Ignite the Creativity – Let them go wild with Imagination

Ignite the Creativity in Children

‘Creativity is Intelligence having Fun – Albert Einstein’

Skill based education and skill development are quite viral now-a-days. Even our Central government is running skill-development institutes to enhance skills in youth. What is Skill based education and creative activities all about?

We often pass our judgement without realizing the details on skills, intelligence and creativity of a child. My child dances well, she is born talented. He is math Olympiad winner at age of 6, born intelligent. To be precise and as per many researches, both the above given statements contradicts by subject experts. One can still acquire skills and creativity even if not born with required intelligence. Creative activities in children open horizons of growth and opportunities.

Intelligence is – “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”

Creativity is – “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.” Source Wikipedia

Solving a mathematics sum efficiently is intelligence but trying to solve it differently is creativity.

Creativity is need of hour today –

The way today education is progressing and evolving, we are leaving traditional ways and methods behind. Teachers and education system is focusing more on skill-based knowledge. We are heading towards skill economy/market. Make-in-India is the most successful example of skill-set generation. Creativity brings newness and market is open for such ideas. It helps in opening new paradigms of opportunity for everyone. Make people flexible and adaptable to changes.

Being creative doesn’t mean you ONLY have to think ground-breaking or world-shattering ideas. “An IDEA can change the life”. IDEA’s tagline explains it well, but what it really means in real-time is break the monotony.

How do I bring creativity in my child?

Firstly, it cannot be fed into the child. Secondly, do not paint the entire picture by same brush. Every child is unique, so is their ability to learn and process information. However, creating an overall environment help boosting child’s creativity.

Educational Toys

Education toys ignite the creativity in children, as it poses them with situations in most engaging way. Children try to find solutions of given problems but not the conventional way. STEM activities give better understanding of concepts in children by applying knowledge. S.T.E.M is science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Learn more about Educational Toys here.

Do not force children to ‘be-creative’, engage with them

As mentioned above, we cannot feed child with something which he/she is not accepting. You as a parent can bring an array of activities to bring interest in kids. Reading, story-telling, puzzles, rhyme games, play-doh, there are many fun activities to have fun together. Accept and respect your child’s wish and do not force them into it.

Find out ways to Encourage creativity in kids here.

Keep your expectations realistic

Since my very first post of #gleefulparenting, I have been focusing on this point – Keep the expectations real.

Children are already bombarded with many activities and studies in today’s super competitive scenario. Do not add misery to it by raising bar of parental expectations.

Encourage them for skill-based activities

teach children creativity

Encourage children to adopt a creative habit, dance or music, instrument or reading. These activities break monotony of school and studies. Help them de-stress from monotony. Appreciate their involvement in mind games like crosswords, Rubik-cube, sudoku, Jenga.

Ignite the creativity in children as thinking minds are also happiest and healthiest.

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14 thoughts on “Ignite the Creativity – Let them go wild with Imagination

  1. Thoughtful post dipika. Creativity definitely is important. Allowing the kids to think is very important. I know few parents who clip the wings and later complain..

    1. That’s so bad, parents are supposed to push and not pull but yes we cannot say this for all.
      Thank you Deepa for reading.

  2. I agree these are the nice ways to ignite the creativity in the children. One more thing I have noticed that the children imitate their parents activities. If the parents are doing creative activities, the children try to follow that, Nice post, Dipika.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, yes I agree to that. Kids do take interest in what their peers are involved in, all I wished my daughter to pick-up reading after me 😉 But she liked her dad’s laze more than mom’s reading habit.

  3. Providing right environment, conducive to learning goes in a long way to arouse interest and thus lead to creativity in child. Let the curiosity never die with replies like, dont do that, dont ask these questions, it will not work, etc
    I cant agree you more that thinking mind is healthiest and happiest mind!

  4. You are so right that don’t clip their wings. Once the kids are left to themselves without too much of our influence they come out with lot of ideas and i find that their thought process is far better than ours. Their creativity does bring about a happy mindset in all of us and surprises us too.

  5. It breaks my heart to.see people pushing their children in many different classes but not allowing them to follow their passion. Creativity needs to be encouraged and explored. Hope parents understand this soon.

  6. Born genius is just overrated- with the right guidance and support system and the will to succeed one can do wonders. Your post highlights some very vital aspects that every parent should read

  7. A very thoughtful post, Dipika! All parents should read this and think over it! We have curtailed our kids’ imagination and creativity. Let’s change this. Thanks for sharing this.

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