Embracing Feelings: Short Love Stories – Part 3

Short love stories a quick read

In the last story we read – Samar is nothing like what she expected him to be – a dull boring rich lad, looking for fun. He challenges her with wits and unpredictability, something she can’t ignore. Let’s see where the story takes them next.

Shalini’s dressing style is conventional, fashion has the least importance in her life. Neither did anyone ever ask her to change her style/taste ever. But meeting this eccentrically handsome man, stirred something inside her. Same something that she left and forget years ago in the family courtroom.

The week commenced with a plump case and promise of high earnings, her firm bagged a defamation case of a media-mogul. Neck deep with paperwork, secrecy, hush-hush high profile meetings. Shalini and her staff of legal pundits were literally living in the office.

The case is important for everyone, it is one of the make-or-break turning points in their lives. Shalini has so much on stake, most crucial of all – her reputation.

Her phone buzzed and it was Samar, “Hello! What are our chances of meeting today?”

She stared back at her phone and wondered if he talks like this to every woman he meets. She doesn’t even know him, except that he is outrageously handsome.

“err… sorry Samar, no chance! I am very busy with a case and can’t take off even for a minute.” She looked around realizing it is Friday evening and others are shutting down their work stations. Well, they deserve some time to unwind after this ridiculously tiring week.

“Oh! so you are in the office even on a Friday evening, Chica?”

Westerners and their work-life-balance rules, “Yes, I am. We don’t have any set hours if the deadline is hanging in your head like a double-sided sword,” she grunted.

“Pleased to know you know a few more words other than lawyer’s jargon.” Samar tried to goad her into a conversation.

She frowned while replying, “depends on the time and occasion.”

Smart and razor-sharp tongue, years of arguing in boring courtrooms, he thought. “Okay, so let’s make it an occasion then,” and he disconnected the call.

What’s with him and hanging up calls anyways!!

It was around 8:00 pm when the lift clocked on the 12th floor. She was alone in the office with a few from housekeeping, security called at the office. She answered in an encrypted tone, “We are closed, please call back on Monday, during business hours.” She was about to disconnect when a familiar voice answered “hey! could you please tell this gentleman, I am allowed to enter the office…pleaseee.”

Samar! What the hell is he doing here, at this time!

She immediately straightened up, smoothed her dress up, finger-combed her hair and answered, “Yes, let him in.”

He was looking ravishingly hot in the polo t-shirt and slim fit brown chinos. Are those flowers, how cliché she muttered, looking at the bouquet in his hands! “Vintage for the beauty and flowers for this poor goofy reception desk,” he smiled and planted a peck on her cheeks.

Why he challenges her opinion all the time, she could never gauge what his next step would be.

Looking around the empty office, he gestured to know what she is doing alone. “Well, I am working, and I know it is a Friday evening, I can’ stretch them any further,” she said shrugging her shoulders in contempt.

Clapping his hands, he said “Let’s order something to eat then, what would you like to eat Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, or good old Mexican?” looking up for recommendations, while scanning through food-delivery options on his phone.

She wasn’t sure what to say, though hunger made her stomach churn inside when he read out the names. ‘Red Thai curry’ or ‘tacos’ she was debating inside, when he announced, “Let’s order Thai, will go perfectly well with your drink.”

He poured two glasses of sparkling vintage wine, handed one to her with his amiable smile. It was delicious, smooth and relaxing, she felt at ease and light-headed after having just a few sips. Is he trying to inebriate me? What’s he hiding and why is he here… her mind was running wild errands.

“I have no idea what are you doing here, Samar. Not even sure, why are we drinking, TOGETHER? I technically can’t throw you out, as this office is legally your inheritance.” She exclaimed while holding her wine glass up towards him, in a confronting position.

He covered the distance between them in just two long strides, “I am not here to stumble your empire, nor to take back which was never mine. I am here because of my own selfish reasons, one of those is to intoxicate and sweep you off your feet.”

Before she could get defensive he picked up the phone and dialed for the dinner. The rest of the evening spent in easy conversations over various things – food, wine, football, fashion, etc. She liked his company, he is smart and humorous, a combination which is rare to find these days.

It was a long time she had an evening like this, drinking good wine with delicious food and talking over things that had the least importance in her life. He ain’t a bad company after all!

It’s a shocker to her strict regime, but some rules are good to be smashed down. She is happy!

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Come back tomorrow for the next part of this story. The post is written as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z.


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  1. Only one life that soon is past… Only what’s done with love will last !! Lovely reading “embracing love”

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it.

  2. Hi Deepika. Let me tell you something, whatever may be I write here, would be very little from my side. I am kind of Shalini, a girl with no makeup, simple and conventional dressed. The story resonated somehow, and I feel it very beautiful to have some sort of nostalgia. Thanks for writing this story. Loved it.

  3. Samar and Shalini – I’m keen on knowing what have you planned for them next!

  4. He surely knows how to woo in style… Why dont we have more like him around us. SIGH 😀

  5. Ahaa, I’ve now imagined the whole character od Samar and your story is what made it possible! Too good

    1. Glad you liked it,Jhilmil

  6. Sometimes a good company can change your mood either you wish or not. Lovely read!

    1. It does, thank you for stopping by

  7. Eager to know what happened next. This gets interesting. #blogchattera2z #tmmreads

  8. Fir kya hus ?????

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