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magical short kids stories

It’s Not Magic, It’s You! Short Kids Story


Do you believe in magic? Well, I don’t, but my little girl does, so much so that she emotionally blackmailed me all the way to accept […]

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My Love Story

My Z Way to Happiness


Looks like we made itLook how far we’ve come my babyWe mighta took the long wayWe knew we’d get there someday!! – Shania Twain When they […]

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Living with your ex

Living with Your EX


Raghu was enjoying his early morning tea when the doorbell rang twice breaking the morning silence. He rushed to answer the door before it rings again, […]

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Until I find you

Until I Find You


He saw a glimpse of her on a busy airport, Monday morning during the rush hour mayhem. She was running late, jumping queues with all her […]

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Right to you

Right To You – Part II: Love Story


In the last post, we read about two classmates and budding medical professionals, Anshul and Pranav and their friendship. Pranav is bold, free-spirited and an heir […]

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My Pleasure

My Pleasure: Short Love Story


On a sunny Saturday morning, Vikram woke up way before his usual weekend mornings. Heading straight to the kitchen he switched on the coffee machine, fresh […]

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Not much of a Knight

Not So Much A Knight – Part 5


Previously we read about the strained past of Nikkie and Joseph, there are still many unsaid things between them. With Savio’s sudden illness, the lovers-turned foe […]

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Short love stories a quick read

Embracing Feelings: Short Love Stories – Part 3


In the last story we read – Samar is nothing like what she expected him to be – a dull boring rich lad, looking for fun. […]

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short love stories

Distant Longing; Part 2 – Short Love Stories


Recap Part 1 – Shalini is a brilliant lawyer with an immaculate winning record, she heads one of the most successful law firms. Mr. Daruwala, her […]

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Life’s Best Teacher #FridayFotoFiction


#FridayFotoFiction Suman was looking at her daughter when she realized her left hand stopped throbbing, she kept on moving her fingers to re-assure if its for […]

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lord files barathon

War and Pieces – A Fight to Survive


For the war and pieces “An EYE for an EYE and the Whole WORLD goes BLIND” – Mahatma Gandhi This is my entry for the fourth […]

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life of pie

The Life of Pie – Hope #BarAThon


The Life of Pie – Hope #BarAThon Roshni is the most vibrant girl of college, everyone knew her or wish to know more about her… Her […]

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