5 Ideas to Engage Kids in Short School Breaks

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5 Best ideas to Keep Kids Engaged during Short School Breaks!

The onset of the second half academic year brings lots of short school breaks. Especially if you are based in Maharashtra, these small breaks can be extended for five days to a week long. Ganpati festival holidays, long weekends, Krishna Jayanti, Diwali vacation. Commencing from August till October end, festivities and short breaks keep children homebound. Children at school have the disciplined time frame for activities and sports. During shorts as their energy and time does not get utilized, they get restless. Making it difficult for us to manage them! Here are few ideas to actively engage kids during short school breaks.

Take them on a Movie Date –

Children love going for movie dates with parents or friends. Watching a movie on the big screen and a bucket of popcorn is something we all love. Especially when you take them to a 3D or IMAX theater for ‘their favorite flick’. I recently took my kid out for the latest sci-fi movie ‘The Antman and The Wasp‘ at IMAX Inox. She thoroughly enjoyed the movie and experienced never like before IMAX screen at INOX theaters, Inorbit Mall, Malad. The large screen and sharp focus, Atmos surround sound, comfortable seating, are few of the features that made our movie watching experience amazing.

Her favorite was shrinking and enlarging of Antman in the movie. Taking kids to age-based movies is advisable, as it teaches them newer things. Like in this movie she picked up some science terminologies and wanted to know further details. Make sure you pick the right theater and prior book the tickets to make it a happy experience.

Engage kids activities

Engage Kids Activities like Treasure Hunt aka Cupboard Cleaning

There is nothing good as delegating the task to kids, they get super involved and complete it as a challenge. Yes, and please don’t judge me here 😉 This is a fun activity and keeps children engaged for some time. Their active engagement in keeping stuff well placed is commendable. But you as a parent have to be patient if getting this work done by them. DO not call it – clean your cupboard task, instead use fancy terms like ‘pirates coup’ or ‘treasure hunt’ etc.

Gardening – Teach them ‘Love for Nature’

Let them play/ act green warrior for a while. Children enjoy spending time with nature, give them a water container and gardening toy shovel. Explain to them how to take care of plants and delegate it the task in school holidays. I have seen my daughter sitting beside plants and talking with them many times. They get responsible towards the plants and imbibe good habit of preserving nature. It will help them in better and sustainable living in the future.

You can also utilize this activity by explaining, ‘How plants make their food, and water cultivation, rainwater harvesting etc.’

Get Crafty – engage kids in creative activities

Engaging kids in activities kids movie date

Bring crafty kits or DIY kits at home. Let them bring their creative side out and get wild with imagination. There are many ways to engage kids in creative ideas; like drawing, coloring, portraits, and crafts. Encourage them to do it all on themselves, bring in a theme based learning. For example – if you explained to them about marine life, ask them to draw underwater or color marine.

Craft kits are fun, and you too can join the fun and create something exciting with them.

Activity Boxes

engaging activities for kids - firstcry intellikit box

The best way to keep kids occupied for hours – give them activity boxes. Activity boxes bring challenges for kids to understand and ‘solve it yourself’ stuff. There are a lot of options to pick from when it comes to activity boxes for kids. All you as a parent need to check is age criteria and usage advantage. Keeping kids involved in creative and engaging activities is necessary, as they tend to get bored sans school.

There are many easier options to keep them occupied, like Television or gadgets. But as a mother, I have permitted only a limited screen time to her. Board games, indoor activities, swimming session at the pool or going out on a short trip these things bring change and as well fill them with fresh energy.

With growing children, it’s important to engage them in mindful activities. It serves two purposes – One kill the time and secondly drain the excess energy. So, next time when you foresee an extended holiday or school breaks – pull up your socks and get creative.


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  1. Nice points, Dipika! I love cleaning cupboards and both us engage it in together. We segregate the stuff into 3 boxes – the ones she still uses, the ones she doesn’t need and can be recycled and the ones she doesn’t need but can’t be recycled too. It’s my Monica moment!! ?

  2. Nice tips. During vacation, kids very cranky so these tips are great for vacation period.

  3. A movie date with the kiddo sounds perfect this monsoon weekend, thank you for the wonderful ideas dear ♥️

  4. During vacation we moms have a big task to identify on how to keep kids busy. Your tips are lovely and Would love to incorporate them now during winter breaks.

  5. Gardening was my favourite thing and I used to stay in my terrace garden all day long! ? Loved the post!

  6. Gardening is something which when developed as a hobby in kids would help them a lot. Loved the list of suggestions here

  7. Get Crafty sounds so interesting to me. I’m sure your kids enjoy doing it too! Really innovative ways to keep them engaged during short school breaks.

  8. I loved your tips and giving a kid a plant right at the beginning of the holidays and then seeing them nurture the plant is a brilliant idea

  9. I love the idea of indulging children into gardening and activities boxes… not only fun but also very educational

  10. Rakhi breaks are near and this is so apt for it. I have already planned a treasure hunt as we would be there at our native place with lots of cousins around. Movie date with all family kids is all the more fun.

  11. Movie dates and crafting are the favorites at our place.. But I’m quite wanting them to get their hands dirty trying gardening too…

  12. These are such perfect ideas to engage kids in short breaks. And I couldn’t agree more if you are staying in Maharashtra there is no dearth of holidays and especially short breaks. I personally loved the wardrobe cleaning one as that is one thing that constantly needs mommy’s touch. What better way then to engage kids to do it along.

  13. Some great tips here Deepika.littke A is small for a movie date but i engage him in other activities..


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  16. Wow! This tips are great

  17. These are some of the amazing activities to involve kids in learning through playing. To drain the excess energy of kids, it’s important that we provide them both structured as well as unstructured play opportunities.

    1. Thank You Neha, glad you liked the activities.

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