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You ask any parent, the first thing ‘parenting’ taught them; the answer would be – Patience. I am no different, parenthood taught me patience. The virtue I was badly lacking in my life. Being an impulsive and little rebellious my first reaction would always be a ‘jerk-reaction’. Family, and friends even partner pointed out several times in past. But as they say – “everything happens on its own time and course.” Motherhood got patience tucked with her for me.

This post is dedicated to the ‘patience’ of all the parents, Teachers, and guardians of the world

It’s not easy; trust me they are capable of making you go crazy. Impromptu fights among siblings, late-night hunger pangs, crying heart and soul out for a dress or toy. They can come up with the weirdest and wackiest of the demands. At times, the only option left to us (especially mothers) is to pull out those last lone strands of hair too.

I have very high respects for all pre-primary and primary teachers. For me, handling a single child is a gigantic task and they brave up around twenty odd kids at one time. And when you meet them to ask silly questions, they will reply with a smile and all hair neatly tucked. SALUTE!

Guardians whom we trust more than our life when it comes to childcare. Family members and friends hats off to their limitless patience with kids. I mean we literally shove away our walking-talking stress to them for few hours and they tackle it happily, promising another attempt too. Either kids are chameleons or everyone else seem gone crazy (pun intended)

Parenting with Patience few Tips and Tricks to Balance the act

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As I mentioned above in the post, patience comes with lots of practice. We fail many times, but the key is to keep identifying the failures and try new ideas to gain control over temperament. Just think of children as our sponge bobs, they absorb what we spill on them. Our behavior directly affects their tone and reaction. We might not realize in the spur of the moment, but anger leaves long-lasting marks on child’s development.

Identify what is the trigger? Like how in migraine pains, medical experts always advise on identifying your triggers. We lose patience due to few triggering factors, like for me its when she doesn’t listen to me. So once you know the factors that might lead you to lose patience, work accordingly.

Always keep a watch on your behavior. It’s not easy especially when dealing with children, but this is one of the most effective self-check tricks. Once we hear or see yourself with flaring anger or screaming loud, the brain automatically triggers and let you relax.

Breathing helps yes, this is one tried and tested trick also applicable in most of the situations. When you are about to lose control, just concentrate on breath-in breath-out. Do it for few times, viola it works as magic.

Drink plenty of water, yes this is my mother’s most favorite. When you in the tricky situation and know it might end up with flaring tempers. Reach for water, H2O brings down raised anger and provide us few moments to relax. Hydrated brain & body reacts better 😉

As I always say, parenting is all about balancing. Brain and body, the yin-yang forces. Just concentrate on what you wish to achieve and rest is all easy peasy.

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z series by Blogchatter, and my theme for this challenge is Gleeful Parenting.


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