Celebrating Women’s Day – Change the Perspective

celebrating women's day

Celebrating Women’s Day – “Think Like a Queen. A Queen is not Afraid to Fail. Failure is another Stepping stone to Success” – Oprah Winfrey.

8th March – day everyone celebrates as International Women’s Day! An initiative, a movement that began some years ago and gained momentum across globe for women’s rights. Today after so many decades since its inception, let’s check if the things have really changed.

Women are making headlines in all areas, there is hardly any job which a woman can’t master in. Be it any industry or job, women have proved their mettle. However, if you introspect and ask this question – Have the things really changed?

Yes, things have improved considerably, but there is still a long way to condition mindsets.

Figuring the difference

Women are commonly subjected to prejudice, be it any industry or profession. Let us take an example of Bollywood (Indian cinema & entertainment industry) where age, lineage and connections matter more than talent. Referring to an Instagram post of an awarded actress who; in spite of giving some of the best performances, is jobless today. Another actress who has proved unconventional looks and physical appearance matters nothing when it comes to talent. She is often referred as, multi-millionaire Producer’s wife. Women Directors – count can’t even cover all 10 fingers.

My question to all – Why a woman has to walk on the pre-marked line?

The Gross Disparity – Women’s Day Special

TGD, The Gross Disparity – wage difference. Women are still fighting the battle at many levels to get what they legally deserve when it comes to wages. There have been various instances in the past when this wage war had garnered highlights on television debates & tabloids. In fact, in a common Indian household, wife ought to earn lesser than her husband. Otherwise compatibility issues might arise in the marital life.

P.S. my brain has stop processing information after this statement.

Be the good girl, you always HAVE to be

Sit decently, talk softly, behave yourself, walk like a lady – well we have been listening these things all our life.

“Nirbhaya was a good girl? Oh NO! She was not that’s why got raped and killed.

Nirbhaya 2 was a good girl? No, No, not at all! That’s the reason she was raped in front of her family on a National highway.

Nirbhaya 3 was a good girl? Of course not! What was she doing alone in her house, when her drunk step father forced himself on her?

Nirbhaya 100th was a good girl? Not sure if she is just 6 months!!”

Are we still telling our daughters to be – ‘Good Girls’? It’s time we cut this mysterious tag of a good girl, and give them combat training. Or if you frivolously wish to preach – Teach your boys sensitivity.

Editor’s Note-

Women do not need a day to celebrate their achievements and triumphs. We are the best creation of GOD ? and trust me; we know that! However, all we want is some mindful thinking on our life journey. Women had powerful roles in early civilization periods, the whole life-n-death circle revolves around womb. Least mankind can do is – Gratitude towards that womb!

Women’s Day is a part of the bigger journey we embarked on. Let us celebrate it together with a smile and some amazing posts. A day to Celebrate Womanhood.

This post is part of a women’s day blog train hosted by Jhilmil Bhansali to celebrate and cherish the spirit of womanhood. Would like to thank Varsha for a beautiful mention on her lovely blog post featuring best Women-centric movies of Bollywood. Next on the hop is AmritKaur – AmritKaurAmy, a Graphic Designer, Media Associate and Blogger. A dear friend who is wholeheartedly dedicated to work and helping others grow.

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  1. Completely agree with you, Dipika. The very definition of good girl needs to be changed. Men expect lady-like behaviour from us and conveniently create these stereotypes for their advantage. Every girl deserves to be strong, educated and independent and has the right to NOT toe the line.

  2. Wonderful Dipika, true so that the tag of “Good Girl” needs to be shown the doors and we need to teach our daughters to be strong and face any situation with all strength.

  3. Such a beautiful post I am totally with u …I guess I instead of teaching girls to be good we have to teach the boys and men t be good great blog ????

  4. I agree with everything you have written here. People need to consider women just the way they consider men.

  5. I can feel you.. “You need to behave this way” “You cannot do this” “Oh she is this that”…. Women will always face prejudice! It is high time to change the way we think

  6. Such a thought provoking read this was. I agree that we women are a very strong species, I personally feel so.

  7. This is a thoughtful post, and one which is disturbing too. Sadly, we still need to have these concerns and conversations. Hopefully we will create a better world for all women.

  8. I really loved your post, and I agree no one needs to tell you what And who you are

  9. Honestly we cannot define Goodness and Badness in words. Its a persons personality negative thoughts and positive attitute that make you human. I just loved reading your post. at times people compare my daughter and son I always say for me they are my children. thanks

    1. How true, just that if we can connect with our kids on the basis of gender equality today, we are sure of making solid platform for future. Thanks a lot.

  10. You write so well… echoed what must be on so many of our minds so well.. Being a mom of 2 daughters I often get advice on what they should be doing and what not.. While I don’t pay much heed to this, I strongly believe that any girl (or anyone for that matter) is capable of doing what they want/desire or aspire to and we as parents should make sure we provide them with all the learning/ experiences etc that will help them

    1. Thanks a lot darling. Its glad you could connect to the thought.

  11. You are sending a very strong message with this post of yours. A must read for all women and their daughters

  12. I totally agree with you girl. I feel women don’t need to be proper always rather they should have the freedom to be themselves like men have the freedom. It is the mindset that needs a change.

  13. Seriously definition of Good girl has to be verified by so called society

  14. Every women has the right to choose the life she wants to live and this should be only her decision.

  15. Very well written! Society really needs to check their “discrimation” parameters! Women are no less! Infact women do a lot more and deserve a lot more respect than being labeled as just “women”

  16. Totally agree… We are in 2018 and if we don’t stop defining a girl as good or bad, there can never e a bright future anytime soon

  17. You nailed it, Dipika. “Good Girl” tag doesn’t qualify a woman. Only “loving girl” tag would do. Excellent post !!!

  18. Wooow dipika you always come up with good thoughts. I love reading your posts . Seriously girls are so much to be told about behave,eat,act and react still they become victim and that shock my soul ,even I have a daughter and I am so afraid to send her out

    1. Thank you so much for kind words.

  19. i hope that women are raised to be strong and free in their spirits. its just sad how some women are still tormented and looked down just cause they want to live. grt post

  20. I can relate myself with this post…I always take my own decisions…sometimes I win and sometimes it is a failure, still I believe on myself.
    But I dont believe on this Women’s Day celebration…why dont we have any Men’s day celebration? I feel somehow it hits that equality part. Above everything, I am a human being, who has the right to live her own life. Unfortunately, maximum time, the negative comments I have got from women.
    I believe, education is imp for all. It will help all women to act in a better way.

    1. That’s a wonderful thought Sayeri, love the approach you have towards life.

  21. That last paragraph. Nicely phrased 🙂 Loved how you portrayed it

  22. Well articulated, powerful article. We definitely need to teach our girls self defense and boys some basic manners, humanity and self-control.

  23. Another great post Dipika.Hard hiting but hard truths.

  24. Totally agreed with what you said Dipika an i hope we don’t delay realizing these facts and everyone accepts it.

  25. Such a beautifully written post and ways to explain.

  26. Awesome Dipika good girl and bad girl can’t define in a word.So we need to teach our daughters to be strong and face every situation with courage

  27. Wow! I absolutely agree with you post 🙂 Failure is very essential for us to realise our achievements 🙂

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