Distant Longing; Part 2 – Short Love Stories

short love stories

Recap Part 1 – Shalini is a brilliant lawyer with an immaculate winning record, she heads one of the most successful law firms. Mr. Daruwala, her predecessor, father-figure asks him to meet Samar, a famous awarded interior designer based out of Spain. Their first meeting ignited a few dormant feelings in Shalini, who immersed herself in work after a bitter divorce. To read the full post, Chasing Dreams, click here.

“Do you think we require some renovation around the office Leena?” quipped Shalini while having a jerky sandwich and taking mental notes of day’s rotations.

Leena’s eyes hovered over the rim of her spectacles, “what’s wrong with it! Didn’t we get new furnishings and window panes just last year?” she shrugged in skepticism.

“You have three meetings before the Bar council’s address at 3:00 pm, shall I mark your calendar locked for the day?” Leena asked.

Shalini frowned, shaking her head while she got up to gaze at the skyline. “Go ahead.”

It was a fine sunny day but Shalini looking beat, partly due to the lack of sleep. She hardly slept through the week thanks to extra work-load at the office. But there was something else, that made her feel adrift. She didn’t address the issue yet.

Her meetings were at a nearby location, she pulled over her jacket and started toward the lift when a message beeped on her cell-phone.

Brown is your color, matches the warmth of your eyes. Ciao Sam.”

She read and re-read the text multiple times, this man has some guts! Just one meeting and he is texting, seriously! She was bewildered by his approach, flirtatious. Still furious over the text, she entered the lift when the doors opened, while disembarking, she nervously checked her beige shift dress in the mirror! That’s my color, she voted for herself.

After the meeting she grabbed her favorite Fish Tacos with avocado crème from the nearby café, her cell phone buzzed again, it was Ketan Daruwala this time.

“Bar council asked me to take vice-chairman’s position, what do you think about that?” Mr. Daruwala is an octogenarian and is highly involved in day-to-day procedures of legal scenarios. Straightforward, and ludicrously outspoken. Never hide things from him, or he has the ability to gut it out from you without getting his hands dirty.

“That’s wonderful, after all, you made it to the chair. How are sugar levels today?” Shalini lost her dad to cancer in college’s final year. Ketan Daruwala is her mentor/guru, father-figure, and strict boss depending on the situation.

“Answer what I asked you for goddammit!! How is Samar? Did you meet him, he is a lovely chap. Just like his father. Hope you didn’t push him away like other boys?” he dissed out a glum sound. The same sound he makes when stuck with her in loggerheads.

Shalini was surprised by the way this conversation heading, “What have you started matchmaking again? Get some job for fuck’s sake. You are incorrigible empty head.”

After a little war of words, she picked up the pace to reach the office in time. While passing by the corner, her eye caught a glimpse of Haute-couture designer exhibition ad on the billboard. Nudging herself on the head, she thought, this is definitely first; ‘a fashion ad got my attention! Phew… get hold of it, Shalini!’

It was 3:00 am in the morning when her phone vibrated, she picked it up to find an unknown number flashing on the screen. “Hey Shalini, it’s me, Sam. Your advice – bullseye man! I got them under the claw. You are a genius! Just genius.” Samar’s voice was reverberating his happiness.

“I am glad it worked! Just get them to sign on the dotted line, and then we can discuss further” She waited a few seconds before hanging up when Samar replied; “Yes, I am coming around next week for a property exhibition and to meet you. I mean to discuss the case with you”. He tried to cover that up, but words were already blurted out and received by the other end.

“And before you go back to the ugly dark meeting room, I am sending you some designs for the office renovation. Please, don’t say no as this is the only way I can pay up for what your valuable advice and time.”

What is he, a teenager! Shalini rumbled incoherently, “it’s 3 in the morning here, Samar. Thank you for the gesture, but we don’t need any renovations as of now.”

“I am so sorry for disturbing your beauty sleep gorgeous! Let me reach India then we will discuss what do to with your place. Ciao.” he disconnected.

She kept the phone down and pulled back her blanket, but sleep has left her for good. Is he a kid, how can a man with his stature be so… juvenile? No, that’s not what he is, his eyes are sharp and smart. He finds the minutest of the details which interest him! She couldn’t get his ecstatic voice off from her mind.

Come back tomorrow for the next part of Samar and Shalini’s story. The post is written as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z.

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  1. Ohh there’s still a continuation…superb. .
    Glad that she’s / Shalini’s (the character is) noticing the efforts/ comments made by Samar.. wondering who’s juvenile here ??
    Love never grows old my my.. 😍💃💕

    1. Yes, they have distant chemistry, though still brewing. Shalini had a tough past, she is conscious. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Getting more and more interesting!!

  3. I like the camaraderie between the senior Daruwala and Shalini. Looking forward to see how the relationship develops beween the Junior and her! Great going, Dipika!

    1. Thank you, Shilpa. Glad to know you liked the story

  4. Anticipation ahead 🙂
    Shalini has a lot to look forward to!

    1. Yes, and she is taking it up invariably. Thank you for stopping by.

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  6. The story of Samar and Shalini is getting me hooked, now that she has started noticing his efforts the next read will be more interesting!

    1. I am so glad you like the series

  7. This is interesting and is picking up pace. Waiting
    #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

  8. Interesting day by day, eager to know more about Sam and Shalini in this series.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and stopping by. Glad you like the stories

  9. Miss kiya per finally itni interesting story catch kiya 😊

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