A Day to Celebrate the Woman in you -8th March

This buzz is clear, we are heading towards 8th March which is celebrated as International Women’s Day, in-fact many countries have even declared this day as their National Holiday. Great isn’t it?

Women who not only excelled in their traditional role of housekeepers, but also have challenged the whole wide world with her multi-tasking at professional as well as personal domains. Today, the dimension of women’s role has crossed all the set thresholds and allows her to foray into various diversified goals. I won’t be wrong in calling the women the back-bone of our social structure…. after all we are the creators and nurturers as well.

….coimg back to vibrancy of Women’s Day ceebrations…. Do you know why the Women’s Day is celebrated? IWD (International Women’s Day) The answer is: “International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.”   – Source Google



Here, through my BLOG I would like to express my gratitude and salute all those wonderful women who inspired me… be it thorough their wisdom, vibrancy, teachings, or simple thoughts. I am Thankful to all of you for being an inspiration & guide me when I needed it the most.

The one who brought me to this world – Mother:

She comes from a background of Civil Servants family, been to and learned from many different places, she is highly educated, was a working professional from National Capital when got married to Dad. Family, relationships, responsibilities, chipped her wings & held her flight but she accepted the same with grace and never whined. With my arrival her focus shifted from ‘bahu’ of the house to a dotting mother. From the very beginning of my childhood, she taught me to ‘DREAM BIG’, and then focus all your energies to achieve those dreams. Her words are still fresh in my mind – to never loose your identity. I am Thankful to you mom, for being my guiding angle.

Another mother who adopted me as her own – SaasuMaa (Mother-in-Law):

Absolutely contrast to my mother; she comes from a wealthy rural background where educating girls was the least of the priorities; then, girls were trained in house hold chores of cooking, stitching, religious works, etc. For her husband & family is above any other known thing to mankind. But what strikes my cord is, the childlike zeal that she has to learn more and more. Even at this age (or I should say even after being my sasu-ma) she doesn’t shy away from grasping knowledge, even if it’s coming from me 😉 I salute her for this ever-ready urge of gaining knowledge and learning.

All my wonderful friends out there: 

Life is dull and boring without friends; being a true LEO that I am … friends are my bread and butter. Over the years, from school to college, from office to motherhood, from kid’s school to blogging…. God has been real kind on me that I got the chance to meet some wonderful women in ONE life, who inspired me in lot many ways and also marked their positive impression on my heart & soul.

Advocate Lakshmi you have taught me self-restraint… I am all barrels jumping kind of a person, but Lax Thanks for being my anchor. Smita Sugathan: you are a true brave heart darling, you inspire me lady. It will be a real task for people to guess the struggle you had (or still having) been through; credit goes to your ever smiling face. Divya Jain you are another name of resilience & perseverance, you taught me that if one really wishes to they can overcome any situation head held high with pride. Kanchan Advani: you taught me to be positive even when in odds…positivism itself open doors to rescue.

Ruchi Verma I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a true friend, an elder sister (i always wanted, being eldest myself) Your vibrancy and always on the go approach is a killer! Where do you get so much energy from?? RedBull kya 😉 I Love You, for always being there to support me and make me push my threshold.

I am Thankful to all you wonderful women Amrita for all your love & encouragement…. I am fan of your gardens & your lovely smile, Romilaa you are a powerhouse!!! I don’t have a better word to express my gratitude towards you, Natasha you are a fun roit, I love your bubbly, witty replies.., Deepa your subtle, down to earth attitude even after possessing such great talents is a real lesson of life, Shalini your posts make me wonder how deep can words touch a person, Bushra for your always ready to help approach, Zainab I learned how short & crisp words can also leave deep impact from you, Mayuri your presence in almost all the prompts and dedication is inspirational, Tina how you manage multiple blogs sooo well…have to catch hold of you in person!!! You all have been inspiration to me (and many like me) with your wonderful masterpieces of creativity & thoughts. Being around you (virtually) pumps me up with the zillion hose power energy to write more, your commitment & passion towards blogging and quiet contagious 😉

[inadvertently, if I missed your name please don’t mind….]

A special thanks to all you readers for your love, encouragement, feedback…. your simple presence is happiness in itself.


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  1. I am flattered !! love u <3

  2. Ruchi is a sweetheart .Dipika really glad you write with us for #ThankfulThursday. Life is more fun ;struggles less irritating when friends are with you ,and blogging is a party.May all the women in your life help you even more

    1. Thanks Amrita for your encouragement, advises, your connecting me to blog world is something i am indebted to. Thanks for being my inspiration. Lot’s of Love.

  3. woah! Did I read that well? You mentioned me in your post!! Women play such an important part in the life of the family. Their value is beyond measure. No amount of money can adequately compensate a woman for her work. Words cannot express what women mean to the success of their husband and children. But women are valuable. They are not second rate. They are not inferior. They are not weak. Giving birth to children, putting up with the daily pressures of life, dealing with the demands of children, maintaining a good relationship with her husband, and often working a full time job on top of all that would drive many men to their grave. Women are truly strong in their ability to handle it all.

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback and liking the post. You are an inspiration dear ❤❤

  4. Love you too darling….your presence in my world makes it a brighter and better place?you know i can’t express feelings in beautiful words but bottom line is u are an important part of me. U too inspire me in many ways.

    1. Hey… that was pretty awesome gal, let’s write a blog together ? thanks hun ??

  5. Thank you, Dipika. I am surprised and touched to see my name in your list.
    I am very impressed at the relationship you seem to have with your Mom in law and I wish more mil’s tried to be like yours.
    Glad to know you’re surrounded by so many helpful women.
    Thank you for writing for ThankfulThursdays:)

    1. Thank You Mayuri for your kind words…. #ThankfulThursdays is fun..

  6. Thanks a lot for mentioning me Dipika and for always writing wth us for all our prompts. This is so sweet of you to mention all of us here and I feel we meet people for a reason and God in its million sweet ways makes it possible for us to connect with others. Glad to know you through blogging 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Deepa for your kind words and appreciation. It’s pleasure writing for you guys.

  7. I am zonked and humbled at the same time; thank you so much for your words of praise! You have hit the nail on the head while writing the words for each one.
    I hadnt realised how sensitive a blogger you are; observing everyone so closely and expressing your adulation for each in this manner.
    I think you have truly embraced the substance of this prompt!

    1. Thank you so much dear… glad you liked it. My learning curve is getting it’s momentum from you gals…. I love the passion you have for writing n networking thru blogs. Thanks again for inspiring & to make me believe in myself with your appreciation. ??

  8. The women in our life can create memories or leave us with a bad taste in the mouth but nevertheless a lesson learnt!. Its nice to read about the women and specially the deep bond you share with your MIL, god bless

    1. Thanks a bunch Akshata for stopping by and reading. 🙂

  9. Thanks a lot for the heartwarming post & mentions. Means a lot & for your continuous support in the linky.Yes Mom is the very first person who not only we adore but also make us strong woman.

    1. Thanks dear… it’s my pleasure that I got in touch with such talented and warm bloggers… Happy to get connected.

  10. Great idea of thanking all the important women in our life, this Woman’s day! You have given me some ideas 🙂

    1. Haha… thanks Neha, I strongly believe in voicing out the feelings.

  11. Now how the heck did I miss this post. Touched truly dear Dipika. Cheers to a woman as lovely as you too!

    1. Hehe.. thanks a lot Natasha.. your smiles and words means a lot.

  12. You have just weaved your life with all the wonder women’s who have showed a path to enjoy being a lady in this world.
    Happy Women’s Day

    1. Happy Women’s Day darling… thank blogging I get to know you!!
      Thanks for appreciating ??

  13. thankyou so much for including me your list. 🙂
    Love your post!

  14. Hugs Deepika, I am literally flattered with all the lovely words. I strive to lead a good life and take up challenges and its a learning path. We’ll do well – I believe in that. You will do too. 🙂 Love.

    1. Thanks a lot Tina for your valuable feedback. Means a lot to me, as you ladies inspire newbies like me with your passion to perform spirit. Glad you liked it ??

  15. […] Women’s Day is a part of the bigger journey we embarked on. Let us celebrate it together with a smile and some amazing posts. A day to Celebrate Womanhood. […]

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