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Indian Republic Day & Significance of Parade

‘Parade Special’ – Indian Republic Day

26th January 1950 Indian Constitution came into effect, and hence this marks a special presence in every Indian’s life. Today with Republic Day’s celebrations and tricolor flags everywhere, this day is worth a wait for. Schools and housing societies start preparations of Republic Day’s functions well in advance. This is the right platform for kids and adults alike to showcase their talent and ‘Walk the Talk‘. For many the special attraction of 26th January Republic Day is it’s ‘PARADE‘.

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What is Special about this Parade?

Republic Day parade always had a special place in my heart, even during childhood days. I would wake up early in the morning, even the shivering cold morning could not deter me from catching the opening ceremony.

Doordarshan, has been airing R’Day parade as far as I go back in memory. The orator’s voice, regional/cultural tableau, tricolor balloons, white doves all these aspects completes this special ceremony. One must not forget the beginning – Prime Minister’s visit to Amar Jawan Jyoti & President of India’s conferring Gallantary awards to our REAL HERO’s.

The men in uniform making Tricolor arrangements across skies with their sleek machine toys, or creating human pyramids on motorcycles. Showcasing India’s steel in weaponry, amour, tanks, missiles, everything is so fascinating for every citizen. This is one of those days, when I would ask direct questions to Father; ‘Why no one from our Family is in Armed Forces Dad?

Republic Day Special for Kids – 

For kids republic day is a ‘special day’ in schools, but unfortunately it just ends there. Even I am guilty of this, never took the initiative to explain from my end what R-Day is all about? Unless been probed by her! Hence, last year I put my foot down and explained her – Why Republic Day is really SPECIAL. This day brings a sense of pride in every Indian’s heart, witnessing all the might our military, regional and cultural vibrancy.

When kids look at all these tableau, it is our responsibility to explain them further. Last year daughter asked me – ‘Why Mr. Prime Minister speaks from Delhi and not Mumbai?‘ 😉 So, rest assured when kids watch the parade they will ask some tricky questions.

Cultural & Demographic details – 

We all know India is a land of cultural and regional diversity, but on 26th January everyone is colored in single shade of LOVE for our Motherland. With each state participating and showcasing the ‘USP’ of their cultural or industrial heritage, its mesmerizing. Scores of school children waiting for their dance performances and meeting the Honorable PM is contagiously energetic.

For me Republic Day’s main attraction has always been this Parade, could not wait for this year’s celebrations to begin.

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  1. As a kid I always felt one day I would walk in that parade and be on the TV. The charm of it never fades away and must see for every India. I hope it never goes as well. Its so vibrant and the platform for the so many great people who work 24 X 7 for us so we can lead a peaceful life.

  2. Reading your blog was like watching the parade with your I m too excited to watch it tomorrow

  3. The parade is an integral part of Republic Day. You brought back such lovely memories, Dipika. I used to marvel how so many people could balance on a bike when I couldn’t ride a cycle!
    The colours, costumes of different states, our defence and so many more things are just spellbinding.

  4. Humara ghar india gate k bahut paas tha, aur us time itna security bhi nahi rehta tha, to humne to bahut paas se sab tyaari n parade bhi dekhi hai, aaj tv me dekhty huey wo sab din fir yaad aa jaatey hain ??

  5. cool text with easy words

  6. As a kid, I used to love watching that parade.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Yes, thank you for stopping by. I loved it as kid, and still get excited for Parade.

  7. […] As parents, we should encourage children to watch the live telecast of the Republic Day parade on television. We ensure to start our day early on this National Holiday to watch the parade live. During the live course also explain the significance of Republic Day parade to the kids along with each ceremonial importance and regional tabloids too. […]

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