Wrong Number – Short Love Story

Wrong Number a love story



“May I talk to Raghav?”

“Raghav who?”

“ummm… isn’t this Raghav’s number?”

“Do I sound like Raghav?”

“Hell No! he has coarse voice like a frog, whereas yours is …”

“Mine what?”

“Your voice is sweet, yet challenging.”


“Do you know what’s the full form of hmm?”

“No, why?”

“Because hmm is – hug me more!.”

“I never heard that before, it’s not true.”

“Google it, if you don’t trust me.”

“Of course I will search, and Hello! I don’t know you so what trust?”

“But we are talking, isn’t it?”

“Talking randomly doesn’t mean I am interested.”

“Did I say you are interested? Why you women always jump to conclusions so fast?”

“Oh! So, first you called me on MY landline number, asking for some toad Raghav, and now you have issues with women. Male chauvinist!”

“Excuse me! How this make me chauvinist? I am sure you are a feminist.”

“Every female in the world is a feminist, do you have any problem with that?”

“Not at all, I have huge respect for women, and especially such fiery ones.”


“What is that?”



“Why are you laughing, did I crack a joke?”

“You just verbally abused me, I am laughing at our plight today. You women have everything and are much smarter than your counterparts, but still, women call themselves victims! WOW”

“Have you ever been to a village, see the plight of women there. Once you experience that first hand you will realize who is a victim and who are the perpurtrators.”

“Ah ha! fascinating. So how many villages have you been to, for women empowerment?”

“ummm… I am associated with an NGO, and have seen documentaries.”

“Madamji, Aaj ki practical naari, please don’t believe what you see on your screen. Go and visit a village yourself first. You will find women there are much more empowered than the urban India.”

“Oh Please! Give me a break, you are acting as if you know it all.”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Yes, I know it all.”


“Well, that’s my job.”

“What job?”

“I am running an NGO for tribal women and child care in association with gov’t of India.”


“Arre! Bas Okay?”

“So what do you want me to do? Propose you for marriage, a nice catch, huh! with government job etc.”

“Two corrections, I am not working for government but with them, and second who the hell asked about marraige?”

“Hey! Mind your language! I am warning you.”

“I am sorry Madam, but if my memory works fine, someone just called me MCP a couple of moments ago!”


“Again, hmm…”

“Hahaha! You are a funny man.”

“I am so glad you have elevated me from a pig to a man afterall.”

“Really funny. I didn’t mean to call you a pig, its a feeling for men who act patriarchal.”

“Well, I am not a teeny-weeny bit of that otherwise my three sisters would mince and eat me as a patty.”

“Three sisters! Wow, lucky I am the only child of my parents.”

“That’s obvious, you sound so bossy!”

“No ways, I am not bossy, just a little ….what do you call it…. less accommodating.”

And the conversation went on and on for several more minutes until they agreed it was a Wrong call that clicked just right!

Wrong Number - A short love story

The post is written as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z. To read the previous post, please click hereMy theme this year is Short Love Stories.


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  1. Hahaha an innovative and sweet exchange between strangers! Would love to know what happens to their story eventually!

  2. This is how arrange marriage conversations go these days :)….oh so the previous story actually ended there is it… I was hoping there will be a continuation to it and not end in a heart break 😐

  3. Oh! So lovely and true. This is how a wrong number be a right for them. While reading I felt I was smiling. Good one!

  4. Sweet story with camaraderie 🙂
    Wrong number dialed for the right reason!
    I believe- every connection is for a reason.
    If people are meant to meet & click, they’ll!

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  6. Aha! The wrong call was the right call!
    Good one, Dipika. Loved the banter between the too… realistic and fun!

  7. […] as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z. To read the previous post, please click here. My theme this year is Short Love […]

  8. […] as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z. To read the previous post, please click here. My theme this year is Short Love […]

  9. That’s a sweet short call, I hope it goes long as the wrong call sometimes makes you meet the right persons.
    A nice story that keeps you laughing and longing for more.

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