Open and Talk – A New Beginning


Open and Talk –

We welcome you to the OpenNTalk Blogger’s League, which is beginning on 4th June 2018. OpenNTalk is an association between like-minded bloggers across different genre who come together for a common goal. A team challenge, where eight teams are fighting to be on the Top of this league. At the end of active and engaging June, one team will come as winner with few extra special rewards and recognitions.

Blogging is fun, and such participations in blog-hops, blogging leagues keep the spirits high. I am a regular in few blog associations, like A2ZChallenge2018, WriteTribeProBlogger Challenge, etc. Such activities bring freshness to the daily blog ritual, and also introduce us to many new writers. I have been lucky to have found some real life inspirations from such blogging trips.

Why name it OpenNTalk –

Well, to be honest this name replicates us (myself and my co-host). We are known for our straight-forwardness in blogosphere. Openness 😉 mincing words is not our cup of tea at all. Hence, when we began brainstorming to do something in our style; the first name came as – Let’s be Open and Talk.

We have roped in four prestigious sponsors to be associated with this league. They have been kind enough to agree and also happy to gratify with the winning team with some specially curated goodies.

Our Sponsors –

SummerBarn – as the name suggests celebrating femininity with traditional weaves. They are expert in earthy designs with contemporary finish and style. I have been a fan of their earthy prints and traditional patterns. You can reach them here –
Vedantika Herbals – we all love herbal and authentic natural skin essentials. Vedantika is pro in bringing goodness of nature to our vanity. With 100% natural ingredients, each and every product is well researched and made. You can reach Vedantika Herbals by clicking here.
Nyassa – I have been fan of the beautiful packaging of Nyassa since a long. When the first time used the products, my love enhanced manifolds. Bath and beauty products that is loved by one and all. Check out their latest products and entire range here.
Explore Kids World – “enriching young minds” – with this motto the young founder is on the mission to spread knowledge and learning with fun. A well read lady who loves travelling and scaling new heights. Read more about Renuka and her mission here.

So let’s get it rolling and have a fun filled June 2018. We need your support, please spare some love for our 40 bloggers and help us make this league successful.

Rules for the participants of Blogger’s League –

1. #OpenNTalk Blogger’s League is beginning from 4th June 2018, this is a four week challenge with eight teams.
2. Each week the engagement will be counted based on social media shares and comments on the posts from #OpenNTalk link-up.
3. Use your respective Team’s Hashtag along with #OpenNTalk hashtag while sharing posts from the link-up and while commenting on posts.
4. Link-up will be open from Monday to Sunday for each week. For example – 4th to 10th June respectively.
5. SPONSORED Posts are strictly NOT ALLOWED.
6. Kindly use this line for all posts published under #OpenNTalk

This post is published for #OpenNTalk Blogger’s League hosted by Gleefulblogger & Wigglingpen in association with SummerBarn, Vedantika Herbals, Nyassa, Explore Kids World.

7. Based on the consistent performance winners will be decided. Results will be final and abiding to all.

So lets have some #OpenNTalk fun this June.

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16 thoughts on “Open and Talk – A New Beginning

  1. Seems like the blogging fever has already started. Love the enthusiasm and spirit of the hosts and team members.

    More power to us & the written word! 🙂
    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  2. This is a great initiative Ruchi and Dipika! I’m loving being part of the league with such talented bloggers.
    #OpenNTalk #NISSAtalks

  3. The league’s name #OpenNTalk is very encouraging…to be self and express! Thanks Dipika for providing this platform and making me part of the lovely group #CrossBorderSisters. Together with Manisha, Aditi, Bhawna and Priyanka, I am enjoying the journey!

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