Jumble Bumble – All the Trouble of Forced Ambition

Jumble Bumble – Forced Ambition Trouble

Dance Bonanza – Dance Summer Class; Early bird discounts.

DIY child craft – Special Craft classes for kids aged 3 and above.

Skating/ Swimming/ Football/ Chess – First come first serve basis only.

Music Summer Special – Choice of Instrument – Guitar/ Violin/ Keyboard/ Piano and many more.

Vedic Maths / Algebra / Elocution / Art & Drama / Theatre – Enrol in One get One free.

These are the flyers we get with the daily newspaper every morning. My morning cup of ‘garma-garam chai’ winds up reading details about these vocational training courses. I discussed few with husband, who patiently listens to my babble while gulping his breakfast down and pushes it for evening discussion.

Last week I saved few flyers of Swimming/ Skating and Music for my girl to check out. While she was excited to know about these activities, at the same time inconclusive on which one to join. We left the trickiest task for Dad to decide. He was briefed about the scenario in evening and gave options to pick from. His loss of interest got on my nerves and had to give my two-cents to explain why these activities are MUST for every child.

Scene at Home

Do you know such activities refresh kids from daily school life’ I said giving my justification. ‘Even her best friends have joined these courses’ in addition to prove I am RIGHT. (mom aka wife is always right)

Then what are holidays for? Aren’t holidays to break the monotony, let her have peace of mind for one month’ said concerned dad.

Well yes, holidays are to enjoy but she can also attend these classes for an hour or so? Art is relaxing, she will enjoy for sure.’

Okay then, enroll in whatever she likes, but do not force ambition into it. Let her Enjoy’, he replied.

Of course, this is just fun.’ Yes, I was super excited to hear him say OKAY. ‘Looks like you are more excited than her for this whole thing’ he remarked seeing my excitement.

Next day I made few calls to inquire about the charges and location, most camps had trial class options and we went for two/three trials. Skating and swimming top the chart.

A day at the trail class –

We checked out few training centers and finalized to take trials. They took her inside and made me wait at reception when counselor came to discuss the course structure. She informed about how their training centers have made champions and parents are very proud. Some digital testimonial from parents to prove they are the best. She also mentioned different types of course plans – beginners, intermediate, advanced and champions.

I asked her to differentiate between all types, her response startled me to the core. Beginners course at summer camp with a certificate of participation. Intermediate course to boost child’s interest in the course with new activities. The advanced course is to harness the skills and Champions is taken by subject experts only, for competitive stages.

Well, all I thought of these training courses is to break the monotony in child’s life and bring some relaxation.

Clear Case of Forced Ambition

Summer Camps and many such activities are to engage the children during holidays or free time. Let it be that way, take a small plunge into memory lane and try to remember our childhood times? How relaxing summer or winter vacations used to be. Fun, friends, frolic and carefree few days. Playing from early morning to late in the evening, visiting friends houses, pajama parties, and much more. Today morning, read a beautiful post on summers from a dear friend and wonderful blogger – Mayuri. Summer Soliloquy, she beautifully explained summer fun in her post.

Reading Mayuri’s post made me introspect, why do we force our children with the burden to learn, perform, excel in everything? Our parents did not, and we are doing fairly well in life. So why this maddening rat race with our kids?

force ambition

Summer camps or any such crash course is to fill the gap. If a child has interest in any art based activity harness it as a creative addition. We as parents have to understand and respect every child’s decision and understanding. I often hear parents saying – ‘wasted my money on you’, ‘why couldn’t you perform well in competition?’. This is peer pressure which makes children vulnerable to break.

As a parent, I have learned my lesson and do not add my likes/dislikes to her decisions. Childhood is the BEST phase of life, let children have most out of it.

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z series by Blogchatter, and my theme for this challenge is Gleeful Parenting. Previously from the series –

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  1. I am so glad you took the decision you took and let Kavya be. Childhood is best enjoyed while being a child.
    Thanks for the mention:)

  2. Forcing or pushing in something when a child is not interested is surely wrong. I believe if a child is interested in something..parents should surely look out for options but never make it a rat race in which you just follow what others are doing. Holidays are about making memories not about camps.

  3. Ha i have stopped forcing my kid to go any class now. The last one he attended only found him in casts all the months i forced him to! So i have now totally stopped pursuing any kind of class that they would not want to go. If they feel good about a class they themselves find a way to join the class.

  4. Summer breaks can be daunting for children if they are imposed with summer camps. A lot of restraint is needed on parents’ side as you rightly mentioned Dipika.

  5. Everything has become competition these days and pressure which we never felt so much as kids its felt I am sure by kids of today. Summer camps in our times were to learn and unwind unlike that you shared, Like you said childhood is the best phase they should enjoy it to the core.

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