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FUN + LEARNING = The Best Educational Experience” – Tamara L. Chilver

Toys; just the word brings mammoth joy on the kid’s face. Toy shopping is a ritual at our home, which occurs monthly. Or at times fortnightly! (birthday’s exceptional). If you a mother of 3+ year kid, I am sure you know what I am talking about 😉 Just last year, when we were sorting toys to recycle & give a few I realized she got bored even with her latest gift. And asked if we can also give away this too? This made me ponder, our choice of toys! Are we picking the right ones as per the age & engagement levels? Or just any nice-looking toy that she points her finger too.

Let me ask you, readers, a question – How do you select a toy for your little one? If the same question been asked to me; my response would have been (till last year) age and utility. But after spending some enormous amount of money on not-so-useful & unexciting toys, I realized toys must be – Engaging.

Learning through play –

As mothers our aim is to provide knowledge & learning to kids in a way they can relate to. Knowledge providers today are bringing innovative ideas to involve kids in ‘learning with fun’ mode of education. I personally advocate the idea of ‘play and learn’ for kids today. With the kind of education system and competitive surroundings we have today, it’s important for kids to learn more than study.

Benefits of learning with Engaging Toys –

Learning comes easy when you do it without fear or duress. Kids are the live examples of that when you force feed them with something, the results are never as desired. However, if the same thing is done via – play/ song/ dance/ activity, etc they learn it fast and for good.

Puzzles – ask any kid what they love the most? The answer invariably would be solving puzzles. Treasure hunts, Sitemaps, Find the fastest route or Free Jigsaw puzzles and much more. Even grown-ups are the fan of such captivating puzzle games. Have you tried any?

Nursery Rhymes – How do you think kids still remember all those rhymes? (in fact, we too)

Cascading Cars – Visual tracking and reflexes. The cars move from one slope to another, and child starts tracking the moving cars.

Shadows & Shapes – When the kids match the shadows with the images of birds/animals or objects. This helps them learn right shapes and illustrate the differences too.

Rainbow colours – I happen to hear her singing the rainbow song once, while she was drawing it. On asking where she learned it from – it was via Minnie Mouse cartoon show. “Red, orange, yellow, green, blue Don’t forget there’s purple too Rainbow colours for me and you!”. I bet you teach them colours just like that; might end up pulling your hair out 😉


Educational Toys encourage challenges & learning in Children

By now we all know the benefits of challenging & educational toys for our children. It inculcates learning behavior, problem-solving ability, self-assessment, bringing creativity & holistic development.

Children tend to get bored easily seeing the same activity over and time again. However, cognitive learning is also as significant for over-all development. While surfing the internet and scanning few articles on Internet, I realized there are few Toy brands which are constantly working to make learning fun.

Creating developmental toys, based on age and requirements of children. Reasoning, Environmental understanding, Language, Numbers, Art comes easily to children with Skola Toys. The educational toys from SKOLA retain the kid’s interest and make them understand things quite easily. Challenging Toys help in developing child’s senses – like Fine Motor Skills by touch and feel of wooden toys.

Puzzles and games that work on reasoning and planning abilities of children. Now, I spend some time in planning and thinking before making Toy purchase. Educational Toys bring simpler challenges to kids and enhance their problem-solving ability. Also, they don’t get bored out of these toys just in a whiff of wind 🙂

Disclosure – This is a sponsored feature. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
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  1. Learning amounts to gathering of knowledge and knowledge never goes out of fashion. Play time and toys could help build strong sense of learning if used appropriately!
    A very thorough post Dipika!

    Anagha Yatin
  2. When I was a kid I used to make toys using the soil in flower pots.. and honestly, I still have a few of them… ❤ I wish I had these educational toys back then! So happy to have these in the market now!

  3. I didn’t know that educational toys inculcate learning behavior, problem-solving ability, self-assessment, bringing creativity & holistic development. My sister’s son is growing up and he doesn’t like playing with cars anymore. My mom suggested giving him education toys and shared this article with my sister.


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