Early Childhood Care and Education

early childhood education

Early childhood care and education – a single thought that can bring sleepless nights to many parents. Admission procedure at schools is grueling, but searching for a right one is overwhelming in itself. And then, the thought of leaving your little baby away is scary as hell. I have seen many young mothers leaving their tiny tots at the pre-school doors with swelling tears in their own eyes. It’s not easy, to leave your ‘sunshine’ for a single minute but that’s how it goes.

So, this time during My Friend Alexa, season 4.0 I am bringing you a series of 8 posts on ‘Education’. Beginning from the early childhood care and education to the need of executive programs for working professionals.

What is Early Childhood Care and Education?

Early education of a baby starts inside the mother’s womb, when she talks to it and share those little chit-chats. Baby inside the womb, listens and reacts to her voice and imbibes the tone for it’s own future understanding. Post delivery, baby learns seeing the environment and other stimulus. These are the baby-steps towards the bigger learning. So, when we say early childhood care (in terms of learning) it means the basic interactive learning between the child and its environment.

Many believe, early childhood care is about prepping the child for pre-school admissions. Theoretically it is correct, however, it just doesn’t end there. Early childhood education is just the ‘right’ beginning of a lifelong lesson of learning and growth. UNESCO has also emphasised on ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education). The whole aim of this program is holistic development of child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.

How do I know if my child is ready for Pre-school education?

Pre-school helps preparing the child for higher classes and main stream schooling programs. It also creates a bond between the child and it’s immediate environment for better learning and understanding.

If you are a mother of 3 years old or younger kid/s, the question of ‘right age for admission‘ is your worst known fears. My neighbor’s boy is 2+ and she has already started gathering forms, testimonials for best preschools in nearby area. My daughter was just 3+ years when we enrolled her in a pre-school. I remember going to every pre-school in my area and shortlisting only those which emphasised on ‘learning’ instead of ‘teaching’.

Coming back to the question in hand, what is the right age for pre-school admission?

In India, children between the age of 3 to 4 years can be enrolled in a pre-school. However, we have seen children as young as 2 years or big as 5 years also coming to play-schools. The basic idea of play school admission is to make a child sit, mingle, and interact with others before beginning a kindergarten education.

Which is a right pre-school for my child?

early childhood care and education

This is a gigantic task, finding a right pre-school for your child. There are various factors involved in this task, such as time and distance etc. Before you zero down on a pre-school, check for –

  • Distance from the home
  • Location and emergency preparedness of the centre
  • Session durations
  • Testimonials from other parents
  • Certifications and Accrediations
  • Ancillary staff – helpers, cleaners, drivers, etc
  • Cancellation policy
  • Yearly curriculam
  • Your own (instinct) impression.

The right beginning with positive early childhood care and education, has long lasting impression on child’s holistic development. A good pre-school creates concrete platform for better understanding and healthy growth in terms of education and knowledge.

Pre-school education creates right environment for future learning and also helps in children transitioning into main stream educational boards. Along with the facilities of easy audio-visual learning, pre-schools also help children learn how to communicate with others. Kids of 3 years and so, are used to interacting with familiar faces. Pre-schools play a major role in breaking the barrier and help children interact out of their known circle of comfort.

This is all for early childhood care and education, in the next post we will talk about different styles of primary education.

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109 thoughts on “Early Childhood Care and Education

  1. Ye sabhi points bahut hi jaruri hain, kyunki isi age me hum inko mould kar saktey hai bahut pyaar, vishwas k sath

  2. Kid’s readiness is very important before parents enroll them into a preschool. Both my kids started pre-school at the age of 2 years and 3 months. They were ready to start so I started it and it turned out to be a good decision. No matters whether a child goes to pre school at 2 or 3, the bottom line is both parent and child should be happy.

  3. Very well researched and insightful post. Every would be mother, new mother and mother of a preschooler should read this post. They are definitely going to learn something useful from here.

  4. This kind of resource is what every young parent needs today. Parents are a rather confused and worried lot today with growing concerns on academics and the fierce competition. Happy blogging all through the Alexa month!

  5. It becomes difficult to leave your little one in the strange environment, away from home, when he has just learnt to speak or walk.
    Your post will help many.

  6. Sending our sunshines in Pre-k is nonetheless than the sending our kids to University or abroad,very well said we should check out every points and do the research of our own part before handing over our kids to another prmise.Above all I would also like to suggest of trying to keep less travel time for kids to school for which one should prefer to live somewhere nearby of schools, here in USA I love this concept that they have fixed rules of taking kids reside within the certain miles of schools.

  7. Learning is a very important part of grooming and unless we choose the right school for children a lot of things could go wrong. Choosing the correct pre-school as you say is very important. You have mentioned several valid points like distance from home and several others which are ignored by so many of us. Great post!

  8. This is a wonderful post Dipika! I agree with everything you have said here. I feel the distance, style and method of teaching and your own parental instinct are most important.

  9. I have recently been through all this. my daughter is 3.3 yrs and has started her preschool this week only. I thoughtfully started her late school as my son went since 18 months, and early schooling also have some negatives. like he ignored the teachers when he formally started schooling because he already knew all that.
    Education and kids is a tough equation.

    1. A very good post for parents who are currently struggling to find a correct preschool for their kids. You have covered all the points that need to be considered. Will be very helpful for many parents.

  10. Extremely useful post! Parenting is not easy and you have to think many times before you take a step for your child. Education is the most important part of others. This insightful post is definitely going to help mothers.

  11. Such an informative post for young mothers. Though I am past that stage now, I do understand the anxiety associated with it and the answers you seek. Apt post for that.

  12. I agree that the early childcare starts right from the time when a baby is in the womb and they magically do relate to whatever they have heard inside

  13. Reading this blog post puts a lot of doubts and questions for early childhood care & Education of our young one to rest.a thorough research .

  14. Hi Dipika, it’s a very useful post for the “soon-to-be” or “new parents”. the need for a proper Early Childhood Care and Education has been nicely brought out by you in your post. Pre-school definitely have a key role and it becomes imperative that they deliver the right intervention to prepare the child for schooling ahead. But just a word of caution, in all the razzmatazz that a pre-school offers, let’s compromise on the quality of teachers because only a trained hand knows how to mould a child in the best way possible.

    Look forward to your nest posts 🙂

  15. Really informative post. Will help many parents. I remember looking for this information when I wanted to send my daughter to a play school. She was 2.5 and everyone around me kept telling me how I was late. Don’t regret the decision and I enjoyed the 2.5 years of spending time with her all day!

  16. Great Post! Also, on a personal note, this brought back my memories of working in rural Odisha on ECCE supported by University College London. Aptly put by you, the stimulus for cognitive development in the early years is the key. Looking forward to your posts!

  17. This is a very informative post. Your tips on how to choose a good pre-school for your child are useful. I would also add a good student teacher ratio, plenty of open space and safe environment.

    1. Nice and informative post , pre School helps to prepare the child to get used to a school routine , mix with other children and start learning new things ?

  18. Parents are so serious about the their kids rather than before. In the old days, pre-school is not mandatory, but it is a very important phase, it must not be avoided.

  19. Insightful Dipika. New parents are utterly confused about early education. This series would surely help them to understand what to expect and how to help the child grow in a holistic manner.

  20. Super informative post 🙂 I recently got a call from my close aunt and she enquired the same about good preschool or perfect age as she was new to the Pre-school concept. Told her few important things and this post covers it all 🙂 Will apply the same in future for our kids.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  21. Now I have grandsons and I wish I had a guide like this for my kids. During my son’s time, there was no playschool and when it came to my daughter there was hardly any choice. All the best to you and your detailed writing on parenting.#wordsmithkaurreads #BlogChatter #MyFriendAlexa

  22. Well researched. When I put my daughter in preschool I was very careful of all the things that I wanted. The biggest factor that I looked for was that it should be close to the house. #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads

  23. Everybody is so concerned about their little tot’s education. They are doing a lot of research, compared to what our parents did! You have made a great checklist to make things easier for those parents!
    I’m not a parent but I’m sure this will be really helpful to new parents. I’m sending it all friends of mine with kids. 🙂

  24. This is a crucial article especially for first time parents. I remember how we were clueless from where to start and feared if we might loose out on our sons admission to main school at right age. Thanks for this article for ready use by new parents

  25. Actually, there’s a lot of pressure from the school side also. We also wanted to send our daughter to school at 3 years of age but in Delhi they want kids to be in the nursery. And we were planning to send in play first.

  26. The right age for pre schooling has always been a matter of debate. I kids started when they were 2 or so and I was being criticised for sending them early but later it proved to be the right decision for them.

  27. So relatable. Understand totally what you mean by right age. We started nursery at 3.2 years and didn’t go to any playschool while friends’ kids of similar age started at 2 or 2+. But our decision has worked for us as we used to do lot of learning activities at home.
    Myfriendalexa #Blogchatter #momlearningwithbaby

  28. What an insightful post. Thanks for sharing this. I being a new parent thing this should be a good post me to prep for the future down the line when my daughter will be ready for school. U could not stop myself subscribing to your blog as I can’t resist the tempt of receiving all the posts in the series.

  29. Amazing post. Early childhood education is a must. It helps to mould them for a better future. But the fact that education has become a means of business, and how which school one enrolls has become a means of competition, this hurts. Education should be equal to all at every level.

  30. Loved the detailing, I have also written a similar blog sometime back. You have touched down on the relevant points, certainly very helpful for new Parents

  31. Such a informative post. i myself was looking for a good play school for my girl and for my surprise there were three playschools in my society which increase my confusion. to check everything with every school is a big and a hectic task and these points should be checked for sure. I might have missed few of them but yes, after so much of research i found a good one.

  32. So much information in one post. Good going. When I was a new mommy I used to rely on mom’s advise or from magazines. Now it has become like a theses study. Parenting has become so tough in this era. All the best to you. #wordsmithkaurreads #MyFriendAlexa #BlogChatter

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