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Things I have Learned in 2020 #SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge

2020 has taught us
100 words story

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

April 27, 1986, children were playing around the parks and monkey bars unaware of the massive wave of shining air particulate hovering over them. Mothers …

health blog in India

How Corona Changed us as a Society?

I remember watching a multi-starrer Hollywood movie – Contagion. The plot revolved around a deadly virus transmitted by respiratory droplets. The first death triggers a …

You are what you choose to become!

Steffy looked around the place, bewildered by the magnanimity and giantness of it. She is clutching the papers tightly in her hand, that changed her …

Happiness mantra

My Happiness Mantra – Theme Reveal

Movies that Inspire – FlickFling #MyFriendAlexa

‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’. This post ‘Movies that Inspire’ is written for the #MyFriendAlexa challenge. Life feels little …


Open and Talk – A New Beginning

Open and Talk – We welcome you to the OpenNTalk Blogger’s League, which is beginning on 4th June 2018. OpenNTalk is an association between like-minded …

celebrating women's day

Celebrating Women’s Day – Change the Perspective

Celebrating Women’s Day – “Think Like a Queen. A Queen is not Afraid to Fail. Failure is another Stepping stone to Success” – Oprah Winfrey. …


Importance of Keeping Family Traditions Alive

TRADITIONS are not to Preserve the ASHES, but to PASS on the FLAME. Gustav Mahler Why Traditions – What does the Dictionary say? ‘The transmission …

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