How to get more views and traffic on your Blog?

If you are a blogger, (experienced or budding) you know what I am talking about? Blog views, page views, traffic, reach we are often engulfed in the vicious circle of these figures. And trust me, being an experienced banker I know these numbers are not easy to catch.

When I began ‘gleefulblogger‘ in late 2016, it was more of an emotional plunge than a calculated or thoughtful action. All I wanted was to write and share my feelings with close-circuit friends. But very soon, I realized the magnanimity of the blogging scenario. That was the real beginning of a love affair with my blog.

Ingredients to start a Blog

How to start a Blog? The first thing you require before beginning your blog is – Vision. Question yourself, why you need this. I get many direct messages from friends, acquaintances, family regarding – how to set up a blog? I ask them the same question – first tell me why do you want to Blog? You must know the terrain you are stepping in before signing a deal.

A blog requires – Vision, dedication, creativity, ability to build unique content, a little technical know-how (as it’s digital), and determination from you. Once you find these checked, other requirements can be easily acquired.

You can get complete details on “how to start a blog” here.

What next…?

How to get more traffic on your blog

Once you have your own blog and started building content what to expect next? Traffic! A blogger’s biggest achievement is his/her blog’s reach. When readers visit your blog, identifies it as a source of information and provides their valuable feedback that builds a bond between creator and reader.

But that’s not as easy as it looks, gaining readership on just the basis of your content is one of the toughest tasks in blogging. It took me a while to identify this gap and started seeking solutions. The answer came back with a hashtag #MyFriendAlexa by Blogchatter.

#MyFriendAlexa by Blogchatter

What is MyFriendAlexa? It is a cool blogging challenge spearheaded by Blogchatter team some three years ago. As a participant, you are expected to write eight blog posts throughout the month of September. That makes it two posts in a week. Along with writing, all participants will be divided into smaller groups. Each group will be given daily/weekly reading lists. We read from fellow participants on the given dates, and they reciprocate.

What is Alexa Ranking? Alexa ranking is a measure to identify your website’s rank against millions of websites worldwide in terms of visitors, content, views, hits, popularity, etc. It acts exactly like your weight on the weighing scale – lower the better it is πŸ˜‰

How Blogchatter helps you achieve Alexa ranking? Blogchatter says – ” With #MyFriendAlexa, the Blogchatter team has a unique plan to get your Alexa ranking up. With a bit of effort on your side, your website/blog can rank a lot higher. Follow the best practices we will be guiding you through and your Google ranking could also go higher. More footfalls, more traffic, more engagement could mean that your blog will take off. Now wouldn’t you say that’s a pretty good reason to register for Season 4?

My reasons why I prefer #MyFriendAlexa over any other challenge?

how to start a blog
P.C – Blogchatter MyFriendAlexa

By now you, all know what is this challenge all about. It is all about planning, scheduling, managing eight blog posts in one month along with healthy reading.

I prefer My Friend Alexa over any other blogging challenge as it helps in ‘networking’. We read and interact with fellow participants, making a bond over time and blogging. I have met many new people through MFA in these three years. Made many friends, some to read from on every new notification, and some for a lifetime.

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This challenge is a masterclass of time and skill management. Writing eight posts in a month is a task for many (me including), and reading 5/10 posts a day requires skill and patience. My first year with My Friend Alexa, I baffled with time management. Writing and reading tossed everything else off the charts. The second-year, I was prepared with topics, content and a couple of drafts. In short, I was more disciplined and focused in my second year with My Friend Alexa.

This is a wonderful experience with many things to learn in just one month. Interacting with other participants on a daily basis, planning, writing and managing time to accomplish the task. This brings learning home and you also get the Alexa rank working in your favor.

Join the MyFriendAlexa season 4 here if you haven’t done it already.


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  1. Great post, very informative and helpful. A blog requires a lot of hard-work and perseverance to go along your passion in your genre.

    Thanks for sharing this post, have a good day.

  2. I already registered. I never participated in this challenge.

    I got to know about this challenge at the time of blogchatter in April.

    This is my first experience when I will participate in MyFriendAlexa.

    You did really well because lot of people don’t know about this. They will get to know by your post?

  3. Recently maine kisi blog me hi iske barey me pada tha
    Bahut acchi baat hai ??

  4. This challenge is really helpful for newbie bloggers and I am feeling how exactly. Great post btw.

  5. This is a nice post. Yes many of us create a blog but do not get much traffic. Initially we write for the fun. Then we start to get frustrated. My friend Alexa program of Blogchatter is a nice endeavour. People are forced to read with the inducement that readership may improve and quantitatively Alexa rank would improve. I think this improvement, may be transient for some of us, is for real. No one reads another persons blog voluntarily unless a blog is out of the ordinary, written by a close friend, or trying to impress a love interest. My Friend Alexa, is a great inducement to read and write.

  6. The blogging scenario has definitely got better over time and some important tips here to keep the writing and posting mojo flowing. #MyFriendAlexa is definitely a good blogging campaign to increase blog awareness, gain readership and eventually increase Alexa rank.

  7. Very well said. My Friend Alexa is a great campaign for any blogger.

  8. Yes blogging needs hardwork and dedication . I am not good at networking but #myfriendalexa helps me . It’s my third year .

  9. Blogging scenario has changed in the last few years. MyFriendAlexa is a good campaign to get some momentum on your blog.

  10. This is the first time that I am participating in #MyFriendAlexa and the experience is wonderful so far. The most important part is that I am coming across such diverse and interesting blogs, just wonderful!

  11. Each company owner who has ever hosted a website has experienced the frustration of attempting to obtain readership. Though we would like it if viewers only magically came to us, the truth is it requires a while to construct an audience.

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