The Benefits of Starting a Blog While You’re Still in College

starting a blog

Back in the day, starting a blog was merely virtually chronicled events in people’s lives. They functioned as venues for people to share snippets of their day plus some photos and videos. Artists also used blogs to share their songs, poems, and artwork. If people think your content is interesting, you can expect them to hit the follow button (the subscribe button did not exist back then).

As years passed, blogs evolved into tools for marketing and reliable sources of information. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers that get paid for writing reviews about products, or for giving in-depth discussions about specific topics. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people have opted to start a blog so they could begin to earn from the content they create.

No one is too young or too old to start a blog. However, if you want to know when the best time to create one is, we’d say college. Here’s why:

It Will Help You Grow as a Writer

The ability to articulate thoughts is a skill not a lot of people have. Luckily, it can be developed when you know how to blog. Writing content and uploading it online for people to see can be a very vulnerable place to be in. You have no idea who gets to read it, and you’re not sure if you’re ready to hear what they have to say. However, as scary as it may be, blogging in college can help you bloom as a writer.

You need to stick to a standard of quality when writing blog entries. It’s also crucial that you write as consistently and as often as you possibly could so your readers will always have something to look forward to when visiting your blog. The discipline you develop in writing each entry will help immensely once you graduate from university life.

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starting a blog

Your Blog can Double as Your Portfolio

We all know that you only have two options when you graduate from college –

1) Go back to the university to get a master’s degree,


2) Look for a job.

Now, depending on what your agreement with our parents is, chances are you’ll have to find ways to fund yourself.

Looking for a job when you just graduated college can be tricky especially since most positions require years of working experience. This is where having a blog comes in handy. When you know how to blog, your future employers can see how you play with your words and how you content to pitch ideas. You can use your blog as a portfolio by showing them your skills in writing, photography, graphic design, and marketing. If you start blogging in college, you can create enough content to show them how adept you are in each field.

Earn While Studying or Waiting to Get Hired

When you are still in college, earning money is the least of your concerns. The reason behind this being, your parents are in charge of handling all school-related expenses. Now, the reality of the situation is that not all college students have this luxury, and are left with carrying the responsibility of looking for ways to support themselves.

Blogging, when done properly, can help you earn income on the side. It can also give you the funds you need while waiting to get hired. Just make sure that you are writing unique, engaging and adding interesting graphics and images. If you do all these right, you have great chances to earn money with blogging. This is a huge deal, especially if you’re determined to help out with the expenses at home.

starting a blog

Develop Confidence in Sending Out Your CVs

We all know that the first step in finding a job is sending out CVs. It sounds easy, but it can actually be nerve-racking especially if you’re absolutely clueless about it. This is something that can be addressed if you create a blog while you’re still in college. For one thing, it will help you develop the confidence to put yourself out there and show people (potential future employers included) what you’re capable of. You will also learn how to deal with rejection and criticism – two possible reactions you could get from people or companies you send your CVs to.

Final Words

Blogs are excellent platforms to –

  1. Establish your virtual identity,
  2. Show how much knowledge you have about a niche, and
  3. Showcase your skills.

These days, employers also look at the blogs and social media pages of applicants to have a deeper understanding of who they are before hiring them. Starting a blog while you’re still in college gives you enough time to upload lots of content on your website. Since you started early, potential employers who view your blog will see 1 – 4 year’s worth of brilliantly-written content. Who knows? Your blog just might help you land the job of your dreams!


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  1. Nice

  2. This post will help many people. Thanks for sharing It.

  3. Yes having a quality blog helps in multiple ways.Its definitely a part of the CV that can be dynamic.

    1. Yes, indeed. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. HOw i wish I would have come across somehing like thing years ago. useful post. kids now a days are looking for someting creative and non-traditional.

  5. Absolutely agree with what you said. Establishing your virtual presence offer so many benefits and also helps in enhancing confidence. In fact I was telling my girls few girls few days ago about same thing. I believe start writing And expressing yourself at young age goes a long way in future.

  6. So true. If one has a knack for writing then starting early and focussed writing will definitely help the person earn a name and establish themselves as a blogger.

  7. So true Dipika. Blogging or writing is a skill which can gave many benefits. My daughter loves to write and in school, they get a lot of writing assignments. Sometimes, she surprise me with her vocabulary nd sentence formation. Blogging at college have many benefits, it polishes your writing skills which intern help in being a good communicator. Strong communication skills are a must have skill in any career.

  8. Blogging helps develop such a wide perspective I feel. I wish I has started this earlier. I so agree with you, definately give it a shot while still in collage.

  9. That’s an interesting idea to start your blog while studying. It definitely adds up to your skills and also helps you earn some money!

  10. Very well said. Blogging, digital marketing are careers that weren’t there 15 years ago. As our lives evolve and technologically advanced there will be greater opportunities in these areas. As a blogger it will truly help you stay curious and know more about it.

  11. You know very few people know that I had a blog when I was in college. It was on a platform like wordpress and I don’t even remember it’s name now. I don’t even have any record of it shockingly. I totally am with you on this. Blogging gives one a voice and I really feel building a blog early in life would be a great idea.

  12. I absolutely agree with you. When we give preplacement Training to final year students we tell them about how important it is to mention about their web presence in their resume as even recruiter wants to know your social media activities and having a blog can add value to their credentials.

  13. I wish I had all these tips when I was in college. I mean I loved writing but I had no freaking clue about blogging or writing for the world.

  14. I wish I has started this earlier but it is never too late . This is really helpful post for aspiring bloggers. I really feel building a blog would be a great idea.

  15. Yes I agree to it strongly as I myself was actually a freelance journalist for a top newspaper when I was in college. Also this is where my writing journey began. Though I regret not making it a profession then.

  16. I agree that one should start writing blog from college days as it helps one to have confidence as well as share their thoughts. And who knows that it could be a good career option as well.

  17. You say its never too early or too late but for me, it was and is too late:) I started at 50 and only this year my blog has got recognition. I am technically challenged and that is a great setback. I still dunno how to monetize my blog. I think one must have the technical knowhow as well and plus food blogging is really tiring..I cook, I write, I shoot, I edit, i upload and share! Isn’t it too much for one person to learn first and then do it at my age?

  18. Over the years peoples views on blogging has changed and its seen as a beautiful talent to write. Yes I feel sad that I started very late in life but I too feel that people with a fondness for writing should start early to make the most of their time and talent.

  19. I only wish I had discovered this joy of writing earlier in life. Though I feel a lot of what you have written can still apply to me!

  20. That’s very true that starting blog while studying in college does help in grooming overall personality. And moreover it bring financial freedom

  21. Indeed , no age is too young or old when it comes down to penning your thoughts or ideas and with blogging one can create a niche and earn too .

  22. I wish I have known about blogging back in my college days, there was just so much content as a teenager in terms of bursting emotions that we could have penned down 🙂 It is such a good option to build a blog while you grow up with it.

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