Right To You – Part II: Love Story

Right to you

In the last post, we read about two classmates and budding medical professionals, Anshul and Pranav and their friendship. Pranav is bold, free-spirited and an heir to pharma giant. Anshul, on the contrary, comes from a family of land-owners and farmers. He picks up a job in an NGO to add credits and earn some extra money, where he meets Chandni Dewan. The founder of NGO, a middle-aged woman whose charm and beauty dumbfounded Anshul. What happens next, let’s begin with Part 2.

Part II

Life of a doctor-in-making is tough and challenging, MBBS students have to be on toes 24/7 throughout the academic year. Anshul was aware of what he is trading for this part-time job, the rare semester break. At the NGO, he was assigned to visit slum areas around the capital for an awareness drive. A team of social workers, office colleagues, Shantanu and a handful of police personnel reached the nearby slums.

He was not sure where to begin when Shantanu asked him to start collecting blood samples from the female candidates standing close to their medical van. Hesitantly, he picked up his kits and started the collection process.

By the time he was finished with everyone in the line, it was evening already. Shantanu waved him to start winding up, he was carefully storing all the blood samples after labeling properly when a small kid came running to him.

“Save my maa doctor sahib, please save her,” he was trembling. Anshul looked around and started following the child. After braving through the maze of lanes and by-lanes, they reached a shanty with a leaking roof. He could smell a rotten odor coming from inside, in medical terminology, they call it to smell of ‘dead’.

 A lady was lying in blood sodden clothes in a semi-conscious state. Looking at her condition, Anshul asked the boy, what happened and where is the father. “Maa is lying like this in pain since yesterday night, and papa is in jail.”

He first dialed for an ambulance and then to Shantanu, in the meantime, Anshul helped the lady to sit upright and started cleaning her up. By the time he was finished with wiping off stale blood others arrived and transported her to the hospital.

The night was rather tough for Anshul as he has seen a different face of mankind.

The next day morning, he reached office astounded as everyone got up from their seats and started clapping for him. He was taken by surprise, filled with gratitude to joined he smiled and thanked everyone when Chandni walked in. Wearing her signature pastel red-colored chiffon saree with a pearl necklace, she is the most beautiful site. Anshul’s were glued to her face – his smiling diva.

“I heard how bravely you handled the situation yesterday; we are so fortunate to have people like you working for us!” Chandni said in a modest voice. Anshul was fixed in one place like a statue, she has that effect on him.

Shantanu coughed a little to make him aware of his presence, “thank you, ma’am, I mean Ms. Chandni.” He was fumbling worst than the earlier encounter.

“Chandni! Please, I don’t like my colleagues to get overwhelmed with the salutations. What you have done yesterday was not only courageous but also very kind. Keep it up!” with this, she patted him on the shoulder.

Anshul didn’t ease his shoulder for the whole day.

“Anshu, what’s up man? How’s new job treating Mr. Malik?” it was Pranav on the video call, thrilled as ever.

“Hey, buddy! Job is good, how are you? What the hell are you up to?” he asked him looking at the mess behind on the floor and his bed.

“Yeah! A few drinks, dance, hot girls, and some more fun. I have not taken a pledge of celibacy like you man.” He toyed with his best friend.

“Come on, when did I say that?” Anshul strike back with irritation.

“Okay, so tell me when was the last time you went for a date, forget about a date, even spoken to a girl?” Pranav was in no mood to give up yet.

“Well, to be precise, just few hours ago.”

“Tell me more, who is she, what’s her name? Is she sexy? Did you guys kiss?” Pranav was always a loose cannon.

“Shut up, will you! I was talking about my boss. She is a girl, umm, I mean a lady and I spoke to her today. Period.”

“Lady boss! Huh, I see. So Mr. Malik, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and impress her, you never know if she invites you for a coffee.” He further teased Anshul.

“I am off to sleep, not interested in your nonsense. Bye.”

Pranav isn’t wrong in teasing him, he never spoken to any girl from college, nor had any past relationships. But, Chandni is different. She has a far-reaching impact on Anshul and he is falling for it.

Despite of the age gap, Anshul doesn’t mind covering any distance for her.

The post is written as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z. To read the previous post, please click hereMy theme this year is Short Love Stories.

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  1. Aha, so Chandni effect is in the air,
    seems Shantanu is soaked up in Chandni aura by now.

    1. Thank you for stopping and engaging with the post. Shantanu is the boss, it’s Anshul who is bewitched by Chandni 🙂

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