of ice and men

Of Ice and Men #Barathon

You are going to catch cold from the ice inside your soul – of Ice and Men for #Bar-A-Thon

This is my entry for the third day of #Barathon 2017, the fortnight-long blogging marathon for bloggers, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm! Today’s prompt is ‘Of Ice and Men’, featured in my story.

of ice and men

Ann was gazing out of her cab window at the billboard hung high on the tallest tower, pair of intense black eyes staring back at her in midst of all chaos and hustle bustle. How handsome he looks, she tries to remember when this image was shot? Probably an year ago! An Year…. just 365 days or is it an eternity?

During one of her house stays she had this huge argument with her mother over Dany, her mother never appreciated him for the simple reason – “He doesn’t have a goal in life, Ann can’t you see!! He never completes any thing – be it a job or studies.” But for Ann he is everything – “Mom you always point out the negatives and what about the zillion of good qualities he has, just look at that smile – It can melt many hearts together.” You will repent Ann – warned her mother! Probably she was right then, but today there is no one to seek advise from or share her worry.. not even Dany.

Dany was glamorous whereas Ann always liked sobriety, for him life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest without slogging and planning. However, she planned every day for their future, saved every penny earned in her media profiling job. When the Casting Director saw Dany on Christmas Eve at Ann’s apartment he immediately told her to get his portfolio done, that was just the beginning. Dany became an overnight star with his honed looks and athletic body, how success comes so easy for some fortunate ones. Every now and then he will be named with someone or the other super model, actress, fashion designers you name them and Dany had their personal numbers on his cell phone-book. Ann would get bouts of jealousy in the beginning but slowly she compromised with her feelings and snubbed herself from going further.

It was 22nd June a hot sweltering day when Ann received call from Dany’s private number, his voice was heavy and he was muttering something she could not comprehend. She kept on asking him what’s the matter but all she heard was murmuring and background hustling. With a speed of torpedo she reached home to find whole place was upside down. Things were strewn everywhere, curtains pulled down, art-pieces thrown as rubble vases, flowers, rugs.. everything was a mess. With a fluttering heart she moved towards bedroom to find another mess – but this mess was deadly! She found Dany lying on the floor with his eyes staring at rooftop.

After asking million times when she did not get any reply from him, she bent down to slap him hard to create a havoc on weekday…but when her hand touched his face it was ICE!!

Dany had committed suicide, no warning, no letter, no sign nothing! He’s just gone – no one knows why? Many questions were asked to her, some she answered some she herself seeking but from whom… all are gone. First Mom and now even Dany, why…. why…why! She covered her ears, closed her eyes, didn’t meet anyone nor allowed anyone to come in. All she wanted is WHY? Days after she received a closure report from Police Investigation Team, saying Dany was depressed over ‘professional reasons‘.

Cab pulled over the giant gate, Ann came out of it, paid bill and went inside – she reached her destination, laid the flowers, placed candle lite it and looked at the tomb stone, all she received back is a stare of ‘The Ice & Men

Dany Xavier Vaz

(1990 – 2017)

Loving Brother, absence is a silent sorrow, his life a fairy tale.


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  1. Excellent piece of fiction. Sorry for Dany’ s death. I was also drowned by why? ….. Keep writing, dear !!!

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot Vasantha, glad you liked it. Just my ode to such poignant steps of killing self over trivial reasons.

  2. Sad end! Or shall I say moms are always right! Feel sad for Ann though!

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks Z.. for reading

  3. Lakshmi Kabir says:

    Just two words ” loving it” keep up the good work my friend.?

  4. Oh thats sad but happens so often in the glamour world to very young people who just couldnt handle the success or the pressure of being in limelight! Well written

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks Shalz

  5. What a sad ending 🙁 It is a great story!

  6. It is a sad ending. It makes me think about all those people close to the person who commits suicide. While the person is gone putting an end to her suffering but it is the people who are left behind who have to deal with unanswerable questions throughout your lives.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      True Anamika… and ending a life is not the solution for anything.
      Thanks for reading & connecting

  7. Beautiful story. There is so much more than a billboard story to every human story.. But few can come out of the spiral of their own lives! ?

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You 🙂

  8. Kavita Singh says:

    You had me captivated on “You are going to catch a cold from the ice inside your soul – of Ice and Men”. Short and crisp, a wonderful piece of fiction.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank you so much for connecting to it.

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  10. Made me feel emotional looking at the – Loving Brother, absence is a silent sorrow, his life a fairy tale.
    You have captured different moods / stories through the prompts Dipika so well written

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot Manisha..

  11. Sujata Bansod says:

    good story

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You

  12. Wow! Dipika you are good at fiction too. Multi talented I must say?

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Geethica thia coming from you is definitely special

  13. Such a great thought behind the post. I must say the post has an ending which is a lesson for all.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot dar

  14. Very interesting writing. I wonder if reality is any further away from fiction.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot Dear, I always believe fiction is always derived from the reasons of reality 😉

  15. Aesha Shah says:

    Very well written. You have expressed emotions so well.

  16. touching story the end made me sad 🙁

  17. Sad ending but a great piece of fiction..got me engulfed..

  18. It makes me think of all those who commit suicide after being unable to fight with the challenges of life. People need to learn a lesson from your story that to give up so easily is not the right thing to do. One must think of those who care for them. A very touching story.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks Vidhi, m glad you liked n connected to it.

  19. Beautifully penned down story❤ always love your writing skills

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You so much, your kind words are my motivation 🙂

  20. Prisha Lalwani says:

    what a beautiful story!! Loved it!

  21. Anchal says:

    You have written it so beautifully, I have become your fan 🙂 Keep writing such great fiction.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You so very much for kind words. Love n Hugs 🙂

  22. Afsha Galar says:

    Aah it kept me hooked until the end!! And then it was saddening !!

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Yes I agree but that’s the point to ponder. Thanks for connecting

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