Book Love for your little one: Oh My Name! 


Reading helps me keep my mind off to outside commotion, the best de-stressing & captivating exercise after a hectic day of running around unseen goals. I do not need any special space or time to start my affair with a book… either a cozy corner or while cummuting my handbag essential is a Book.

When my little one see me reading, she hops on with her story-telling books and pretend read along with me. Though her concentration is short lived & trickles away instantly. I always wanted to get an interesting book, which not only garner her interest in reading but also educates.

A friend mentioned about this ‘Personalized Book for Kids – Oh! My Name’ on enquiring further I found it pretty interesting, hence immediately decided to order one book online. They have a dedicated website, just log on to and fill in your kid’s details to personalize your own copy of Oh! My Name book. The home delivery was prompt and the book is amazing. Paper quality is superb; colours and texture is great too. Infact, even I fell in love with it. Your Oh! My Name book comes with a cute little toy named Dabi it’s my daughter’s favourite pet nowadays.

The USP of this book is, it’s personalized with your child’s NAME; and a cute little message… My litle lo is finishing her playschool 3rd year, hence recognising her name on the book piqued the interest levels to a new high.

Our dear Author Nikhil Mittal has a flow with the words, his creativity made the book quite intriguing for kids (moms as well 😉 ) Book starts with this cute little girl searching something in her house; searching high and low, pondering all the while…. what’s missing? Oh! My Name. She cannot remember her NAME, her search begins with a journey; oh wait, I am forgetting something… her travel buddy, Dabi she goes on this adventurous ‘searching for her name’…..

Dabi & her new friend begins their fun along journey under the big blue sky. They meet many characters throughout their journey, each gives them something special and a lesson for life.

Playful, educating, funny journey of Dabi & her new friend

With all those gifts and adventurous ups and lows, will she be a able to find her name?? 

It’s interesting to find, so get your own copy now…

You can also connect with the Nikhil & team via all social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Thank You for reading : )

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  1. Oh My name is really a wonderful book to make the little pre-schoolers aware about her name and the letters in it. I agree with you even the parents are sure to find it interesting. On a lighter note, I am jealous of you and your daughter in terms of the thickness of your book and the prolonged adventure in it given the longer and beautiful name Kavyanjali 😀 😀

    1. Hahah… thanks dear. Right the name keeps on going & building up the book. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and liking it.

  2. That sounds like an interesting read. A pretty novel way of explaining the importNce of names to a toddler

    1. That’s true… i cud see in those little eyes the happiness of finding her name. An interesting book…
      Thanks for stopping by & reading.

      1. You’re most welcome ?

  3. Excellent review Dipika. You & your little angel are lucky to have this personalized book to cherish forever. We are waiting for ours. Your post made me to suffer from anxiety!!!

  4. I am sure the little one would be super excited

    1. Yes true that Mahek she loved finding each letter to form her name. We loved it. Thanks for reading & liking.

      1. God Bless her

        1. Thanks a lot for your warm wishes 🙂

  5. This seems like a very good book. Learning should be fun for kids. Thank you for this post.

    1. Absolutely Preethi…. learning with fun always hits the right spots. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

  6. Oh, my name platform seems to be interesting for both mother and kids. Yes kids will find exciting to have their personalised books no doubt 🙂

    1. Absolutely dew… she loved searching for each letter to make her name. Thanks for reading

  7. OhMyname is an adorable book and I love that you have had such a great time reading it with your daughter. In fact, I find the puppet really interesting!

    1. Thanks Menaka, really appreciate your feedback.

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