Must Lose Our Fear Of Being Wrong” – Joseph Pierce
With the onset of April, I am so relieved from the ever so tiring subconscious tussle of managing kid at home and continuity of regular work. April brings the school back in motion and the naughty little devils back to school. Such little packages but full of radiating energy, especially mine is a nonstop chattering box who wants 100% attention from me on the trickiest of times, her Creative juices comes out only when – either when I am on phone or writing my posts.
I am an ‘anti-gadgets‘ mom when it comes to diverting her attention, such devices are quite addictive and taking younger generation out of the real world to virtual one. When we go out with family or friends, I see mostly all the kids are either glued to some gadgets or their parent’s smartphones. I recall during my school days, when mom and I used to go out she would ask me to read all the boards hanging outside shops or would ask me to add the digits on vehicle’s number plates and tell. Those were the fun creative learning ways, in fact, I got addicted to such games so much that even today inadvertently I start adding up digits on vehicles when we go out 😀
But today the tide is different, we are living in an alien time-zone all together, Kids are much more smarter and hungry for information than us then. Their questions (massom sawal) make you wonder; ‘from where you get all these questions’. Just last night daughter asked me (recalling theme from the movie BOSS BABY) “Mommy, when kids come from heaven factory, why did teacher tell us differently??
Hence, to keep these fuzzy logic questions at bay and to have some breathing space for myself… I sometimes seek easier ways to consume her energy. Here is my teeny-weeny list of some ways to bring creativity in kids and also keep them occupied:

1. Let them draw

Not necessary whatever kids draw turn out to be a Da-Vinci or Michelangelo, never snub them and let the creative juices come out. Mine is not good at drawing, I sit with her along with some plain sheets and color-box. We started this as a fun drawing some random lines and coloring but soon it became her favorite activity. Today when I see her drawings, I can clearly see her images are getting clearer and better. Her coloring stays inside the border lines and now she started playing with mixing magic.

Kids Craft Creative
Pic Courtesy – google images

 2. Be artistically motivated

Do you talk dance or music with your little ones?? Do you know what your child is really interested in? We see a kid dancing in some birthday party and literally force our ‘happy feet or not’ to tune to the same shoes. We see some random kids reality show – a singing competition and push our nightangle to humm the same. DO NOT PUSH KIDS for any activity, instead gauge what they are actually inclined in. Start with simple appreciation talks when see kids trying some moves or tuning to karaoke… the best way is to be their partner, help them take their first step and soon they will lead the way.

3. Different is good

“Creative minds are rarely tidy”

So what if they have different choices? So what if they do not want to join the whole class in dance or singing? So what if they wish to go the unconventional way.. let them go, never stop them. ‘Different is new IN‘, appreciate and motivate them to go ahead. Haven’t you heard or read about ‘Phogat Sisters’, they went the different way and rest is history. Tessy Thomas, the first missile lady of India – she was different in the beginning but today whole world knows her. So accept the differences and let them EXPLORE.

4. Share your hobbies

We all know kids imitate and try to be the same as their parents; so why not share your artistic love with them. Tell them your childhood stories and how you picked up your interests. My little one does not share my love for books, I tried a couple of times getting her hooked to visual, funny, lively books but to no avail. But when I told her several stories of how I started reading books and they became my best friends, she picked up one book and made it her bestie. Why don’t you try one with yours??

5. Never overdo

Learning & playing is all fun and we are talking about fun ways to bring out the creativity in kids, right!! So please keep ‘trying’ part undertone and do not push them into ‘robotic learning mode‘. Every child has their own abilities and learning capacities, so do not stress doing it your way. Being creative is not a necessity, it’s an art which picks the artist not the other way around.

Hope you like my list of ways to bring out the creativity in kids, I would love to read yours… Please share yours with us and spread cheerful ways to learn this summer vacation. Linking this post with #mondaymommymoments by lovely ladies  Deepagandhi1 & misra_amrita

Oh Yes, I am the featured blogger of week 13 on #MMM, thank you for choosing me and giving me the chance to write more for your amazing blog hop. Read my winning post here. Just to make me feel wonderful 😉


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24 thoughts on “Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids – A Fun Learning

    1. That’s a real stress buster, I love dancing too but my migraine doesn’t permit me for long.
      Looking forward for your A-Z post.. thanks for having me on #MMM.

  1. Anti-gadget mom…me too. Totally agree there. Kids these days are so receptive that they absorb anything and everything. Better to feed their inquisitive minds with something creative and good.
    Your list is very helpful. I sing, dance, paint….do everything with my kids. Fun to revisit that part of our childhood through them. ☺

  2. Wel first of all congrats being so consistent in writing n winning hearts by what u really enjoy doing !! n yes ..being featured blogger … coming to ur post !! once again wonderfully written :*

  3. Another wonderful post from you Dipika. I love your anti-gadget approach. This is something on which i am working from last few days.
    Did i tell you that i love reading your posts.

    1. Oh Minakshi you are too kind with words… in fact just couple of minutes back I read your Mint Leaves post and my words are – I am fan of your posts.
      Thank You so much for reading & appreciating… your words are truly inspiring.

  4. Wow dear. Loved your article and I so associate with It because I myself love doing arts and crafts ☺️☺️ looking forward to read more of your articles

  5. Such a lovely post Dipika.. I specially loved the games which your mom introduced to you. Will definitely tell these games to my daughter when she becomes little older. 🙂

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