It’s Not Magic, It’s You! Short Kids Story

magical short kids stories

Do you believe in magic? Well, I don’t, but my little girl does, so much so that she emotionally blackmailed me all the way to accept there is magic around us!

Giving it a second thought I agreed and solemnly swear that, yes! there is magic around us.

We started our evening walk when she told me a story about ‘a dog and the moon‘. (did I tell you she creates some amazing stories, some weird and a few astonishingly wonderful) So, the story goes like this –

Dog and the moon were lonely, they stay awake in the dark nights to keep others safe and happy at their respective places. The dog lived at the far end of the street and had no friends, and Moon, well we all know it’s up there (alone) shining all the time.

One day, the dog was very hungry and kept crying (howling) throughout the night. Moon was not feeling well too that day, as he had a headache (like you Mumma, in her words). His head was throbbing listening to the loud howling from the dog, angrily he told the dog to be quiet!

This surprised the dog and asked the moon if he could give him some food. ‘Once my tummy will be full, I won’t make any noise’, said the dog. Moon was very irritated and said, ‘why don’t you eat my head, it is useless anyway‘.

The dog was so hungry that he jumped high and ate the moon’s head! You know, that’s why we have a crescent moon.

This bewildered me, and I told her, that this is not true! ‘The crescent moon is because of the various phases of the moon, isn’t it? We have studied that in school last year‘.

Without giving any ado to my question and reaction, she continued her story.

So, after the dog ate the moon’s head, his tummy started getting jiggly-jelly and he vomited the moon’s head out after somedays. That’s why we have a full moon.

I couldn’t hold my curiosity anymore and asked her if she has totally forgotten how the moon’s phases work?

‘Mom, I know and remember the phases of the moon – but the little kids may not understand if we tell them just the names of these phases. Waning crescent, waxing crescent, first quarter, third quarter, waning gibbous, waxing gibbous, full moon, etc are too tough for kids to learn.’

She added further, ‘when I will become a teacher, this is how I will teach my students! with the help of short kids stories’.

Now, imagine my beaming proud face! As a parent and educator, I also believe in concept-based learning, but this is an absolutely different level of evolved thought-process. She is just eight and thinking of exploring ways to make concepts easy to understand.

So, now I ask you this question – Do you believe in magic? Yes, I do and the magic is in You!

I am journaling this post as ‘mom-daughter conversation during the evening walks’. Memories that will bring smiles to our faces tomorrow! Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to answer the question – Do You Believe in Magic in the comments below.

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  1. This is the question my daughter asks me almost every day. And no matter why I reply with a YES..
    Somehow somewhere I do believe in case of kids there does exist some magic. ..

    1. Hahahah after all they are BFFs 😉

  2. Lovely post. Loved the concept

  3. What a lovely story. Dog ate the moons head! haha.nice

  4. Moon has always been fascinating

  5. Absolutely brilliant… Lots of hugs and kisses you your little angle… I agree the things which we search outside is actually within each of us.. It’s just that we need to explore and broden our horizon more.

  6. Kids have the most fascinating ways to tell tales!

  7. Lovely tale by your daughter , honestly I enjoy listening such from kids 🙂
    A different level of imagination .

  8. Lovely story and kudos that she weaves such magical stories to cherish. I do believe in magic in each of us and surely loved the imaginative magic in your kiddo. #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter

  9. She’s certainly imaginative and that’s a wonderful way to learn – through fun stories like this one!

  10. Absolutely I believe in magic around us. And I loved her thought process.

  11. Creativity is really impressive these days in kids… I could relate to my son using Atta instead of clay to make small pots and utensils and plates he started recording it so it could be helpful to others who want to make similar designs and paint it… Just look at the kids and fee proud at times

  12. Thats a beautiful tale by your daughter… loved reading the post

  13. Yes I believe in magic and that’s a lovely story. #tmmreads

  14. I believe too like you that the magic lies within us. Life has its own ways of killing it, however.

  15. Oh my gosh, she has a brilliant way of telling stories. Wish we were taught like that too.

  16. Trust me…I liked her version of dog and moon more than real scientific theories!!

  17. Hey dipika the moon and dog story was simply super and funny too #MyFriendAlexa

  18. Your daughter is super cute ❤️ lovely post

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