You are what you choose to become!

Steffy looked around the place, bewildered by the magnanimity and giantness of it. She is clutching the papers tightly in her hand, that changed her destiny overnight. From a part-time band member, she is turned into an heiress of the most profuse trading house.

Just a few hours ago, she woke up abruptly hearing those shuttering sounds came from her aunt’s room. When she rushed to check what’s the commotion about, her whole world turned topsy turvy. She was informed about a ‘mother and father’ who gave away their only daughter to keep her safe from the blood-thirsty enemies.

The mother she craved for her entire life, a father she wanted to be proud of her. She is not an orphan anymore, that everyone teased her for an eternity. She has a family, more than just one drunk crooked aunt May.

When she entered the family estate, the colossal size of it took her breath away. She only saw such monuments while traveling or on TV/movies. That’s her inheritance now. She was handed over behemoths of papers to explain the legacy and terms and conditions. It was beyond the comprehension of her tiny brain and humble heart.

Steffy learned about her mythical family from the string of lawyers and associates. She inherited the wealth, properties, shares, and everything with the name tag of ‘Costellos’.

“Wait! Stop! So, you are saying I am the ONLY child of don Frank Costello”? she asked the associates.

‘Yes, you are! This all belongs to you, this is your legacy.’

Legacy! That’s not the word she muttered. It’s more like a burden for her, the trouble she wanted to get rid of as soon as she could. All her life she was bullied for various wrong reasons. Being an orphan was one. Living with an aunt who was only interested in the monthly allowance she received for raising Steffy. Her looks never allowed her to be a part of the ghetto either.

Now, when she has it all her heart is singing a different tune. Despite the hardships she has seen in life, Steffy never hurt a soul. She is always this soft caring and emotional girl. Her pockets and heart are always open for those who need the most.

Even the neighborhood litter of cats recognize her, she loves them like her own. Her eyes gleam when she sees kids playing in open spaces of their shabby ghetto. She was different never belonged here an alien who wanted to change her world for better.

Well, now that her world is actually changed she doesn’t want it at all. What would Steffy choose – A life she never imagined of – money and power or the one her heart decides?

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.


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  1. Loved your take on the prompt, Dipika. I wonder what Steffy will do and if that huge inheritance will change her. I hope not.

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