The Power of Loving Yourself


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‘Where there is LOVE, there is LIFE‘ – Mahatma Gandhi

Yes, I am a mother to a growing Kid, wife to a loving husband, daughter/in-law, a sister and known by many more names. However, that won’t stop me saying – ‘Love yourself Truly‘. Will that make me any less in all the duties I have been performing? Will that make me – ‘self-obsessed‘? Let’s dwell on this debatable topic, but first thing first 🙂

Welcome, February! A month of Love with many quirky named days – starting from chocolate to kiss; hug to rose. Many young couples, college going kids would be keenly waiting for the date & everything that goes around it. This gave us an opportunity to bring you a series of blog posts – on the common goal – #shareURlove. We are a group of 20 versatile bloggers, joined together to write and share our Love posts with you. Minakshi – my very good friend and super talented Lifestyle Blogger commenced this blog-train. With her post on some awesome Valentine Day’s Gift Ideas. I also thank her for introducing me on her blog, Mommystimeline

‘My Self-esteem is HIGH because I HONOUR who I am’ – Louise Hay

Is Self Love any Bad?

This post is all going to be bragging about myself ? Nah… I can’t be this cruel. But yes, it has a lot to do with women and their projected image of ‘sacrificial lamb’ (pun intended). When I recall my childhood days – I can’t remember a single day/instance where mother enjoyed her ‘likes’. Magazines & Music was something she loved, but hardly got the time or ‘courage’ to focus on her interests. Courage – yes because in the early 1980s, daughter-in-law of a joint family was literally married to House & not a Man. Same was the story with my Mom-in-Law, she worked her whole life like a bonded unpaid labour. And if today, I call her to stay with me for some days to rest and enjoy– she gets bored and edgy.

If you drill deep and look at it from the micro level, the culprit is this image Indian society has created for women. Why women are not supposed to do what they Like? Why? When we do what we wish to, why questions are pointed to us? Over years same has been repeated time and after, and it’s become an unwritten, unsaid rule. But today, I am pleased to see a change. Women – the God gifted multi-taskers, are consciously putting efforts to balance out life and self-time.

Self Love – Invest in Yourself

As women, nurturers, our genesis is built on giving. Now, that doesn’t mean I do not fight for every penny spent outside on shopping. But yes, when it comes to our-self – we tend to neglect things. Be it health, self-care, hobbies, interests or mindful living.

Recently, I got an opportunity to attend a seminar on Thyroid awareness. Were many insights were shared on how women neglect the simple symptoms of their body and fall prey to bigger worries. Hence, I made sure to adopt mindful thinking and bring in some time and my care in daily routine. Bring in anything you love doing, but give yourself some time.

Adopt a time-pass; as I call it to my friends. Get yourself an interest if you don’t have one already. Cook, Read, Write, Dance, do whatever gives you peace. But DO IT FOR YOURSELF. For me, it’s my Blog which gives solace, and the reason why I love my Blog.

Guilty Not Guilty-

Have you committed a crime by spending some time on you? No right! So, why feel guilty for that.

A Happy Woman, is the most Beautiful Woman. 

So, take a pledge this Valentine’s Day and start loving yourself. Do not change anything, just search new you under the layers of responsibilities you piled on.


Oh yeah, before I conclude my Love yourself ‘Gyan’, let me introduce the next blogger who will be taking you around the Love tour. Meet Deepali, Mom to two wonderful teeny tots, she writes her experiences and learning at MyTeenyTot . She is a teacher by profession and loves sharing her parenting struggles and it’s embedded joys.
Let’s enjoy Parenting and make it fun together by reading her take on Love, parenting & more.

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  1. How true this is. Every extra minute I take to finish having my dinner and running up to continue caring for my son makes me feel so guilty. In fact I have even seen my sis do the same but she also leave s the plate ubunfinish if she hears her son cry. Even though we are all here to care for him, a mother immediately feels guilty the minute she pauses tending to her child. Wish this change leads many wonen to care for themselves better.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and read.

      1. You’re most welcome Dipika????

  2. Absolutely!! We mommies share different roles and somehow stop loving ourselves but I believe Self love is really important for raising a happy family.

  3. Self-love is the most beautiful and underrated kind. I’m so happy you chose to write about why women need to love themselves. What they do for everyone else is a duty but what they do for themselves is pure love and respect.

  4. Wooow, lovely post dipu, I agreed. I seen my mom who is very good in art and craft and she regret that she is housewife. She wish to do job that’s why she never bind us to do job or not . I too have quality of her ,art and craft and I keep my passion alive.

  5. Shaadi k pehle, mummy – daddy -bhai k sath choti si family me bahut azaadi se rahi, shaafi k baad giant join family me gai,jahan raat aur din nahi sirf wall clock ki sui k sath life chalti thi, accha bhi lagta tha per problems bhi hoti thi
    Ab ja bacche badey ho gaye to dhyan aaya ki apni life kab je paaye ?? tab se mantra bana liya hai ki , ” l live rest of my life, best of my life” sach maaniye tab se jyada khush bhi hu ??

  6. Caring for oneself and looking after one’s needs is imperative, especially if you are a woman. I agree with you a 100%, Dipika. Developing a hobby to give the mind a break, taking care of one’s diet and following an exercise routine is all part of loving oneself…something we must all indulge in!

  7. Love and life go hand in hand. Life without love is an arid desert. Loving self is first step to spreading love. Charity always begins at home!

  8. A real worthy post at a perfect time, sorry am here after a while! It’s indeed time to be our own valentine before anyone else 🙂

    1. Glad to have you here Roma, thanks for your love.

  9. So true! Can’t agree more! Self-love isn’t something to feel guilty about…it’s essential to raise a happy family!

    1. Thank You so much Deepa, glad you liked the post and thought.

  10. Wow Dipika this is some awesome chain of thoughts and you have provided such valid and thought provoking arguements for them all. My mom cant sit still even now at the age of 65, much to my irritation . I end up giving up as she just doesnt get what it means to chill!!

    1. Thanks Shalz… love having you here. Glad you like the thought. ??

  11. Such an awesome post, indeed Indian women neglect themselves prioritizing family. Loving self is the most important thing.

  12. Really a good writeup and some time wewhave to be selfies to love ourselves more than family or kid to get that me time

  13. I just feel yes …..and agreed that we need to love ourself a lot …I’m fav of mine 🙂 Lovely writeup

  14. My new year resolution is to spend some more ‘me time’ taking care of myself and indulging in self pampering. It’s so needed! Loved reading your motivational post.

  15. Such a lovely post. I have also seen my mom replacing her interests with things that pleased others more than her. But yes, now times are changing and I am one example who knows how to love oneself without feeling the guilt pangs. Thanks for sharing this post.

  16. I feel you! I feel you totally! The same happened with my mom and when my maternal aunt tried to do as per her liking she was looked down upon and called a bad daughter in law! Even today my neighbours sometime say that do what you want now, after marriage you will see how you will be kept in control! Self love is very important

  17. Priorities do change ..but caring about oneself is equally important ..after all its you playing so many different roles..great post

  18. Most of the times with changing time and life women tend to forget themselves and dedicate to others. However, I completely agree with you that self love is equally important and we should never stop taking care of ourselves and loving too. What a beautiful way of looking at love. Lovely read.

  19. you have very gently brought up an issue to all of us women face! We are so used to doing everything on everyone else’s list that we tend to put ourselves last. a lovely message for this Feb, love yourself, truly, in the manner, most true to yourself! ?

  20. You are absolutely right dipika, self-love is really necessary sometimes and sadly we mommies are forgetting that these days by involving in so many responsibilities. Very nice and encouraging post.

  21. Self Love is so important in a women’s life ?✔️
    Agree to the fact of the age old rituals of leaving their likes aside and focus on family ??. Best post ?

  22. Absolutely, happy women are beautiful. If you are not happy for yourself how can you make others happy! Self love is necessary.

  23. When someone calls you selfish sometimes, take it as a compliment because for once they acknowledge that you are thinking about yourself. Thanks for the thought provocation.

    1. How true, this is a positive way of looking at things. Thank You

  24. Yes, loving yourself is not selfish, but much needed.

  25. My all time favorite topic Deepika. I am lucky to have a Mother who always insisted on this. She herself, despite working full time, never gave up her own interests. But I have seen many women of her time, sacrificing their own hobbies in the name of duties. They called cooking and house organizing their only hobbies. But I don’t think that’s the truth. Being in joint family, following your own interests is a difficult task but I try to manage even if it labels me as Selfish or not-so-sarv-gun-sampan. Here through #AlexaTheIncerdible #womenbloggerswb

    1. So true Upasna, thank you for connecting to the thought.

  26. Love thyself! Nicely written article. It’s indeed important to love yourself and take time out just to be with yourself. Thanks for sharing this lovely article, Dipika 🙂

  27. Such a lovely post. I’m here after sometime. And I really enjoyed reading this today. It’s my selflove. I agree with you on all your insights. You have made justification for your post.

  28. True Dee, I agree to each and every line in this post.

  29. […] your life a little bit more focused on your needs does not make you selfish, and it does not have to take a ton of time. Your first and most important duty is to yourself, so […]

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