Play Date with Kids at Timezone

If you are looking for a place to unwind, for the entire family, some entertainment and gaming too! I have just the right place to share with you – Timezone.

An indoor gaming zone which caters kids of all age groups and of course their parents too! Last weekend, we got an opportunity to spend some time at Timezone, an indoor play zone. A new, reinvented family gaming destination aptly quoted as – ‘NextGenTimezone‘.

Tight schedules, work commitments leaves us with very few options to unwind. Especiallyย when you have a school going kid at home. Vacations or taking a tour outside the city is a rare luxury. It gets really tough to keep kids engaged and entertained. Recently we learned about Timezone Games has reinvented and came up in a newer, fresher avatar. Hence, we (read daughter and yours truly) decided to try out the NextGen Timezone.

Kids want to have all the Fun – Play Date

It was a surprise treat for daughter, who was down with viral flu and fever for almost a week. Medication, missing school and piled up homework had already taken its toll on us. Hence, this visit came just at the right time. She loved the vibrancy and array of games available under one roof.

Colors are kids best friends, Timezone has kept that in mind and hence the place is vibrant, lively and gleeful. This place has something for every age group. Daughter is six, hence she was able to enjoy almost all the games. Unlike in amusement parks where age criteriaย play spoilsport at times. Here is a small snippet of activities we enjoyed during our Timezone date.

What all to Look for at Timezone?

Timezone has been part of our life for 14 years, and just now they have revamped itself. The idea is to keep the fun alive and bring best out for everyone. Games which are engaging and heart-fulfilling, come under one roof with ‘play more win more’ mantra.

Going with the same mantra of Timezone, our missy was more than happy to try out her hands on each and every game. We began on the happy ride of fun and frolic with Virtual Gaming.

Virtual Rabbids

This is one amazing adventure game, which is played on a pod. The Virtual reality makes the experience come alive. We thoroughlyย enjoyed our virtual trip to fantasy land, making our way from valleys to underwater, dinosaurs to sea monsters.

kids play area


Krazee Whirl Cars

We all love dashing cars, don’t we? Krazee Whirl Cars have nice illuminated bumper cars which everyone loves to dash with each other. The staff is helpful for the first timers, and safety measure is quite tight on the place. The cars can be controlled using a simple joystick mechanism. I was surprised to see, how well the daughter maneuvered the car after following instructions from the staff. Later, she had two rounds at this particular game, a future racer is here ๐Ÿ˜‰

indoor games for kids


This Timezone is better, brighter, vibrant than its earlier version. The staff is friendly and thereย are lots for each age group. We have played many games, and the more you play – more you win. Fun just doesn’t stop at that, you get tickets after almost all games, these tickets can either to redeemed for gifts or can be added as points. So its a win-win for all, the best affordable gaming makes parents and kids both happy.

Kids play date

Just not that, Timezone also offers an area for kid’s birthday celebration. Imagine all that fun and entertainment for your child and her/his friends on birthday. I am sure this place will make their special day an extra special event, and a memory for the lifetime.


I am trying my hands at bowling after a long time, last I remember playing in Bangalore. Not that Mumbai doesn’t have bowling places, but we cannot run distances every time for it. Glad that Timezone got bowling ring in western suburbs for us, a perfect place to spend time and have fun with friends. Lightweight balls for kids, separate bowling lanes for easy access, and a nice lounge area to sit and relax.ย This is something no one wants to miss, enough of virtual bowling on smartphones. Get yourself some real action at Timezone.

Spin the Wheel, Paw Patrol, Willy Wonka, Gum-drop, these are few familiar names from our childhood days and are still loved by children. Timezone has a place for each one of these super addictive games. The best part is – instant redemption. Play and win, get tickets to earn rewards of claim free gifts.

We had a great time at Timezone, and plan to visit it more often. Its newer, better and more exciting than ever.

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  1. Timezone! This instantaneously makes me think of fun and childhood. It’s a wonderful day out for kids as they offer something for every age group .

  2. Wow looks like you have great fun at timezone

  3. Looks like you girls had so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚ love the virtual rapids ride.

  4. This place is good for kids I too have been to this place

  5. Virtual rabbids excite me the most! I soo wanna experience this! I would love exploring fantasy lands! Loved all other options too!

  6. Oh it was a lot of fun I can see. I surely want to experience this magical place with my little one .

  7. Wow looks like a fun and magical place indeed. I would like to experience this โค๏ธ

  8. This place is fun for kids no doubt but seems like you too had great time there. Such play dates with kids is great for creating memories.

  9. Wow, kitni acchi jagah hai, yehan to kids kya hum bhi pura din nikal saktey hain,wo bahut khushi se ?
    Hope ki bitiya ab thik hogi ??

    1. I was missing you today ma’am, was thinking you don’t come to read blogs these days. Hope i am still writing good??

      1. Awww, sorry dear….thoda personal reasons ki wajah se active nahi thi ?? ab thoda active hu to blogs per bhi dhyan de sakti hu
        Aap bahut accha likhti hain aur pics bhi bahut acchi hoti hain,bitiya to ek dum pari hai ????

        1. Thank you so much Ma’am, bas aap bado ka aashirwaad rahe.

  10. I still many times visit timezone. Just to have fun with my friends. And kids always love such places.

  11. Wow such Kool and friendly place for kids ….I too love bowling and Virtual games

  12. Wow such a fun place is Timezone. Great place to go with kids and friends. Thanks for telling the place.

  13. This indeed is a fun zone for kiddos. Bowling however is irresistible to me as well. Looks like a perfect place for a small sweet family to have some real fun!

  14. I live to go arcade gaming with my kids. It makes them so happy and their mood instantly lights up.

  15. Perfect way to celebrate a date with kids and return back in childhood..I will sure check out this place

  16. Playdates like these are super cool. I would love to take my son out too, i think now he’s in that age when he can enjoy these games.

  17. This is a perfect and a fun way to keep kids engaged. Such a lovely post.

  18. wow…its a fun place for kids and I think you have enjoyed too!Virtual Rabbids sounds interesting.

  19. This is nice! I haven’t tried timezones but we do regularly visit gaming zones. Loved the virtual reality game, sounds super fun!

  20. Wow this looks like a great experience. It is a must visit for young kids to explore and learn

  21. We all need to unwind and this just seems like the best deal. My kiddo is still a baby like almost 2 years but this is ideal and I often make it a point to take her to Timezone.

  22. The plat date at Timezone looks so good for kids. They have a complete package of activities for infants, video adventure lover, & bowling loving kids.

  23. Timezone seems like a perfect place for kids as they would love such games and activities .

  24. Thisis so cool. Its important to keep kids busy.this place is also perfect for small group parties for kids. Thanks for sharing xx

  25. the place lookay fun and engaging. Hope she had a great time spending there.

  26. I remember my fascination for the cars and honestly that Krazee whirl car made mw nostalgic. The zone looks so vibrant and kid friendly . Kavyaanjali seems to be rocking.

  27. Totally #relatable . “Kids want to have all the Fun, all time “. Will definitely Visit TimeZone. Seems perfect place for kids.

  28. Timezone for fun wow!!

    There must be different places for kids so that they could enjoy well?

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by

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