The Life of Pie – Hope #BarAThon

life of pie

The Life of Pie – Hope #BarAThon

life of pie

Roshni is the most vibrant girl of college, everyone knew her or wish to know more about her… Her boldness and smartness not just made her Student of the Year but also secured a place in upcoming college elections. She is the only child of a middle class working couple, her mother is a hard working lady with a job of senior clerk at a state run hospital, whereas her dad’s a charted accountant and a very jovial over talkative man in his early fifties, he is her partner in chit-chats & gossips.

While Roshni was getting ready to fight for university elections, her mother was busy looking out for a suitable groom for her so that she can come out of this College Politics & settle down with a ‘decent’ job and a family. An alliance came their way of a high profile Doctor who runs his own private clinic, after some preliminary cross verification both her parents agreed for the alliance and told Roshni about it, whose obvious reaction was to reject it right away. Continuous pressure & emotional pleading from her mother she agreed to meet the guy once, with a condition – ‘if I like him Ma, I will tell to wait for 2 years till I complete my executive program.. nahi toh saaf NO (else it’s a clear no)’.

They met in a cafe near her college, Roshni reached venue on time (to make sure she points out you are late) but to her surprise she sees a man holding the prettiest bouquet and fiddling on his shoes… shoes wow they look so clean, wait a sec am I eyeing him? she thought. When they saw each other it was like a spark of energy went through her body & mind, light greenish eyes, sharp chin, slight coloured hair and amazingly fitted grey business suit (since when Doctor’s have started looking so tempting…her inner girl pipped). On the other hand Roshni was wearing her trademark short kurta on skin tight demins and kohlapuri slippers…

Hours later at dinner table Roshni was ideally playing with her supper spoon framing sentences how to convey this to her Ma, Dad… no she kept mum. Next day, then another and another she did not say anything to her parents but kept meeting Kabir in that same cafe…. they were totally madly in love with each other.

Today she has decided to tell them about him and their plans of marriage at the earliest while her way back Kabir was on phone giving her tips on how to tell her parents about their ‘jhat mangani, phat shaadi’ plan when suddenly she heard a heart wrenching scream and crashing sound from the other end of phone…… She kept on calling Kabir’s name but no response, dialed again phone was switched off, she went back to same cafe but Kabir had already left, called his clinic he was not there… nothing, nothing at all. She yelled, shouted, cried but no one was there to hold her….

She had her hopes intact, hope of everything will be fine. She strongly believed in the Karma and life’s cycle – it comes back to cherish & give it back what has taken from you.

Today, Roshni is a mother, a caretaker, a guardian of 200 kids who have lost their parents in road accidents. She takes them under her shelter home and try to fill the gap nature has created. Her centre for care is known as “Life of Pie – KabirKutir

Linking this post to Day 2 of second edition of Bar-A-Thon on the prompt ‘Life of Pie’.

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  1. I love the way you have used today’s prompt. Beautifully written short story. Thank you for sharing this. @momtasticworld (Kavita)

  2. This is a poignant story yet so hopeful.

    Here’s mine :

    1. Thanks Natz…

  3. Well written story with an unexpected turn of events. Nice attempt on the prompt.

  4. Some losses leave a wide void in our lives which can’t be filled. I like it how you weaved the prompt in your story.

    1. Thank You 🙂

  5. Loved how she embarked on a mission instead of succumbing to the loss. Beautifully sad.

    1. Thank You

  6. Loved to read about Roshni. You have made an excellent take for the prompt. Keep writing dear !!!

  7. Love your take on prompt. indeed very interesting short story Amazing post, Thanks for sharing. Bushra from blog

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂

  8. The way she turned destiny’s cruel joke into her missing sums it up. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Aks…

  9. I had goose bumps reading this. Such a lovely story of Roshni & Hope. I hope it inspires everyone.

    1. Thanks a lot Shalu, glad you liked it.

  10. Lovely take on the prompt, Dipika.

    1. THANKS V. 🙂

  11. Loved the short story! Feel bad that Kabir was a victim of the accident! Life! It can change so suddenly!

    1. Thanks a lot Z

  12. This is best of so far !! Kiddos

    1. ???

  13. That is a bittersweet tale. Kudos to Roshni !

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