3 Administrator Skills To Improve Management

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Within the universe of an organization, surely one of the most important
professionals in the business management process is the business administrator. As such, you must know the skills of the manager isn’t just to improve management. But also, building the results of a business and that can also make him have an upward and successful career.

The three types of basic administrative skills, that is, which are essential in the day to day of every management professional. These are the topics for administrative skills, like technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. In the following, I will present each of these concepts in detail so you can understand how these different skills can add value to your work and help boost your bottom line.

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  • Meet the Three Administrator Skills
  • Technical abilities

It consists of the set of technical knowledge that the administrator has and that makes him an expert in a certain area. They may have been acquired through their practical experiences, as well as through academic training, training and specific courses focusing on a particular segment.

Technical skills help you accomplish all kinds of tasks, from the most operational to the most strategic. They also enable activities that have a well-defined routine, that is, that follow also technical standards and that need to follow a certain logical coherence in their execution. Examples are administrative activities related to the finance department or personnel.

Human Skills to Improve Management

Companies are made up of people and for people. Thus, however industrialized and technological they may be, their human capital will always be their greatest competitive differential. Therefore, competence in interpersonal relationships is one of the skills of the manager that makes the most difference in his business management and the effective achievement of his work.

In practice, human skills help in employee leadership, more assertive communication, expectations management, a correct delegation of tasks, negotiation and feedback processes, as well as resolving team conflicts, jointly resolving problems. and boosting the results of professionals.

Therefore, a manager who has a well-developed relational side is much more likely to succeed in his actions at the company because he can get a global view of the role and importance of each professional in building the results and getting them to give their own. best. In practice, this means that you can positively relate to the people around you and inspire them to grow, develop and move beyond.

Also, the manager with good human skills knows how to talk, charge, delegate tasks, develop employee potential, stimulate good performance, and captivate their motivation, dedication, and engagement. You also have the emotional intelligence to deal with the different types of personalities that surround you, as well as to remain firm, optimistic and resilient in times of difficulty.

Also, it has the wisdom to listen essentially to its professionals and to seek, as far as possible, to understand and meet their career aspirations. With this attitude, it can win people’s respect and empathy and inspire their technical, emotional and behavioral development. As a result, you can also encourage your team to collaborate spontaneously and continuously to effectively achieve extraordinary results.

Improve Management by acing Conceptual Skills

As they are complementary, conceptual skills could not be left out of this triad of skills that every manager needs to have to build a successful career. For this, it is necessary to have a systemic vision and to know with intelligence and assertiveness the information that is contained in the whole.

In practice, these conceptual skills relate to an administrator’s ability to analyze situations, diagnose business and market timing, identify opportunities and threats, and especially make the best decisions for the organization. In this sense, leaders are those who must have these concepts to have a more accurate strategic vision, because it is this skill that will make all the difference in the management of the company and the achievement of its goals and objectives.

But which of these Skills is the most Important?

I imagine you are wondering about that. Well, all of these skills cited above are essential for the manager to be able to do a good job and develop consistent results. In short, all are key! For this reason, it is essential to have technical knowledge about the activities that it performs daily, to always perform them with mastery, skill, and assertiveness.

However, without the manager’s dexterity to deal with people, every effort can be put to waste, since it is the alignment between the interests and expectations of the company and the team, and vice versa, and of course human management. the leader that truly brings a competitive edge to the business. Another key point here is the ability to make timely decisions and to develop effective strategies that help solve problems and drive business results.

improve management effective management

Ultimately, it is the union of all skills that makes a manager’s job unique, differentiated, and successful. I say this because, in the daily reality of many organizations, we see many administrative skills who are not yet complete, that is, who do not have all these key competencies fully developed. This is something that ends up causing difficulties in important aspects such as people and process management. In practice, it is precisely the deficiency in any of these skills (technical, human or conceptual) that leads the manager to perform below average. Consequently, it affects your performance and impairs your growth as a professional. Therefore, to prevent the lack of know-how in any of these aspects from hindering its evolution, the best strategy is to look for tools, courses, methods or skills that will help to close your gaps as quickly as possible. And nowadays there are a number of administration courses were available in online through that you can gain more information about administrative process in an organization.

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